How Much Do Laser Safety Glasses Cost, and When You Need a Pair

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Lasers have a multitude of purposes across industries. They are powerful tools, which means they can be harmful.

This also means that handlers must take proper care of themselves when using lasers. Correspondingly, there are safety products that protect laser users while allowing for control.

Some products that protect people from lasers include laser safety windows and curtains. However, safety eyewear (goggles and glasses) is rudimentary to the protected use of these devices.

There are many components to consider when looking for the perfect pair of laser safety glasses. While overall protection is the priority, you must consider the total price and when to look for a new pair.

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What Are Laser Safety Glasses?

Laser safety glasses are eyewear products that provide eye protection from lasers. They come in many styles to filter laser light without obstructing the worker’s view.

These goggles are commonly worn in industrial work environments, but some other fields that use this eyewear product include:

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Research

Lasers are used for optics, machinery, printing, and other industrial work that can cut or alter materials. They emit light by releasing electromagnetic radiation. This can be harmful to people who look at it. Therefore, laser safety eyewear is essential.

How Laser Safety Glasses Work

The eyes are an incredible part of the body. They do not have pain receptors to recognize the harm that lasers pose to their well-being. As a result, you would not know how dangerous a laser is without laser eyewear for protection.

When a laser is active, a visible light transmission releases wavelengths. If these wavelengths reach the naked eye, you can experience damage to your vision.

The goal of laser safety glasses is to protect your eyes. Accordingly, laser safety glasses and goggles block the dangerous wavelengths and filter the rest. The harm does not even reach your eyes due to the protection. However, the filter allows you to view what you are doing without obstruction.

When searching for the perfect laser safety glasses, you must always consider optical density. This is the level of light the eyewear absorbs and, in turn, blocks from your vision.

The density you choose for your protective product depends on the type of laser you use. Therefore, it is essential to identify how powerful the laser is and select the laser safety glasses based on this.

When to Wear a Pair of Laser Safety Glasses

Laser glasses should always be worn whenever you are exposed to laser radiation. Something as trivial as a small laser pointer in an office does not require laser safety glasses. The light is not powerful enough to cause damage. However, anything bigger than this would need laser safety glasses.

If you do not prefer the filter from laser safety glasses, there are alternatives. One of the popular stand-ins includes laser safety windows. Like laser safety glasses, windows block harmful light wavelengths but contain filters that allow safe light to pass through.

This product can be made of acrylic or glass. While acrylic windows have an easier frame to install, the glass option is much more protective and provides better visible light transmission.

No matter which routes you go—safety glasses or windows, acrylic or glass—laser safety experts suggest that you always protect yourself from lasers while they are in use.

How Much Do Laser Safety Glasses Cost?

The cost of laser safety glasses ranges between $30 and up to $700. The variation is due to the different types of lasers that people work with. A more standard laser beam would require cheaper protective filters. Contrastingly, larger lasers need a high-quality level of protection.

Prescription laser safety glasses typically have a starting price of around $50 for the frame. From there, the lenses cost about $100, which makes the total price between $100 and $200. This is because laser protection is custom. Manufacturers must make the safety glasses by following certain terms.

While the price tag is an important consideration, never prioritize the cost over protection. Laser safety glasses protect your vision over time and could save you from a more painful (and costlier) medical issue in the future.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Safety Glasses

As you shop for laser safety glasses, there is much to consider. The most important thing to recognize when you select safety glasses is the power of the laser you work with. This determines the strength required to protect your eyes.

Manufacturers make laser safety glasses with two materials—glass or polycarbonate filters. The glass option is often the better choice for stronger lasers, as they provide better protection while also allowing harmless light to pass through. This quality makes it easier to see what you are doing.

Polycarbonate filters are ideal for low- or mid-powered lasers. They are cheaper, so if you have a highly powerful laser, you should skip this option altogether.

Some other considerations to think about include finding CE-certified laser safety glasses. Additionally, if you are someone who already wears glasses outside of work, you may want to look into custom safety glasses. Having a custom pair is also helpful to people who have a unique head shape.

When to Replace Your Laser Safety Glasses

Laser safety eyewear and other protective products do not last forever. Wear and tear over time is a sign that the products are successfully fulfilling their purpose—to protect you. Consequently, there comes a time when you must select new safety glasses and goggles.

Noticeable scratches and scrapes can obstruct your view. Broken or cracked frames could lead to more severe functionality problems. Also, the loss of wavelength markings requires a replacement stamp or new glasses altogether.

The Bottom Line

Laser safety products, including laser safety goggles and face shields, are necessary in some workspaces. Selecting the right pair of laser safety glasses depends on the power of the laser. If you are unsure, you can speak with a respective laser safety officer certified in the United States under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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