3 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Accounts (Active and Verified Accounts)

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TikTok has taken the social media world by storm and captivated millions of users worldwide with its short-form videos. You can promote your business products, and services, grow your brand, and make a significant difference in gaining visibility and reaching your target audience.

However, building a substantial TikTok following isn’t easy. It requires consistent effort, creativity, and an understanding of the platform’s algorithms and trends. If you’re looking for a quick and strong presence, there is one solution: buying already established TikTok accounts. It helps to instantly tap into an existing audience, maximizing the marketing potential. Selecting a reliable seller is also essential to ensure a secure transaction and guarantee the authenticity and quality of the purchased account.

Let’s explore some of the best sites to buy TikTok accounts. From an overview of each site, including its features, pricing, and customer review, we’ve got you covered. By making an informed decision and selecting a trustworthy seller, you can kickstart the TikTok journey with an established account and take advantage of the platform’s immense potential for growth and engagement.

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Accounts

1. Fameswap

Regarding purchasing active accounts, Fameswap stands out as the best TikTok accounts marketplace. With its features and exceptional customer support, Fameswap has become a go-to platform for TikTok enthusiasts.


  • Expertise: Fameswap boasts extensive expertise in social media account trading. They deeply understand the market and strive to provide the best experience for their users.
  • Active Accounts with Real Followers: Fameswap ensures that all the TikTok accounts listed on their platform are active and have genuine followers. You can kick-start your TikTok journey with an established audience anytime.
  • Verified Account Listing: Fameswap takes security seriously. They verify all the accounts listed on their platform, giving buyers peace of mind and confidence in their purchases.
  • Wide Range of Niche Accounts: There is a diverse selection of niche accounts. Whether you’re interested in fitness, fashion, food, music, cats, gaming, Shopify, or meme pages, Fameswap has got you covered.
  • Direct Messaging to Sellers: The feature allows you to discuss the details, negotiate prices, and gather additional information before purchasing. It promotes transparency and enables buyers to make informed decisions.
  • Escrow Accepted (Secure Payments): Fameswap offers an escrow service, meaning your payment is securely held until you receive and verify the TikTok account. This ensures a safe and reliable transaction process.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: You can get round-the-clock customer support. Whether you have questions, concerns, or need assistance with a transaction, the dedicated support team can help you anytime.


  • A wide range of listings is available, allowing users to find TikTok accounts with various follower counts and niches.
  • Verified and secured transactions through their escrow service, ensuring reliable purchases.
  • Direct messaging with sellers for transparent communication and negotiations.
  • Get live account statistics for each listing, allowing buyers to evaluate the performance and engagement.


  • Limited availability of certain niche TikTok accounts due to high demand.

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Customers who have used Fameswap to purchase TikTok accounts consistently praise the platform as a reliable website and the best marketplace for their needs. Many appreciate the active accounts with real followers, which have helped them kick-start their TikTok journeys successfully. Also, customers value secure payment options and monetized TikTok accounts, as they provide a sense of trust and authenticity. Customers agree that Fameswap is the go-to platform for anyone looking to buy a TikTok account.

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2. EazyViral

EazyViral is another best place for users seeking famous TikTok accounts that are authentic and reliable. They stand out from the competition with a range of features designed to provide an exceptional buying experience.


  • Wide Selection: You can get a diverse range of TikTok accounts to choose from. For example, get accounts with large follower counts, specific niches, or popular creators.
  • Active Engagement: The accounts available have a proven track record of active engagement. These accounts have genuine followers who actively interact with the content, increasing the chances of success for buyers.
  • Secure Transactions: EazyViral prioritizes the security of transactions. They provide a secure payment process, ensuring buyers can complete their purchases safely and without concerns.
  • Transparent Information: Each account listing on EazyViral includes detailed information about the account’s performance, including engagement rates, average views, and follower demographics.
  • Customer Support: You’ll get reliable customer support to assist buyers throughout their purchasing journey. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or encounter any issues, their support team will readily assist.


  • TikTok accounts cater to various follower counts and niches
  • Verified accounts, ensuring authenticity and reliability
  • Responsive customer support, assisting whenever needed.
  • Active engagement from genuine followers
  • Secure transactions for a worry-free buying experience


  • Limited availability of certain highly sought-after TikTok accounts due to high demand.

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Customers who have used EazyViral consistently rate it as a great place and appreciate its wide selection. The verification process provides peace of mind and ensures the legitimacy of the accounts. Also, customers agree that EazyViral is the go-to platform for anyone looking to buy verified blue tick accounts.

3. Famebolt

Famebolt is another leading online marketplace with exceptional features and a user-friendly interface. You can also rely on it for Instagram, YouTube, and other social media accounts.


  • Verified and Active Accounts: All TikTok accounts are verified for authenticity and activeness. This ensures you get genuine and engaging accounts to boost your TikTok presence.
  • Competitive Pricing: Famebolt offers competitive pricing options for TikTok accounts, including budget-friendly options. You can find cheap TikTok accounts that meet your budget requirements without compromising quality.
  • Responsive Customer Support: The customer support team is available to promptly answer any queries or concerns, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Detailed Account Analytics: Each TikTok account listing includes comprehensive analytics, providing detailed insights into the account’s performance. Buyers can access engagement rates, average views, and follower demographics, helping them make informed decisions.


  • Wide selection of affordable TikTok accounts catering to different budgets.
  • Niche-specific accounts to target specific audiences.
  • Detailed analytics to assess the performance and potential of each TikTok account.
  • The secure payment process for a safe and reliable transaction.


  • They have a limited refund policy, and it’s important to thoroughly research and review the accounts before purchasing to ensure they meet your expectations.

Summary Of Customer Reviews

Customers have been highly satisfied and praised the platform’s reasonable pricing and exceptional customer support. The transparency of metrics has also been appreciated as it allows customers to make well-informed decisions. It is great for individuals looking for TikTok accounts without compromising on quality.

How We Made This List of Best Sites?

To select the best sites to buy TikTok accounts, we considered several key factors in terms of safety, customer satisfaction, affordability, support, and secure payment options. Here are the specific criteria we used to ensure that the sites meet the highest standards:

Safe Account Transfer

We prioritized platforms that guarantee a safe and secure transfer process when buying TikTok accounts. This ensures that both the buyer and the seller have a smooth experience and that the account remains secure throughout the transaction.

Customer Reviews

We extensively researched customer reviews and feedback for each platform. Positive customer experiences are a strong indicator of the platform’s reliability, and the quality of the TikTok accounts they offer. We considered feedback from real users to assess the overall reputation of the sites.

Affordable Pricing

We looked for platforms that offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the accounts. We aimed to find sites that provide good value for your money.

Customer Support

Quality customer support is crucial when engaging in any online transaction. We evaluated the platforms based on their responsiveness and helpfulness in addressing customer inquiries and concerns to ensure a positive experience.

Secure Payments (Escrow)

To prioritize buyer and seller protection, we sought platforms that offer secure payment options, such as escrow services. This feature safeguards the funds until the buyer receives the purchased TikTok account and confirms its validity, ensuring a secure transaction for both parties.

Why Purchasing Established TikTok Accounts is a Key to Success?

Buying already established TikTok accounts can provide significant benefits for individuals and businesses alike. They include:

  • Instant Audience and Engagement: Building a substantial follower base and generating engagement on TikTok can be time-consuming. However, you can skip the initial hurdles and start with a ready-made audience already interested in your content.
  • Increased Credibility and Trust: An account with a significant number of followers and high engagement rates naturally command trust from viewers. You inherit the reputation the existing audience has developed with the account to enhance your brand’s image.
  • Targeted Niche and Demographics: Choosing a targeted account allows you to reach a specific audience already interested in the content you plan to share. By catering to a niche audience, you can focus on content that resonates with them, leading to higher engagement rates and potential conversions.
  • Competitive Advantage: In a highly competitive TikTok landscape, you can position yourself ahead of the curve by leveraging an existing account’s follower base, engagement, and reputation. It can help you stand out among your competitors and gain visibility quickly.


Is it Legal to Buy Someone’s TikTok Accounts?

Yes, buying TikTok accounts in Canada, the United States, and other countries worldwide is legal. There are no specific laws that prohibit the purchase of accounts. Also, it follows TikTok’s terms of use, meaning that the platform allows and tolerates this practice. However, comply with applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction when engaging in online transactions.

Is Buying TikTok Accounts Safe?

The safety of buying verified TikTok accounts can vary, and it is crucial to purchase accounts from reputable and trustworthy sources to minimize potential risks. Look for platforms that offer verification and authentication processes and provide escrow services. Always exercise caution, do your research, and choose reliable sources to mitigate potential safety concerns.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a TikTok Account?

The price of buying a TikTok account can vary based on number of followers, the level of engagement, and the specific niche of the account. Generally, accounts with larger following and higher engagement rates tend to be more expensive. Prices can range from a few dollars to hundreds or even thousands, depending on the account’s popularity.

Final Thoughts

If you want to buy active and verified TikTok accounts, Fameswap, EazyViral, and Famebolt are three excellent options. We’ve carefully selected them based on safe account transfer, customer reviews, and affordability. You can confidently purchase established TikTok accounts that provide instant audience engagement, increased credibility, and targeted niches by choosing these reputable platforms. Conduct your research and ensure the authenticity of the accounts you purchase to maximize the benefits.