Photos: 2023 Summer of the Arts Festival Day One

Cody Blissett, Visual Editor

The 40th annual Summer of the Arts Festival occurred in downtown Iowa City on Friday. The festival will continue tomorrow and on Sunday. 

The festival includes over one hundred local and national artists displaying and selling their art. Local restaurants and organizations sell and provide food for guests. There is also free music and entertainment throughout the evening. 

During the event, it got postponed due to a severe storm. Several tents blew over, and some artists’ displays got damaged.

Tomorrow the festival will begin at 10:00 am and close at 9:30 pm with an Arts Fest Afterparty with Leradee and the Positives at Elray’s. On Sunday, the festival will begin at 10:00 am again and close at 3:00 pm with Silver Swing Band at the Ped Mall Stage.