The Increasing Hype Behind Pre-Workout Supplements

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Post-workout supplements have always been a big deal. You will barely find a regular gym-goer that isn’t using them. Pre-workouts? Well, up until recently, they were rarely used. You would find a couple of people using them here and there, but they never really gained the traction that the post-workouts had.

This has now changed. Watch any major fitness fanatic on social media, and most of them are using pre-workouts, and they are really pushing how important they are.

So, why is this? Continue reading!

What Is a Pre-Workout Supplement?

We all know the job of a post-workout supplement. They help to speed up recovery after your workout, and they also give your body a quick dose of nutrients that not only boost nutritional intake but can lead to the development of muscles in a natural way. But, what do pre-workout supplements do?

Pre-workout supplements are about boosting energy. This means you can work out for longer and harder. Some of these products can even help to boost performance during the workout session.

For example, many of the more popular pre-workout supplements can help to temporarily boost strength levels, allowing people to workout with heavier weights than they would normally be able to tackle.

Some products can also help to boost recovery after exercise, but that is mostly a post-workout supplement thing.

These type of supplements are loaded with a ton of different ingredients, but some of the most common are:

  • Caffeine: boosts focus and increases energy levels.
  • Creatine: boosts strength levels, and can even improve muscle growth post-workout.
  • Beta-alanine: protects your muscles, and also increases strength levels.

You may find a whole host of other ingredients loaded into these pre-workout supplements. This is actually another benefit to why the hype behind pre-workout supplements is improving.

Companies are starting to work out better formulations for their products, check out the best pre workout for men to see which products are popular right now.

Why Is There Increasing Hype Behind Pre-Workout Supplements?

So, why have these pre-workout supplements started to become more popular? What is different now from in the past?

Is the hype only going to increase for pre-workout supplements? Well, we reckon it will, and there are a few reasons for this.

Better Companies are Offering Pre-Workout Supplements

In the past, most of the major supplement companies were focusing on post-workout supplements. It was big business for them. While they may have dabbled in the odd weight loss supplement or something, most of their customers were aiming for post-workout and that was that.

This has recently changed. Most of the major supplement companies are now pushing pre-workout supplements hard. They are featured heavily in their marketing, and you will often find massive sections devoted to pre-workout supplements on their websites. Obviously, this means that those looking for new products to try out are noticing these pre-workout supplements, checking them out, and continuing to buy them when they see the positive impact they are having.

Better Product Formulation

It is fair to say that a few years ago, pre-workout supplements weren’t that great. Carry out a Google search that looks at sites a few years back, and most people will say they didn’t work.

This is true. Back then, pre-workout supplements were woeful. We wouldn’t go as far as to say they didn’t work, but we would say that they just weren’t worth the money.

This has now changed. More and more money and effort are being poured into product development. We now have a far better idea of how to make effective pre-workout supplements.

As we mentioned before, now people know that these products genuinely do work, they are more than happy to buy them repeatedly!

Gyms Are Selling Them

We suppose this ties into the first point. Gyms are starting to sell pre-workout supplements. Most didn’t before, so many standard gym fans probably weren’t even aware they existed.

They now know they do, and they are picking up a few before their workout sessions and seeing a massive benefit from the exercise.

Social Media Influencers Are Pushing The Pre-Workout Supplements Hard

This is probably the main reason why pre-workout supplements are gaining so much hype in the fitness world right now.

Most people get their news and product recommendations from social media influencers, and pretty much everybody in the fitness niche has decided to push pre-workout supplements as these fantastic products which, of course, they are.

This is the reason why we believe that the hype behind pre-workout supplements is only going to get bigger as time goes on. More products are entering the market, and as soon as they are launched, you will see countless social media influencers pushing them. It really helps that these products are doing a fantastic job too!

If you look, you will notice that many of the major social media influencers either own or have stakes in their own supplement companies, and many of them are offering pre-workout supplements, which goes to show that these products are here to stay.

Final Thoughts

Pre-workout supplements aren’t new, but it is only recently that they have started to gain proper hype in the fitness world. This is because the products are better than ever, and it really helps that influencers are starting to push them hard too.

It has never been a better time to pick up pre-workout supplements. You only have to look at how many companies now sell them to see that pre-workouts are here to stay.