How Better Oxygen Supply Can Improve Your Health

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The growing awareness of the importance of better oxygen supply has contributed immensely to the number of people willing to adopt home oxygen therapy. That is why Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is becoming a major trend today. More people and experts are starting to appreciate the essence of better oxygen supply.

Are you here to find out how you can improve your health with better oxygen supply? Then, this post is exactly for you. This post will show you diverse ways rich oxygen supply can help enhance your health status as a person. Let’s get started with some of those ways.

Breathing Problems

People with specific health conditions are likely to experience breathing difficulties. This is especially true when the sickness limits the quantity of oxygen the person inhales. Many common illnesses can lead to breathing difficulties.

Inhaling a higher oxygen concentration can give rise to more blood oxygen. That way, it becomes easier to do some of the things you ordinarily would not have been able to do with normal oxygen supply. In addition, when you have access to purer oxygen, your chances of going down with certain sicknesses are reduced.

For example, HBOT can be very helpful to people with cystic fibrosis, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

How Often Should You Use HBOT?

We have learned that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used to correct certain health conditions, some of which were listed in the above section.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is good, but should not be done in excess. It has to be done moderately or it will affect you negatively. The standard timeframe for using most HBOT chambers is 2 hours. That said, if you intend to spend more time inside an HBOT unit, then you need to do it under the recommendation and supervision of a medical expert.

How much time you spend undergoing HBOT is also dependent on your health challenge. Some health conditions require that you spend more time inside the unit than others.

What If You Use HBOT at Home?

You can undergo HBOT at home or in a health facility. In places where HBOT has approval for various treatments, you don’t just indulge in it anyhow you please. It has to be done according to the prescription of a healthcare professional. Even if you are undergoing HBOT at home, you are expected to follow your doctor’s prescriptions.

Replacement of Worn-out Cells

As we live through life, cells die and are replaced continuously. That is something that keeps happening until we no longer have any breath in us. The rate at which dead cells are replaced starts to decrease at our adulthood.

One way HBOT can help reverse or slow this trend is through high oxygen concentration. With cells having access to such a high amount of oxygen, it becomes easy for bad cells to be replaced. This is why HBOT users are always in a good shape, and do not seem to age as fast as their counterparts.

Immune System Support and More Energy

HBOT is also noted for boosting the user’s immune system. More oxygen in the bloodstream equally translates to more available energy as we have cited earlier. The more you engage in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the more enhanced your immune system is bound to be.

So, that is one way HBOT helps to put the user in a better shape. Instead of using traditional healing methods, HBOT can raise your immune system, so your body can do the rest of the job. When your immune system is beefed up, if automatically fights off every foreign entity.

Better Sleep

Another advantage of indulging in hyperbaric oxygen therapy is it ensures better sleep. A good number of health challenges today can be traced to inadequate sleep. Anytime you fail to have as much as sleep as your body needs, the outcome is a potential health crisis.

HBOT helps you solve all of that by making high oxygen concentration available to your system. It is easy to sleep induce sleep from inside an HBOT chamber. The ability to get good rest will always translate to better health. There is no two ways about that.

HBOT Can Be Accessed Inside An HBOT Chamber

We have talked about HBOT from the beginning of this article, and some people may be curious about where they can get such therapy. If you are one of such, then you are not alone.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can only be accessed inside an HBOT chamber. These are high-pressure machines that drive oxygen through the user’s bloodstream through an artificial means. These high-pressure systems are equipped with various other items to make them safe for use. The installation of HBOT hyperbaric oxygen chambers at home is also becoming a positive trend today. OxyHelp sell trusted HBOT products in case you intend to buy one.

Staying Fit Has Become Simpler with HBOT

HBOT is not only for treating specific health conditions. It could also be used to ensure a measure of wellbeing. It provides user with a practical way to stay fit.

Spending some good time inside the HBOT every day is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And guess what? You can do this while working. Staying in an HBOT chamber must not be done as a separate event. This is a better alternative to visiting the gym.


HBOT is certainly here to stay. The therapy has been existing in ages. It has only become more popular today because of the advent of smart HBOT units. The systems are now existing in residential versions. OxyHelp sell and deliver monoplace and multiplace HBOT chambers to individuals. If you want to buy an HBOT unit for a hospital, you have to get it elsewhere. This article has explained how HBOT can improve your health.