Sweepstakes Casino Bonus Drop Codes: Get Free SC Coins


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If you want to play slots and table games in states where online casinos are not available, you might think that your options are somewhat limited. However, that is not the case, as there are alternatives available, with sweepstakes and social casinos offering great free-to-play opportunities.

This experience is enhanced even further by using sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes to increase your balance of coins or unlock other offers. This guide will explain how to get the most out of these codes, show you where to find them, and provide further information regarding what sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes really are, and how they work.

  • Exciting opportunity to earn free SC coins.
  • Easy and convenient way to boost your gameplay experience.
  • A great way to try out new games without risking your own funds.

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What are sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes?

Sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes are there to give the player something extra. They most commonly come in the form of a stack of coins when you first register, or more usefully something that’ll give you rewards continuously during your membership at a site.

They call them drop codes, because the promotions are generally accompanied by a bonus code. This code can then be entered on the operator’s site to redeem virtual coins to play with.

Why are Sweepstakes casino bonus codes so important to players?

To see what an important part sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes play in the process, you need to be aware of how sweepstakes casinos work, and the types of virtual coins they use when placing wagers. This is what casinos like Stake.us or Fortune Coins use to operate in most of the 50 US states, bar Washington.

Sweepstakes casinos are a type of social casino with a difference. Social casinos use virtual coins instead of USD, typically referred to as gold coins (or GC for short). These have no cash value, and the only thing you can win with them are other gold coins. For this reason, they cannot be deposited or withdrawn like currency in a regular casino.

Therefore, GC can only be used for fun and are usually awarded en masse after registration, or topped up each day that you login. Coin bundles are also available to purchase if you wish to top-up. However, it is not necessary to make a purchase to play at a social casino and remains an options only if you want it.

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How sweepstakes casinos work

Sweepstakes casinos have everything you are likely to find at a social casino, but they also operate using a second type of coin, usually referred to as a sweeps coin (or SC for short). These are also often rebranded according to the name of the casino. So, at somewhere like Stake.us, they are known as Stake Cash – which also handily abbreviates to SC.

These SC can be used to play games in sweepstakes casinos in the same way as gold coins, but in a slightly different mode of play. This is often called ‘promotional’ or ‘premium’ play. Once played through a certain number of times on the various slots and table games, these SC become redeemable for real prizes.

The type of prizes you can redeem can differ from one sweepstakes casino to the next. To use Stake.us as an example again, you can exchange SC there for gift cards, merchandise, or currency. Typically lower balances of SC can access gift cards and larger balances will be eligible for an EFT and merchandise. Now you know how important SC are to your overall sweepstakes casino experience, you’ll know how handy bonus drops can be. As such, you’ll want to lay your hands on as many as possible.

Sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes at Stake.us

It’s not just coins that you can get with a bonus code. Sometimes you can get something with longer lasting benefits. As a good example of this, Stake.us offers a 5% rakeback on your losses, which for some regular players might be more beneficial than a one-off stockpile of coins. New players can get this exclusive benefit if they tick the box marked ‘code’ and enter CRYPTGAMBL when they register.

This is not the only place that bonus drops occur at Stake.us. There is also the daily bonus drop, where you are given some gold coins, and importantly an SC reload each day you log in. The last type of bonus drops you get at Stake.us are those you get from participation in the VIP program. This is worthy of note at Stake.us because it has one of the most highly-rated VIP programs around.

What you will find here is that as you progress through the levels of the VIP program, you will unlock more and more bonuses. This starts off with bonuses dropped in your account as you go up from level to level, then you will find that you get monthly then weekly, and finally daily bonuses in line with your VIP status.

Sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes at Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins do not have a bonus drop code as a bonus drop method. When you go to register at Fortune Coins, you are given the option to register using Facebook, therefore increasing your bonus drop from 100000 GC and 200 FC to 140000 GC and 300 FC. At Fortune Coins, there are also bonus drops available when you interact with the casino’s social media platforms, particularly Facebook. The amounts here will vary according to what the Facebook feature happens to be.

Whether or not you choose to participate on social media, you still get your daily bonus drops as a way of increasing your balance when you log in. You do not need a code for this, however, as it should just happen automatically.

Sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes at Chumba Casino

Sweepstakes casinos are every bit as competitive as ones that use cash, and to attract new customers they will often put together a reward package to make them stand out from the crowd. This needs to be appealing most frequently involves a huge stack of coins for you to use on the site.

This tactic has been adopted by Chumba Casino, with 2,000,000 gold coins and 2 SC waiting for you as a registration bonus drop when you sign up here. However, there is no sweepstakes casino bonus drop code needed to unlock either this or the daily top-up you will receive.

Sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes at Wow Vegas

You don’t need a bonus code at WOW Vegas either, but that does not mean there is no registration bonus drop on offer for you. You will receive 5,000 WOW coins with an extra 1 FREE SC for completing your profile when you join.

However, WOW Vegas illustrates perfectly one other type of bonus drop. But this one is a purchase discount offer. The offer at WOWVegas is a special bonus for your first coin purchase – getting you a massive number of WOW coins and some more SC.

What other ways exist for you to get free SC via casino bonus drops?

Sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes are the easiest way to get more SC, but they are not only offered on the gaming sites. Sometimes, you need to go in search of them. If you are looking for additional ways to top up your balance, you should have the following options open to you, but these might vary between casinos:

Win more by taking part in promotions

SC are often used as rewards for on-site promotions held by sweepstakes casinos. These might be a modest amount, but there are much bigger prize funds like the 250M Gold coins + Free 25K Stake Cash offered by Stake.us for a recent raffle. Players in this example gained more entries the more they played, a tactic used frequently by Stake.

Social Media Drops

Social casinos love their players to get involved on their social media accounts. As a reward for following their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, some operators may post one-time promo drop codes for their members to pick up. Those who stumble upon them can redeem them on the operator’s site, often granting them bonus virtual coins of both the gold coin and sweeps coin variety.

Conclusion – be on the lookout for the right sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes

Using sweepstakes casino bonus drop codes can help you get more SC and other bonuses, making your experience at sweepstakes casinos a better one. Using them when you first join up can give you extra coins to play with.

You should also be on the lookout for promotional bonus drop codes. They can be sent to you at any time, can befound on the operator’s social media accounts, or might pop up as an alert when you log into your sweepstakes casino.