Game Creation Process: What Is Used to Make Entertainment

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The strategy of creating a high-quality game requires a lot of software components for art, coding, effects, planning, sounds, and engine. Even though the variety of these options is enormous, sensible developers typically resort to a few proven ones.

Whether these are computer games, apps for smartphones, or casino software, a content creator has to utilise legal and certified programming support. Let us see what are the most effective tools for the development of modern entertainment.

Environment Design

A game needs to have a top-quality artful conception. Everything from the general background to the smallest sprites is then combined in a single image.

Popular instruments for game design:

  1. Blender. A multi-faceted program includes a huge functionality, ranging from simple 3D shaping to rigging, animation, effects, and simulations.
  2. 3DsMax. Another typical modelling tool has narrower usage and can be more complicated for new specialists.
  3. MagicaVoxel. The program is used for creating voxel models and their rendering.
  4. ZBrush. While previous programs work mainly with hard-surface elements, this software is focused on characters and their sculpting.
  5. Artbreeder. Creating appearances from scratch might be problematic. Such neural networks as Artbreeder comes to the rescue.
  6. PureRef. The software assists in creating mood boards to give a representation of how a game should look visually.
  7. Substance Designer. The texturing program is the industry standard. The tools can even make low-poly objects highly detailed.
  8. Aseprite. This software was created specifically for pixel art. It has a handy toolkit for animation and simple sprite drawing.
  9. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The first helps adjust any visual component for the game. The second converts vector images to bitmaps and can also be useful in texturing.
  10. Houdini FX. This is one of the best software tools for creating effects and pre-rendered. This is the industry standard used by big companies like EA, Ubisoft and Naughty Dog.


All content creators know perfectly well that a development environment requires detailed elaboration. Coding for a game becomes easy with such top-class tools as Visual Studio and Rider. They are specifically designed to work with C# and C++.

Story writing is also a huge part of coding. ArticyDraft helps prescribe certain events in the world of a game, characters, personalities, and much more. It is easy to achieve an absorbing plot with such advanced tools.

Utilisation of a Game Engine

This is the heart of every title. It combines all aspects and makes the game function properly. It serves as an environment where all pieces are consolidated to get the final product.

There is a huge number of engines, but progressive content creators mainly resort to the three best ones:

  • Unity. This is the easiest environment to learn. The fans of Unity are the most populous among all others, so it is easy to find assistance.
  • Unreal Engine. Versatile software for development was initially designed for first-person shooters. Today, it is used in a variety of genres and has even seen adoption in the film and television industries.
  • Godot. This game engine is typically chosen because it does not take any percentage of the revenue. Similarly to unity, it is easy to learn.

Musical Accompaniment

No game will be playable without the integration of proper audio elements:

  • In general, music is the easiest to write in GarageBand or FL Studio. A clear interface and nice functionality are more than enough.
  • For voice recording and processing, Adobe Audition or Audacity are suited the best. These tools are roughly equal in functionality.
  • Another category here is sound effects. LabChirp and BFXR suit the best for creating additional audio impressions.

Process Planning and Drafting

During game advancement, it is integral to arrange and distribute tasks for the team. Helpful administrative tools will manage organisational moments even if there is only a single developer.

No matter how obvious it can be, Google Docs are used very often during the game creation process. Developers need to put their thoughts on paper in the form of concepts. Structured documents will become a theoretical background for the game.

Development pipeline planning is also crucial. Trello will make drafting easier. In this service, it is easy to create lists of tasks in the form of blocks and move them around categories.

Miro and services are used to build flowcharts when creating interface paths. The first one is more functional. At the same time, if it is only about building circuits, both services are good and do their job excellently.

Alternative Gaming Niches

Apart from PC content, quite relevant these days is gambling software. The process of creating virtual slots and other activities is similarly complex due to increased demand from the audience.

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