3 Best Sites to Buy Telegram Members (Real and Active)


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Buying channel or group members on Telegram can make it quick and easy to gain a competitive edge. On the downside, finding a reliable service, you can count on to supply you with real Telegram members can be tricky.

Tracking down the best sites to buy Telegram members takes time, but it is really the only way to avoid fake members that could get you banned.

The truth is, purchasing members for Telegram groups or channels is nothing new. It’s a practice that’s been going on for years and one that can be surprisingly effective – if you get it right.

Today’s Telegram is enormous – approximately 700 million monthly active users, collectively sharing in excess of 15 billion messages every day. In order to build a successful Telegram channel or group, you need to find a way to make your voice heard over the noise.

This is where buying legit groups, or channel members can make a real difference. This is a quick and easy way to inject credibility and appeal into your output without breaking the bank.

Even so, it’s again worth emphasizing the importance of authenticity. If you plan to purchase Telegram services like these, you need to ensure that they are as real as it gets. Just one fake in the mix, and it could cost you your reputation, if not get you kicked off the platform entirely.

Best Sites to Buy Telegram Members

Rated on what matters most – quality, safety, discretion, user-friendliness, value for money, reputation, etc. – we came up with a shortlist of the three best places to buy Telegram members right now.

If you are looking to add more members to your channels and groups without resorting to spam, these are the places to head right now:

1. Media Mister

First up, Media Mister has been leading the charge on the social proof scene for more than a decade. In business since way before Telegram was even launched, Media Mister has been supporting businesses and private users on the platform since day one. 10 years later, this is still the best site to buy Telegram members at an affordable price. Not to mention, one of the only sites on the web that guarantees real and active members – all 100% identical to organic members.

Media Mister offers a huge range of region-targeted members from around the world, which can be sourced from major markets like the USA, the UK, China, Arab Countries, and Indian users.

Along with regular channels and group members, you can also order specialist crypto members from Telegram’s growing cryptocurrency community. Across the board, Media Mister backs every sale with a full satisfaction guarantee, and you even get a 60-day retention warranty on every order.

Price-wise, you can’t really knock the value for money of what’s on offer at Media Mister. An order for 1,000 real Telegram members (group or channel) will set you back less than $10, while a full 5,000 members will cost you less than $40. All of this adds up to unbeatable value for money, considering the whole thing is backed by a full refund guarantee.

2. GetAFollower

It’s a similarly positive picture over at GetAFollower – an established and reputable seller that promises nothing but organic members from real and active accounts. This is arguably the best place to buy Telegram channel members in bulk at seriously cheap prices – 10,000 is currently listed at an insanely low $70.00. The same also applies to the rest of their promotional products for Telegram – Post Views, Poll Votes, Reactions, Comments, etc. – with packages available starting from as little as $2.00.

There’s a long list of geographic options available for targeted Telegram members, which are listed at equally cheap prices. GetAFollower excels in customer service stakes, with a live chat facility that can be accessed via their website during normal office hours. Put to the test, their reps seem genuinely passionate about what they do and knowledgeable enough to answer complex queries. They’re also not shy about discussing the risks associated with spam social signals, which is refreshing.

A quick and easy purchase process, no sensitive private information needed, and the promise of a slow, steady, and safe delivery process to keep things discreet – three more feathers to GetAFollower’s all-around impressive bow.

3. Buy Real Media

Last but not least comes Buy Real Media – a fairly new organic growth specialist on the scene, but one that’s already making waves. A no-nonsense place to buy Telegram group members of guaranteed quality, Buy Real Media keeps things nice and simple. No gimmicks for false promises, no garnish – they simply promise 100% real social signals from real people…that’s it.

They’re also right on point with the best in the business in terms of pricing – a package of 2,500 channel or group members will set you back less than $20.00. For this, you get a full refund guarantee if they don’t fulfill their end of the deal and a refill warranty for the first eight weeks. Just let them know if you experience any losses, and they’ll be replaced for free.

Buy Real Media is also the place to head for the broadest range of social signals on the market, extending to every major network and a whole bunch of niche platforms. With hundreds of packages starting from less than $5.00, you can take a tiny budget to Buy Real Media and walk away with a lot for your money.

Why Should You Buy Telegram Members?

Buying Telegram members is all about positioning yourself as prominently as possible on the platform. The more Telegram members you get, the more legit your channels and groups look – it really is as simple as that. If you want people to take you seriously on Telegram, you need to present yourself in the right way.

Something that begins and ends with social signals – members in particular. Your member count tells the Telegram community all it needs to know about your credibility, your appeal, and your popularity. This alone will play a huge role in determining who joins your groups, who checks out your servers, and who takes an interest in what you say. More members = more authority and influence, making it much easier to stand out from the crowd and make your voice heard.

In addition, Telegram’s indexation algorithm is influenced heavily by social signals. The more members your channels and servers get, the more likely they are to be promoted and recommended by Telegram. Visibility is essential when competing with 700 million active monthly users from around the world. When you buy members, you show the Telegram algorithm you mean business, and you become more visible.

In short, buying real Telegram members paves the way for a broad range of benefits you cannot normally buy at any price.

How to Buy Telegram Members: Things to Look for in a Website Before Buying

When shopping for social signals of any kind, it is essential to conduct a series of basic quality and safety checks. It’s worth remembering that when you buy social proof, you’re putting your reputation in the hands of whoever you’re buying it from.

In specific, each of the following is an outright deal-breaker and should be checked and verified before placing an order:

Products from Real People

Nothing matters more than authenticity when buying social signals. This is particularly true when buying Telegram members, as other users will be able to check out your members for themselves. Unless each and every one of them is as real as the real thing, they could harm your reputation. If not, get you kicked off the platform permanently, having breached Telegram’s strict no-spam policy.

Natural Delivery Time

Natural delivery means members that are added to your groups and channels in a way that looks 100% organic. Contrary to popular belief, the instant delivery of social signals is never a good thing. Members that accumulate too quickly can trigger Telegram’s spam filters and put your account in harm’s way. Members need to be delivered gradually to avoid detection and to prevent them from being blocked from your account.

Retention Guarantee

A retention guarantee (aka refill warranty) covers you against any potential losses during the first few weeks. For example, if you’re offered a 60-day retention warranty, any members you buy that drop during this time will be replaced free of charge. Any refill guarantee offered is better than none, but longer is always better.

Customer Support

The quality of the customer support a seller provides speaks volumes for their professionalism. Under no circumstances is it worth wasting money on a Telegram growth company that short-changes its customers. The best way to test a seller’s customer support is to do just that – contact them before placing an order, and see how they get the job done.

Secure Website

Given the type of service you’re buying, safety and discretion are essential. That is precisely why a secure website and an equally secure payment gateway are a must. Those who demonstrate total commitment to customer safety and security should always be prioritized over those who don’t. If you have any questions or concerns, fire them at the seller’s customer support team before ordering.

Money Back Guarantee

If their products really are as good as they say they are, they should be willing to put their money where their mouth is. By this, we mean a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund if things go wrong. You shouldn’t be expected to pay for products you don’t receive or aren’t fit for purpose. A refund guarantee is the ultimate show of confidence on the part of a provider and is a definite deal-breaker.

Positive Reviews

Last up, it’s basic common sense to use customer reviews and recommendations to gauge the general consensus. If most of the feedback they’ve received is positive, you’re probably in safe hands. If there’s a disproportionate number of negative write-ups, you might want to think about taking your business elsewhere.

In shortlisting our three top sites to buy Telegram members, each of the brands outlined above fulfilled these seven requirements better than competing sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying Telegram Members Safe?

Yes, on the condition that the Telegram members you buy are 100% legit. The only Telegram members that are safe to buy are those that are real–active and authentic members of the Telegram community. Fake followers from spam (bot) accounts are strictly prohibited and could get you banned from Telegram.

When Can I Expect Delivery?

Delivery times vary in accordance with the size and complexity of the package ordered. Smaller orders for Telegram members can be fulfilled within a couple of working days, though it may take up to a week for a larger order to be rolled out. Irrespective of the size of your order, insist on a gradual, drip-feed delivery process to maintain discretion.

Do These Members Come from Real Accounts?

Each of the three sellers above guarantees 100% real Telegram members with active and authentic accounts. This means that each member added to your channel or group will be a real person – identical to an organic member. These are the only safe and effective members you can buy, as even a single spam member in the mix could land you in trouble with Telegram.


Finding the best sites to buy Telegram members is about more than value for money alone. It’s about setting yourself up with the kinds of social signals that could give you a major edge on one of the world’s most competitive platforms.

Again, it is important to emphasize the importance of authenticity when shopping for social signals of any kind. Platforms like Telegram enforce strict zero-spam policies and won’t hesitate to suspend those who breach them. Under no circumstances is it worth buying fake members for your channels or groups, however cheaper they may be.

In all three instances, the sites outlined above came through where it mattered most. In terms of quality, authenticity, safety, effectiveness, and overall value for money, they all come equally highly recommended. All great places to buy Telegram members at an affordable price, with the confidence you’re getting legit products for your money.