Booking Public Speakers for a Workshop: A Guide


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If you’re putting together a workshop of any kind, it’s important that you have a wealth of impressive speakers at your disposal to provide you with helpful information about the topic or industry. Booking a good workshop speaker with relevant experience and knowledge is a key component of a successful event, as it allows your attendees to leave with vital insight. With this in mind, here are the six steps to follow when booking a speaker for a workshop.

Define your workshop goals

The first step for figuring out who to book, and how, is to determine the content and purpose of your workshop; a clear focus is essential for narrowing down the relevant potential speakers. The title of the workshop alone is essential, as it sets certain expectations for what the event is about – and a consistent focus helps you to keep this in mind. If your workshop hopes to offer insight, it could revolve around issues within your sector and how industry experts are working to address them in new ways.

Research potential speakers

With an understanding of what the event is about, you can begin researching possible workshop speakers whose work might relate to this topic. For example, you could look into significant figures within your sector, as attendees may be able to learn from their success. Check networking websites and other forms of social media for any pre-existing connections you might have with experience. Attending any local networking events is also useful as it can allow you to develop partnerships with industry leaders – who you can then invite as a speaker.

Book through a speakers bureau

A speakers bureau allows you to easily search for prospective speakers and panel members, making the overall booking process much more efficient for each party. These resources collate relevant speakers across different sectors and themes, streamlining your research significantly. You can see who is available on specific dates and any relevant fees, helping you to budget and plan the event with ease. By booking with a speakers bureau, you can hire creative, industry-leading speakers who deliver talks which any event attendee is able to benefit from.

Negotiate terms and agreement

After contacting your speakers, it’s important to provide them with comprehensive terms and agreements that set out the event and your expectations. This could be a formal speaker agreement which includes information on payment, scheduling, exclusivity, recording, and more. You could also set a deadline for the speaker to send their slides for approval and determine the number of slides to ensure they match the allotted time. A speaker agreement also helps to protect you in case the speaker is suddenly unable to attend the event for any reason.

Finalise booking details

After each party agrees upon the terms and conditions, you’re able to finalise and confirm the booking details, helping you put together a structure for the overall event. The speaker may only be available to attend certain parts of the workshop, in which case you can accommodate their schedule. Payment might happen before the event or upon its completion – in either case, this could be through the speakers bureau. By making sure every speaker is happy with the event details before you publicise them, you can guarantee a strong event.

Promote the event and speaker

After securing the talent for your event, it’s essential you adequately promote the workshop over social media alongside other available channels. The speaker (or speakers) could also post about their involvement to boost its profile, as they want to make sure the event is successful – and that as many people as possible benefit from their assistance. Involve your local community and personally contact others in the industry to inform them of the event – as sharing the workshop as much as possible lets you secure a high number of engaged attendees.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to benefit from high-quality speakers who provide insightful discussions about your industry – allowing you to assemble an interesting, exciting workshop. Once you’ve completed the booking process and your speakers are ready to go, you should ensure the event is well-organised so that all attendees can benefit from its content. From creating an engaging agenda to providing refreshments, every element of your workshop should be carefully planned – helping create a successful experience for everyone involved.