5 Popular Dog Supplements in Iowa

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With each passing year, attention to how we can best care for our pets’ health increases. For example, in the next 5 years, how much we spend on our pets is expected to grow from 103.6 billion to $358.62 billion in the US alone. And a big portion of that money will be spent on pet supplements.

Ten years ago, you were more likely to get a strange look if you told someone you give your dog a supplement like a multivitamin. However, ten years from now, you’ll probably get a strange look if you say you don’t.

Wellness supplements, such as those by Innovetpet, can have a multitude of benefits for pretty much every dog. Let’s take a look at the five most popular supplements for dogs to find which ones can help your best furbuddy.

1. Mobility Support

According to some research, 1 in 5 dogs will suffer mobility or joint issues in their lifetime. In some purebreds, more than 70% of them can be affected by the symptoms of hip dysplasia.

So it makes complete sense as to why mobility support supplements are some of the first supplements pet owners give to their dogs to care for their health.

Today’s mobility support supplements are usually a mixture of ingredients/other supplements that have proven to work well for combating issues such as inflammation and pain that often come along with joint issues while simultaneously working to restore mobility.


Glucosamine has been recommended by veterinarians as a suitable treatment for osteoarthritis. Especially if the dog sees harsh side effects from the common medications used to treat the mobility-hindering disease.
Glucosamine is a building block of cartilage, the tissue that protects and cushions the joints, and supplementation of it may help rebuild it.


Research has found that MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) can help lower inflammation while reducing joint pain. Additionally, MSM can help support the immune system, may have cancer-fighting properties, and can improve skin and coat conditions.

Omega 3s

Essential omega-3 fatty acids, the main component behind fish oil supplements, are perhaps the most thoroughly researched supplement you’ll find in our article. Thanks to that and the fact

the research has been positive, supplementation of omega-3s is popular even among those that have little care supplements in general.


Like glucosamine, chondroitin is a key compound of cartilage. Chondroitin helps absorb fluid into the connective tissue, bringing in fresh nutrients and compounds to keep them healthy, flexible, and strong. Studies show it may also help prevent the breakdown of cartilage in the body thanks to its ability to block cartilage-destroying enzymes.

2. CBD Oil

Hemp CBD oil and other therapeutic hemp products, such as CBD dog treats, have become essential supplements for many people. Both for themselves and their pets.

Thanks to the compounds in CBD products’ ability to help the body better maintain balance (homeostasis), CBD products can help with a long list of common ailments.

In particular, reducing anxiety, lowering inflammation, mitigating pain, balancing appetite, and minimizing seizures’ duration and occurrence have been found to be CBD’s greatest benefits.

CBD works by activating the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a regulatory system responsible for helping other regulatory systems, such as the immune and nervous systems, optimally function, especially when under duress.

When stressed, a regulatory system can start making mistakes that end up hurting the body. For example, when the immune system is fighting off an infection, it can create too many inflammatory cells, which start attacking the body after they have removed the virus.

The purpose of the ECS is to help ensure those issues don’t happen, but it itself can be overstressed when helping with too many things at once. CBD is perfect for giving the ECS the helping hand it often needs in our modern world, which can greatly stress it out. Check out Innovetpet CBD Wholesale for wholesale opportunities.

3. Digestive Support

When you own a dog, — heck, when you’ve just been around one — you quickly learn that they are no strangers to digestive issues. From gas to throw-up, it’s pretty easy to say that most pet parents wish they could better support their dog’s digestive health. And thanks to digestive support aids such as probiotics, now they can.

Probiotics help turn the bacterial biome in your dog’s gut into one that not only supports their digestive health but also supports their mood and helps get rid of their bad health.

Did you know that 70-90% of serotonin production happens in the gut and not the brain? That is just one of several reasons that more attention has been placed on gut health in the last several years.

4. Fish Oil

We talked a little bit about fish oil when discussing omega-3 fatty acids and how it was the most popular way to consume them. Fish oil is one of the best supplements you can give your dog, and for that matter, you as well.

Fish oil can help with everything from improving your dog’s skin and coat to protecting their heart and cardiovascular health to supporting their immune system.

Just from supporting their immune system alone, fish oil can help relieve allergies, lower painful joint inflammation, and clear up skin irritations.

5. Multivitamin

At first, you may be suspicious about whether a dog can really benefit from taking a multivitamin. And while multivitamin supplements aren’t required for every dog, there are a surprising amount of dogs that can see benefits from them for one reason or another.

A dog could develop a medical condition that reduces their appetite or makes it harder for them to digest their food.

Picky eaters as well are susceptible to nutrient disorders. Home food diets are great for dogs but are easy to mess up, making a multivitamin perfect to help ensure their nutrition is lacking anything important.

Last, dogs that work in high-performance environments often benefit from taking a multivitamin if their food isn’t providing them with what they need.