Social vs Real Money – The Great Casino Showdown

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Welcome to the Great Casino Showdown.

But what is it all about? For a beginner or someone not interacting with the gambling world frequently, it’s understandable to be a little confused. But fret not. By the end of this article, you shall have a clear understanding of the prominent differences lying between both.

On one hand, you have real money casinos – the ones often discussed on casino review websites – and social casinos – the not much-discussed variety – on the other. While one lets you play for real money, the other offers experience – and that’s it.

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Read further to find how different the two casino settings are, and how to decide which one caters to your preferences the best.

Social Casinos vs Real Money Casinos: Which One Is Better?

Social Casinos

This casino setting is all about having fun. You can play online slots, table games, and numerous other varieties for free.


  • You don’t have to play for real money here. Thus, there is no risk of losing any money.
  • Social casinos offer plenty of game varieties. These games are quite engaging. Therefore, it won’t take much effort to stick to this place for a while.
  • This setting is perfect for gamers looking for a bit of practice before venturing out into the world of real money casinos.


  • There is no chance to lose any money here. But you cannot win any either. Social casinos operate on their own free currency.
  • Can free casino games fuel someone’s gambling addiction? It’s quite debatable.

5 Best-rated Social Casinos:

  1. Slotomania
  2. House of Fun
  3. Viva Slots Vegas Casino
  4. Hard Rock Social Casino
  5. Caesars Games

Real Money Casinos

There are far more sites and much more excitement, but relatively more risk.


  • You are allowed to play for real money here.
  • Compared to social casinos, their real money counterparts have a lot more variety to offer. By variety, we mean the number of online casinos.
  • The possibility of winning some real money here makes the casino setting incredibly exciting and entertaining.


  • You can win as well as ‘lose’ some real cash.
  • With more sites comes the risk of more scams. In your beginning stage, stick to reputable casinos only.
  • Such casinos constantly bring you on the edge.

5 Best-rated Real Money Casinos:

  1. Red Dog
  2. Ignition
  3. Slots.LV
  4. Bitstarz
  5. Bovada

So, Which Casino Setting Is Better For ‘You’?

It entirely depends on your current skills and preferences. If you aren’t quite aware of how things work at a real money casino, it’s better to get some experience in the social setting. But if you are looking forward to having a good time only, without having to spend any real cash, choose social casinos.