5 Aspects That Affect an Escooter Performance

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Although many businesses have already decided to add electric scooters to their fleet of company cars, they are still a novelty in many locations.

One of their most important features is autonomy. Compared to scooters with fuel engines, they are more environmentally friendly, quieter, and less expensive to maintain.

We are well aware that, despite modern fast charging technologies, it is still required to wait until the charging process is finished before being able to restart your ride when the battery is empty. In this post, we’ll discuss the aspects that affect an e-scooter’s performance and how to improve it. Autonomy is one of the most crucial features of an electric vehicle for these and many more reasons.

Constant Speed

Your electric scooter’s range will be greatly extended if you steer clear of abrupt accelerations and keep your pace as steady as you can. This is since maintaining a constant speed uses less energy from the engine than slowing down and then accelerating again.

Setting the control on your scooter from Pro Electric Scooters is an excellent way to conserve battery over medium and long distances.

Unused Devices and Functionality Should Be Turned Off

When using your scooter, you might want to switch off any functions you don’t use, including Bluetooth. If visibility allows, the same applies to electronics like beam lights. Make it a practice to turn off your scooter when stopping briefly, like taking a call.

Over medium to long distances, even a few watts of savings can make a big impact!

Reduce the Weight of the Scooter

Did you know that transporting just a few pounds more in a car results in a 0.5% rise in consumption and a decrease in performance? The scooter is no different.

You probably have a bag or a backpack with you while riding your e-scooter. You might find that you carry bulky items that you seldom use, which leads to increased battery usage when you move. Keep these things in your home. Relating to weight once more, never overload your scooter.

Be Cautious With the Tires

Many people are unaware of the effect that tire pressure and condition have on performance.

Regularly verify that your electric scooter’s tire pressure is within the range specified by the manufacturer in the usage and maintenance handbook.

Check the tires’ wear as well; worn-out tires affect the scooter’s overall performance, including its autonomy.

Charge the Battery Properly

The last piece of advice won’t give you a few extra kilometers of range right away, but it will benefit the battery’s long-term health, and if the battery is working properly, the e-scooter will show better performance.

Avoid entirely draining the scooter and recharging it several times throughout the day.

The battery in your scooter will thank you for these simple techniques!

What if my scooter still falls short of the manufacturer’s recommended range?

It is possible that your scooter does not attain the optimal range even after taking the aforementioned precautions. Remember that the autonomy claimed by your electric scooter’s specifications may have been the outcome of testing if you are unable to achieve it.

This refers to the tests conducted at cruising speed on a perfectly flat road, with no wind, etc. As a result, there may be a 10-15% discrepancy between the claimed performance and the actual performance that you get under real-life conditions.

Many individuals try a lot of things to improve the performance of their electric scooters. One of these things is installing a second battery. How safe is this? Is it something that is recommended?

No, installing a second battery is often not permitted on electric scooters.

If you still decide to do this, note that you would only be permitted to use your scooter on private property, and it would be prohibited to drive it on public property.

You should ask for help from a trained and experienced technician if you want to make this adjustment. It is a complex process, and if you don’t do it properly, you might permanently damage your electric scooter. Make good choices about your vehicle if you want to use it for a longer time.