Are Amazon Management Agencies the Future of Amazon Growth?


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Many companies, even startups and small businesses, consider outsourcing their marketing efforts and getting a professional to grow their online presence. In the realm of eCommerce, Amazon advertising and Amazon marketing are aspects that could benefit from external partnerships. However, what does an Amazon advertising agency offer that can help your business grow on Amazon? This article looks at how the eCommerce market evolved and if hiring an Amazon marketing agency is essential to growing on Amazon.

Is Amazon Still Profitable for New Sellers?

While Amazon’s origins started as a bookseller, it soon became the biggest online marketplace for almost any product. Over time, Amazon evolved into the most competitive market in eCommerce. In fact, SEO can benefit businesses in different fields, like cosmetic surgery SEO, which can be used by clinics and companies offering beauty products on Amazon. Due to the aggressive competition, many businesses are in limbo, deciding if Amazon is the right place to sell their products.

So, what does Amazon offer new sellers? Well, according to the 2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report, 85% of Amazon sellers say their primary reason for using the platform is customer acquisition, and 72% aim to serve their customers where they are. There may be a few reasons to grow your presence on Amazon, but the reality remains that global customer reach is one of Amazon’s most significant advantages.

Today, approximately 200 million households around the world have an Amazon Prime subscription. However, this only represents a portion of Amazon’s growing global audience, as they have approximately 300 million active users in total. According to the 2022 State of the Amazon Seller Report from Jungle Scouts, new Amazon sellers make an average annual revenue of $26,000 to $810,00.

So, do you need to sell on Amazon? It’s debatable. Although brands have less control over branding, the most significant reasons to sell on Amazon are the ease of setting up and the huge global customer base. In short, this is where your customers are, and if you choose not to sell on the platform, you’re missing out on a substantial international market of people just waiting to buy your product.

Should You Hire an Amazon Management Agency?

Many sellers who self-manage their Amazon marketing go through trial and error to understand what strategies work. However, this is a consuming process that will cost time, resources and investments that aren’t going to generate results. Hiring an agency is a direct way to grow your brand with the help of experts who have already scaled businesses in the past. Below we highlight some pros and cons of hiring an Amazon management agency:


Unique expertise

An agency will have dedicated teams in different areas, from content and social media to SEO and advertising. Hiring an agency gives you access to their unique set of knowledge and previous experience scaling Amazon brands. This is particularly useful as Amazon becomes more competitive and harder to crack.

Business owners save time

While it may take you time to learn how to optimise listings and understand Amazon tools, an agency already knows the best methods for growth, which tools are worth using and can get started straight away by implementing the right method for your niche. Consequently, business owners can allocate more time to core business tasks and development.

Amazon agencies are ahead of updates

An Amazon agency stays ahead of the trends and potential algorithm changes. They are the first to adapt to new rules and implement the most recent growth techniques for their clients.


An extra expense

Of course, outsourcing is an investment, particularly for startups and small businesses. They need to think very carefully about what to invest in. That said, if you choose the right agency and services for your business, then this investment can be the very thing that generates thousands in revenue.

Knowing when to use your in-house team

An agency will want to offer you a full-service package because having an integrated, seamless marketing plan is highly effective. However, some brands prefer using in-house teams for branding and creating a cohesive brand image. Typically, this comes down to choosing the right agency that can meet your requirements.

In all, it depends on your business goals and capabilities. If you have some of the resources in-house, you may only benefit from the 1-1 consulting. However, if you lack the expertise, full-service Amazon management may be the best option for getting an excellent return on investment.

How to Determine Which Amazon Management Service Is for You?

To decide which Amazon management agency is right for your business, you must first determine what you’re looking for. We suggest thinking about what tasks you can manage in-house and going from there. Do you have the time, resources and expertise to deliver an effective marketing campaign, or do you simply need some guidance on how to improve your current listings?

What services does an Amazon agency offer:

Amazon Consulting

Amazon account management doesn’t suit every business. For those wanting to retain some control, Amazon 1-1 consulting offers personalised support to guide you through any difficulties you may be having.

Amazon PPC Management

If you have in-house SEO experts, you may benefit from PPC management to help bring in sales quickly and stay ahead of competitors while your team establishes organic rankings over time.

Product Launch Services

Data shows that approximately 57% of Amazon customers see product reviews as the most influential factor in determining purchase decisions. For this reason, some brands consider outsourcing Amazon marketing when launching a new product. This type of service is ideal for getting reviews quickly, ranking on the first search page and setting your listing up for long-term success.

Amazon SEO Agency

Long-term growth comes down to your SEO strategy. Amazon sellers prefer this option to help sustain their positions in search results and improve sales with high-converting product pages.

Full-Service Amazon Management

Some Amazon management agencies offer a full-service package so you can concentrate on core business goals and developing new products. Advertising and marketing efforts go hand-in-hand on Amazon; therefore, having an agency manage it cohesively is the most effective method to grow your brand.

Final Thoughts: Are Amazon Market Agencies the Future?

Previously, it may have been easy for businesses to rank their product on Amazon search pages, but now with over 9.5 million sellers and over 300 million users, it is more challenging than ever to rank on the first page. That said, brands are still doing it! With such a huge potential customer reach, it is an essential market to sell on.

Due to the way the market has evolved, ranking on Amazon takes time and expertise. Thus, many business owners consider hiring Amazon marketing agencies to scale their Amazon brand. Those who hire an agency will see quicker results and better growth long term. Investing in Amazon management services provides more security as you grow your business, especially as agencies stay ahead of the trends and changes. They are ready to pivot their client’s marketing strategy to retain high search rankings and remain compliant with Amazon’s rules.