How to Measure a Wedding Ring?


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Are you ready to measure your wedding ring? Or maybe you’re looking to replace a lost or out of date wedding ring? Then you’ll need to gain a ring size. This is harder than it looks. No one seems to know what their ring size is, maybe because buying a ring isn’t nearly as common as buying a new pair of shoes, but there are ways you can find out. Read on for our tips.

A piece of string

The old-fashioned way is also the most well-known. Simply cut a piece of string, wrap it around your finger and mark or cut where the two sides meet. From there you can measure the length of the string and run it through a ring size converter to get your ring size. You can find plenty of ring size charts online, such as this one. However, like any other piece of clothing, the size you end up with is different depending on where you are. For example, if the circumference of your ring is 48mm, you’ll be an EU 48, a UK I, or a US 4.5. As usual, the Europeans know how to keep things simple.

Compare an existing ring

If you can’t get away with the string around the finger, maybe to surprise a special someone, you can also measure an existing ring. Going with the string here might be a bit inaccurate and difficult, so you can go by the diameter of the ring. Like the example above, 15.29mm across the center of the ring will get you a EU 48, UK I, or US 4.5. But these are pretty overly precise and not ideal. Who can see .29mm on a ruler without a microscope? Instead, you can print off a ring chart, and, as long as it’s true to size, compare an existing ring against it. There is, however, room for error here too. You won’t know for sure, for example, if the ring you’ve printed is 15.29mm, again, unless you’ve got a very precise ruler and a microscope handy.

A ring sizer

However, both of these options have the issue of being a bit inaccurate. And when it comes to rings, a little bit inaccurate means a lot inaccurate. If you really want the best results, you’d be better off getting your hands on a ring-sizer. Best Brilliance can send you a ring sizer, free of charge, to make sure that you get the right measurements and therefore the right  wedding ring. If you’re off by even a little bit, that’s a sure-fire way to send your most important ring on a one-way trip down the faucet. Visit to be sure that you have the right sized ring.

A few tips

There are a few extra things you should consider when taking your ring size.

  • Make sure your fingers are warm when you measure. Your fingers will shrink when you are cold so wash them in warm water first to get an accurate reading.
  • But also, don’t measure them at the height of summer.
  • Choose a larger size if you can’t get the size you land on past your knuckles.
  • Be as accurate as possible if your ring has a stone so it doesn’t turn and swing on your hand.