5 Iconical American Football Games you won’t forget

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Football is considered by most countries all over the world as one of the world’s most renowned and stemmed sports. In fact, amongst its many names, one of these is king sport. Most countries worldwide have their own football leagues, national teams and stadiums, with millions of fans tuning in to watch their favorite players and teams showcase their talent and skill on the field. That being said, there is a different kind of football that, although not as universally beloved as regular football, is gaining momentum outside its country of origin and gradually gaining more and more popularity. We are, of course, talking about American Football. American football might share its name with the sport US citizens call “soccer,” but the truth is that this game is an entirely different beast altogether. Feel free to scout through new independent bookmakers to start betting on other American football matches.

Even though American football is gaining a foothold worldwide in terms of popularity, it still needs to be discovered in several countries. It has been ingrained in our cultural subconscious through American movies, so most people know what American football is, but few know how it is actually played. Here is a summary of the rules for all those interested:

Each American football team comprises 11 players, with the quarterback especially renowned among them. The main aim of American football is for the ball to enter the opposite team’s end zone, and this may be done by either carrying the ball until tackled or passing it to a teammate downfield. The team on the offensive can move in 10-yard sections with four chances to do so, when done so, four chances are given to move to another area. This is done until failure or punted to the defending team, where possession is surrendered. 

The National Football League

When it comes to the most famous American football leagues and championships, the undisputed American football league worldwide is the USA National Football League, also known as NFL. All the most significant matches and games played in American football are played in the NFL, with its annual final playoff game between the NFL’s American Football Conference and the National Football Conference champions, referred to as the Super Bowl. This match is a momentous occasion that brings together all American football fans and has become an unofficial American celebration. Not only is the Super Bowl game so popular, but its specially designed commercials are sometimes just as popular as the games themselves, even though sometimes they are not free from controversy.

There have been other American Football leagues, but they seldom have lasted long, and the ones that remain in existence have been unable to gather such a devoted fan base as the NFL.    

5 most iconic matches in American Football

Some of the most beloved matches played in American football history have been played as NFL matches. Whether they were regular season NFL matches or Super Bowl games, these matches remain alive in the collective memory of all American football fans.

The Heidi Game   

This match occurred on November 17, 1968, between the New York Jets vs. Oakland Raiders. Even though the game itself was nothing to cry home about, a particular incident occurred in the NBC broadcasting room in New York that was to become infamous in NFL history. The Jets were leading 32-29 when the broadcast stopped to play the children’s movie Heidi 90 seconds before the end of the game.

This caused spectators from across the country to miss the match’s end and how the Raiders pulled off two miraculous touchdowns that led to the Raiders making a comeback and winning the game. This little incident is remembered for causing changes in sports broadcasting.

The Drive

Considered one of the most iconic matches in NFL history, the Denver Broncos faced off against the Cleveland Browns on January 11, 1987. Both halves were exciting, and victory seemed assured for the Cleveland fans with 5:32 minutes left and the Broncos on their own two-yard line.

However, the Browns’ defense went into Martyball mode, which allowed John Elway to execute a 15-play drive that caused the game to go into overtime. Eventually, Broncos kicker Rich Karlis ended up winning the game with a field goal kick that, years later, would be considered exhaustive.

The Ice Bowl

This freezing-cold game was played between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers on December 31, 1967. This match occurred at Lambeau Field in arctic conditions that caused players from both teams to suffer.

Both players still played at their best but especially renowned was the final drive by Bart Starr into the end zone for the final score that won the game for the Packers 21-17. 

The Epic in Miami

On January 2, 1982, the San Diego Chargers faced off against the Miami Dolphins, even though the Chargers started to lead 21-0. Dolphin’s coach benched his starting quarterback for Don Strock in the second quarter. This would pay off as the game ended in a tie and went into overtime. The game would end with the Chargers winning 41-38.

The game’s most valuable player was Kellen Winslow for blocking a field goal and catching an NFL playoff-record 13 receptions for 166 yards and one touchdown. However, he would end the game severely wounded with a pinched nerve in his shoulder, dehydrated, and a gash in his lower lip that needed three stitches.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Many American football pundits consider this once-in-a-lifetime game the greatest match in the sport’s history. Not only was it the very first NFL game televised, but many believed this to be the marking point in which the NFL’s popularity started rising across the USA. This was a match between the two greatest teams of their time: The Baltimore Colts Vs. New York Giants played on December 28, 1958, with legendary Johnny Unitas as quarterback for the Colts.

The game scored 14-3 in the first half, with Baltimore in the lead. The second half, however, switched the course of the game in favor of the Giants. Unitas managed to get the ball a few minutes before the end of the game. The unique skills that made him an icon of American football enabled him to execute a two-minute drill that ended in a tie effectively, also causing the first overtime in NFL history. The game would ultimately end with the Colts winning 23-17.