When to look for an IT specialist with an RPO company

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If you are wondering how to recruit software engineers or other IT specialists, and your company does not have an IT recruiter or you need to temporarily increase the recruitment capacity, you can involve an RPO company in the search. In this article, we will consider in which cases it is advisable to involve a company in the search, and in which you can limit yourself to your own efforts.

When can an RPO company be helpful?

Many companies may question the need to outsource IT recruitment to third parties. Let’s look at situations where this decision is justified.

The company does not have a full-time recruiter

The manager or specialist responsible for recruiting does not have the skills of professional search and evaluation. Or it’s just not interesting to do it. In a typical case, an RPO company saves a company time by posting its vacancy on job search sites, using an internal database of candidates and various other sources to find and evaluate a candidate.

The company needs a highly qualified specialist in a narrow segment

Almost every IT company is familiar with this case. There is a position that can instill fear in HR managers. For example, a software engineer. A CV of a good, successful software engineer is very hard to find on a job portal. Good software engineers are not looking for work, and business, especially now, really needs new qualified personnel.

The situation is the same with many specialists whose competencies are quite rare, and therefore you need to know how to hunt them. In this case, RPO companies can analyze social networks, including for professionals (for example, Linkedіn), and use executive search or headhunting techniques, as well as the formed database of candidates:

  1. Headhunting. This technique involves poaching a specific person
  2. Executive search. A company wants to poach a specialist from a competitor company and formulates clear requirements for him. But for this company, it is unprincipled what kind of person it will be. The main thing is the required level of his competence.

It is not always possible for the head of the company or its recruiter to do this, since in this case confidentiality is violated. Competitors immediately find out that the company has a vacancy. Moreover, there can be various image losses. The question of the ethics of such search principles remains open to many companies and leaders.

Another reason is the lack of hunting skills among full-time specialists. This work is not always similar to the daily work performed by full-time recruiters.

Headhunters understand that it is possible to lure a specialist not only with money, while company executives, as a rule, are simply trying to offer the right specialist a more attractive monetary reward.

High staff turnover

High employee turnover costs money due to lost and interrupted productivity and lower employee engagement. Companies can solve the problem of high employee turnover if they outsource IT recruiting to get more qualified candidates and improve the hiring process from experienced, dedicated recruiters. Companies want to hire higher quality candidates who are vetted and fit well with the job offers and company culture.

Rapid growth of the company

Companies experiencing rapid growth or seasonal hiring spikes often outsource recruiting to RPO companies to better control the impact of fluctuations in recruiting activity on the business.

Willingness to collaborate with a specific specialist

The head of the company can give the name and surname of the person he wants to hire. This is the case when a company is looking for, for example, a top-level manager and knows its competitors well.

Focus on core business

Any recruiting tasks and activities will go beyond core business functions and draw resources from core business operations. Outsourcing the tasks of finding IT specialists does not distract the company from the main activity and allows employers to find the talent they need without being distracted from business operations.

The HR department of a company that is in charge of recruiting can quickly get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of staff being recruited. This will cause a negative impact on the focus on their core responsibilities in the areas of management, adaptation, and development of personnel.

When you shouldn’t work with recruitment agencies RPO-companies

We have identified situations where it makes sense to turn to RPO companies. Let’s discuss when it is better to refuse assistants.

The company needs an inexperienced specialist whom it will train

Many companies believe that it is easier to train an employee than to retrain them later. Here, when choosing, the main attention is paid to the personal qualities of the candidate, his motivation, as well as some basic competencies. It is better to find such candidates on your own using job sites and posting ads on social networks,

Family-type company of up to 15 people

In such companies, personal qualities and corporate values come first. The selection of the next employee, his multifaceted assessment, and training in existing corporate standards come to the fore. The agency, first of all, evaluates professional skills, which may not be the key requirement of the customer. It is extremely difficult to convey your vision of an ideal employee here.

The vacancy is not urgent

For example, a company publishes a vacancy and once a day looks through the responses. This means that the company is focused on finding unique talents. In this case, the HR specialist will only respond to the candidate’s CV with high value.

The search is not for the purpose of hiring

The company knows that many good candidates are looking for work. And then, simply by posting an offer, it gradually develops its own database of candidates.

Wrapping up

RPO companies can devote their time and resources to finding, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding the best IT professionals for small or new companies. Recruitment process outsourcing allows large companies to meet their recruiting needs without creating other problems for the business. Alcor is an international company that will help you find IT talent in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. If you want to avoid many of the hassles associated with recruiting an IT professional, Alcor is a reliable partner.