17 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners (Real & Safe)

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Spotify is the one platform where every artist dreams of hitting mass popularity. Once, we had the number of records sold, iTunes, and internet downloads. Although the former two are still relevant, Spotify has gone on to become the most authentic form of recognition for musicians.

Moreover, even podcast creators know the importance of audience reach on Spotify. Hence, it is no surprise that most audio creators buy Spotify monthly listeners. Most newcomers have to rely on a mixture of marketing strategies to boost their growth. Since competition is high, you will have to focus on the best sites to buy real Spotify monthly listeners. Although, you should note that, unlike YouTube and Instagram, Spotify has a stricter policy on bot listeners. Hence, it is a little difficult to buy monthly listeners Spotify needs without spending enough time investigating the site you will use.

On that note, let’s have a look at the best place to buy Spotify monthly listeners, as per your needs-

Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners


Viralyft is easily among the best sites to buy various Spotify services. You can not only buy Spotify monthly listeners but permanent followers as well. Moreover, all of this comes at a very affordable rate that should suit any demographic. Viralyft is a global site that works with influencers from around the world.

If you are looking for international recognition or an audience that goes outside your nation, then this site will be the perfect fit. Their plans start at $8.99 for as many as 500 Spotify monthly listeners. Furthermore, you get the quickest delivery to quality streamers.


SocialPros is a well-known site among various social media influencers. They work with multiple sites including YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify. Hence, if you want a site where you can integrate multiple media marketing, Social Pros will fit the bill. Also, like Viralyft, their plans offer great affordability and accessibility.

Since they have wide networking among artists from every possible genre, they can easily include you within their community. Thus, you will not only get monthly streams, but you will have stronger contacts and an edge over the competition. You can buy Spotify plays and followers in terms of monthly listeners. Their plans start at $9.5.


GetViral is the next place to try out if the above sites do not meet all your needs. To begin, this site has been around for almost a decade. Hence, they come with a deep understanding of how things work across all forms of digital marketing.

This enables them to promote your content via web ads, social media ads, community meetings, word of mouth, etc. Altogether, they are among the most experienced sites on the internet. It is because of their professional approach and precision that the site has gone on to become so popular among young influencers. Their plans start at $9.99.


This site is relatively new but that doesn’t mean that you should discount it. Firstly, they have taken care to recruit the best-trained professionals in digital marketing. Secondly, this site specializes in Spotify marketing, making it a forte- something we haven’t seen so far.

Lastly, they are the most affordable site on the list to buy Spotify monthly listeners that also have great quality. For instance, you can buy as many as 100 streamers for only $6.90. Also, the process is very simple and quick to ensure maximum convenience. Keeping the customers on site, Stream Digic also comes with a zero-frill interface.


This is another new site that has recently become a part of social media marketing network. We have reviewed their performance before and found everything to be perfect and accurate. For instance, they have low prices, great reach, great customer support, a simple user interface, etc. To add, this site has some options for Spotify that we have never seen before.

Not only can you buy regular Spotify streamers, but also playlist followers, monthly listeners, etc. Notably, you can customize your package by choosing the target audience as well! All this you get at the price of $8.90- which is the best pricing scheme.


People who have been working with consistent marketing must be aware of Insta Followers by now. This is another old site that has been working in social media marketing for a very long time. Notably, this site has the widest international connection and global connectivity.

Also, they are very cheap and offer prices that you will not get anywhere else. For instance, you can easily buy as many as 250 followers for only $1.70. Also, there is no set package that they compel you to choose. You can pick any number between 100 and 1000000 in terms of Spotify followers


Spotify marketing has been a relatively recent phenomenon. Although Spotify itself is a very old company that started in 2006, it became popular only in 2011. Hence, not many sites put effort into Spotify marketing in the beginning.

However, Promo Sound understood the importance and significance of such a versatile platform. Hence, they are among the first sites that began to offer marketing focusing on Spotify. Resultantly, they have connections with the oldest music communities and provide among the cheapest plans on the list. Their plans begin at $3 for 100 Spotify followers.

Get Music Plays

Get Music Plays is among the newer sites that offer Spotify promotions. However, they are a considerably seasoned site when it comes to social media marketing. Hence, you will find great features here, including marketing integration, forum support, etc. They are a class apart because they connect you with international servers directly instead of reselling. To elaborate, servers are the source of international and national followers. Since, reselling increases the original price, you will get very cheap but quality services on this site. For instance, you can easily get 1000 Spotify followers for $5.20 within 3-6 hours.


This is a site that ensures you get holistic promotion for your Spotify account. First, they make sure that all servers are legitimate and authentic. Second, they provide a drip feed option that ensures Spotify does not flag your account for suspicious growth. Third, their primary plan is free for first-time users!

You will be able to get as many as 100 followers at a mere $0.99. Not only this, but they also offer a 30 days refill guarantee if you are not happy with the results. Hence, you can rest assured that there will be no bots or fake accounts adding to your streams and letting down the quality of your Spotify growth.

Plays on Fire

This site is new, even to us. Hence, we had to carry out a little investigation to get to know about the quality of their performance. To begin, their online reviews are positive on all sites that allow consumers to vote. Thus, the site is generally approved by the public.

However, the number of reviews was a little low, since the site is very young. Although they have been functional for a short time, they have completed thousands of orders. They are affordable, quick, and effective- adding to their popularity. You can get 1000 followers for $2.95 within 24 hours.


Artist Booster is a site that offers affordable prices for anyone who wants to get their music, podcast, or audio out to a wider audience. And the best part is that you can see maximum growth in just one month! With Buy Spotify Plays, you’ll get monthly listeners, as well as likes, shares, and more. So if you’re looking for a way to get more exposure for your music, podcast, or audio, then Buy Spotify Plays is the perfect solution!

There are a lot of benefits that come with buying Spotify plays from Artist Booster. For starters, your music will be sent out to international communities. This means that you will not only get more monthly listeners, but you will also get more likes, shares, and so on.


Looking for an affordable and accessible way to grow your social media following? Look no further than SocioBlend! Offering followers and likes for over 40 different social media platforms, SocioBlend is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to integrate multiple media marketing into their site.

Moreover, you get a wide network of artists from every possible genre, and SocioBlend can easily include you within their community. Hence, if you’re looking to grow your Spotify following or get more TikTok likes, SocioBlend has you covered. You can get 100 Spotify followers at 1.97 dollars. They cater to a worldwide clientele and have been functioning for more than half a decade.


Social media marketing can be a challenge, especially for new artists with limited resources. That’s where Buy Social Today comes in. Buy Social Today is a new site that has been growing at a very fast rate. To begin, they have multiple services for different social media.

However, they are best known for their services on Spotify. We have often gotten very positive feedback from our reviewers about the services of this site. However, their plans start on a bigger scale with 1000 Spotify followers at least. This will cost you $5.49. Simultaneously, they also have a team of experts who are always available to help you with your social media marketing needs.


Promo Sound is a music promotion company that specializes in helping artists and audio creators reach a wider audience. They offer a variety of services, including web marketing, marketing integration, and expert insights. However, they are best known for their Spotify promotion services. If you’re an artist or audio creator looking to reach a larger audience, Promo Sound can help you.

They offer a variety of promotion services, including web marketing, marketing integration, and expert insights. However, their main focus is on helping you get more Spotify plays and listeners. There are a lot of benefits to working with Promo Sound. They have a lot of experience in the music promotion industry, so they know what works and what doesn’t. Their plans start at $9 a month.


This is not a traditional site that works based on one-time payment and delivery. Although you might think this makes them expensive, in reality, this makes them highly efficient. They require clients to subscribe to a monthly membership or a campaigning membership. Impressively, they are among the highest rating sites on Google for Spotify promotion.

They provide a plethora of services. For instance, premium playlist ads, data analytics reports, 24×7 support from a dedicated team, and much more. We are sure that working with them will lead to the exposure you have been waiting for. However, they are expensive and their basic membership starts at $199.


Spotististar is the best site for Spotify marketing. They have the expertise and experience to help you achieve maximum Spotify growth. Getting noticed on Spotify is not easy. Unluckily, the platform’s algorithm is constantly changing, making it difficult to rely on solo promotion. Fortunately, Spotististar addresses this issue.

They are experts in Spotify marketing. To begin, they have been tracking the platform for many years and know best how to maximize your growth. Thus, they will help you get more plays, followers, and fans. Spotististar is the most reliable and effective Spotify marketing service. Their team of genius marketing professionals will help you take your career to the next level.


The best feature of this site is that they provide custom markers and values that you can set for yourself. For instance, you can pick the number of plays, the level of targeting, the number of premium plays, etc. Doubtlessly, this gives more power to the client, which is a rare thing to find when you hire a marketing site. Their average rate is $2.9 per 1000 plays. Also, their delivery time has a short window of 1-12 hours. However, do not order a large number of plays within 12 hours- since it could flag your account.


Social Infinity is the last mention on our list and it is as effective as all other marketing agents so far. They have many exciting features to look forward to. For instance, they have a good degree of customization and offer many coupons and discounts to new users. Hence, if you are looking for cheap and effective marketing, then you can include them in your marketing strategy. To date, over 9350 clients have grown their Spotify reach through this site. Their plan for 1000 Spotify followers costs only $10.

Final Words

Spotify is a highly competitive space, which is something that might scare people in the beginning. Unlike Instagram and YouTube, there is no visual appeal you can make to the audience. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to become popular through Spotify. If you invest in authentic, legitimate, and organized marketing, you will easily be able to see growth in your streams and number of followers. As far as possible, try to integrate different marketing techniques and be patient. Invest a lot of time in your music, and you will surely see results!