Easy Ways To Check If Linen Is Good Quality


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The question of how to choose good bed linen is of interest to every customer, so we evaluate the three main factors of linen – quality, appearance, and cost. You will find beddings and linens of the best quality, beautiful appearance, and board prices in the online store “Linens & Hutch”.

How to choose good quality bedding?

When buying bed linen, we always pay attention to the fabric from which this bed linen is sewn. It is generally accepted that cotton is an ideal fabric for sewing bed linen, since it passes air well, warms well, and does not cause irritation and allergies. Many manufacturers indicate 100% cotton as part of the fabric, but at the same time, their products differ strikingly in density, degree of sheen, and methods of weaving threads. The main advantages of cotton include:

● hypoallergenicity;

● excellent breathability;

● softness of the material;

● hygroscopicity;

● the ability not to accumulate static electricity and not to slip;

● the ability to dry quickly and wash well.

How to make sure that the fabric you choose consists of natural fibers? At the touch, the composition of the fabric in bed linen can be determined in several ways:

1. Synthetic fabrics are electrified. Rub the two edges of the fabric together and you will feel an electrostatic effect.

2. If the canvas is smooth and cool, then it contains artificial fibers. Natural material quickly adjusts to the temperature of the human body. Cotton fabric can be softer or coarser, but not cold.

3. Compare several sets of different fabrics in the same size by weight. Cotton sets are heavier than synthetic ones. Cotton is known to wrinkle well. If you squeeze the edge of the fabric hard, the synthetic will quickly straighten out without changing its shape at all.

4. Pay attention to such a characteristic as the luster of the canvas. In artificial fabrics, it is especially pronounced. Just do not confuse it with a set of high-quality satin. Long-staple Egyptian cotton fabrics also have a slight sheen, but they also have characteristics such as softness, no electrostatic effect, high density, and delicate texture.

5. If possible, drip water onto a cloth. Cotton will immediately absorb it, drops will remain on the surface of the synthetics.

Even using such methods, it is easy to make a mistake. Therefore, when buying bed linen, give preference to trusted brands and always pay attention to the label that indicates the composition of the fabric and recommendations for caring for the product. In the online store “Linens & Hutch” you will always find the highest quality goods of popular and trusted brands at affordable prices.