Ransomware removal experts

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If your business technology has been infected with Ransomware, contact the professional Ransomware response team at MonsterCloud. With MonsterCloud’s ransomware removal strategies, we can recover and restore any files that may have been encrypted. Give us a call anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact us by phone at (844) 221-1221. Our services have been featured on various notable news networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and in The New York Times. 

If your files or data have been infected with Ransomware, it will be obvious to you. You will not have access to your regular files or data and on the other end, someone will be demanding you pay an amount of money to regain access to your files. Do not pay the ransom, however, because there is no guarantee you will get your files back.

MonsterCloud can assist you in a variety of ways with your Ransomware removal. It is important to note that there are new Ransomware outbreaks that are currently taking place. These outbreaks of new ransomware affect the already existing Betta, Dharma, and Arrow Ransomwares.

The important updates to these Ransomwares are as follows:

  • .ETH: .ETH is a new iteration of the Dharma/CrySIS Ransomware. ETH encrypted your private files and renames files with “.ETH” at the end, along with the developers email and the victim’s ID. Once the file has been encrypted, .ETH generates a file that will appear as “FILES ENCRYPTED.txt” on your desktop. This file will open a popup window. You will know your file has been encrypted with “.ETH” if your file is renamed to something that will read “sample.jpg.id-1E857D00[[email protected]].ETH.”
  • Phobos: Phobos are new Dharma Ransomware strains that encrypt files by including “.phobos” on the end of a file name, along with the victim’s ID and the developers email address. This specific virus encrypted your data using AES cryptography. Once the file has been encrypted, the Ransomware generates an HTML application that will appear as “Phobos.hta.” Then the Ransomware will open the HTML application. If your files have been encrypted with Phobos, your file will be renamed to “1.jpg.ID-444477777[[email protected]].phobos.”

The team at MonsterCloud is always staying up to date on the latest Ransomware updates to better serve their customers. If you are in need of Ransomware removal, you can trust that MonsterCloud is the team to do it. MonsterCloud specializes in Ransomware removal and recovering encrypted files. Furthermore, MonsterCloud offers a guarantee of removal or your money back AND $500 for your time. The team is confident that they can handle the Ransomware that other cyber security companies cannot. Additionally, MonsterCloud can complete your service in under a few hours. Rather than listening to us, consider checking out our customer testimonials. MonsterCloud has helped law enforcement agencies, technical schools, and hospitals with Ransomware recovery. If Ransomware is holding you hostage, do not worry; MonsterCloud is here to assist you in all your Ransomware removal needs. Learn more about what you can do to prevent Ransomware in your organization.