Dave Jacoby wins District 86 Race in the Iowa House

Dave Jacoby ran uncontested and has served in the Iowa House since 2003.


Jake Wicks

State Representative Dave Jacoby (D- Coralville) answered questions at a Johnson County Legislative Forum held by The Daily Iowan at the Iowa City Public Library on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021. Questions were asked by The Daily Iowan staff and the general public, ranging from issues of public education funding and curriculum to state and federal COVID-19 response.

Sydney Libert, News Reporter

Dave Jacoby will serve as the state representative for District 86 in the Iowa House of Representatives, according to unofficial results from the Iowa Secretary of State. 

Jacoby ran uncontested and has served the Iowa House of Representatives since 2003 and has acted as a member of the Commerce, Economic Growth, Information Technology, and Natural Resources committees and a ranking member of the Ways and Means committee.

As a representative, Jacoby states he will use his experience in education and finance to implement core funding over a five year period instead of the current late annual allocations used by the education system.

He also plans to continue to work to improve the daily lives of Iowans, putting a focus on listening to his constituents to better understand the needs of locals.


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