6 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers

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Long gone are the days when you had to wait to see the number of followers increase. Nowadays, with just a few clicks you can buy TikTok followers that will make your account one of the best.

Now people don’t ask what is your name on Facebook or your handle on Instagram. But instead, they will ask if you are on TikTok.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms. When a platform becomes this popular, many people will use it to take a shot at fame.

More than 1 million videos are posted daily on TikTok. It means your videos have a smaller chance of being seen. And if people don’t see your videos, they won’t know you are on the platform. Because of this, you won’t be able to grow your followers count.

But enough with the scary stuff. There is a solution to this problem.

Social media services are what you need if you struggle with your TikTok account. They offer various social boosting services: views, comments, and followers.

If you want to get a large audience and you want it quickly, one of the best things you can do is buy TikTok followers.

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers

1. Bulkoid

Bulkoid is the go-to choice when you want to buy TikTok followers. With a lot of experience in the field, their services will take your account to the next level.

With the help of their high-quality followers, your account will grow organically. Because of that, you will build an active and genuine audience.

Bulkoid has made it their mission to offer clients only the best TikTok services. If you buy TikTok followers you will boost your profile’s engagement and performance. This will make it easier for you to become one of the top TikTok accounts.

Bulkoid has been in the industry for a while, so they know what people want. High-quality services for small prices. And they are here to deliver just that.

For just $4.2, you can increase your followers count with 100 new followers. Because of the small price, this makes it great for first-time customers. You won’t have to break the bank if you want to test their services.

But if 100 followers are not enough, you can always get more. The most followers you can buy on Bulkoid is 4.000. For this number of followers, you are looking at around $168.

Another great thing about Bulkoid is that they offer multiple payment methods. So you can buy TikTok followers via credit card or cryptocurrencies.

2. FastPromo

FastPromo is one the best places to buy TikTok followers. They want to succeed, so they do everything they can to help you with that.

Because of their high-quality followers, you will see a positive change in your account’s engagement. After you buy high-quality TikTok followers, it will be easier to grow on the platform. The followers will boost your account and content, and more people will see them. And this is a one-way ticket to success.

FastPromo’s TikTok services also fit every budget. The smallest amount of followers you can buy is 200, which is $6.4. Just 200 followers can do wonders for your account.

After you see the quality of the followers you will come back for sure. So, if you decide that FastPromo is the best choice, you can buy 5.000 TikTok followers for just $160.

On other sites, you would have to pay a fortune for this amount. This makes FastPromo one of the best choices when it comes to buying TikTok followers. Their services are affordable for most people, and they beat the quality of other providers.

Besides their service quality, FastPromo cares about your safety as well. They don’t ask about sensitive data, like your personal information or your account’s password. And to add another touch of privacy and safety, you can buy TikTok followers using cryptocurrencies.

3. ViralHQ

ViralHQ is another great option if you want to quickly buy TikTok followers.

Having real TikTok followers is really important if you want to grow on the platform. ViralHQ carefully selects the services provided so they can offer you, real followers, from real and authentic accounts. This will make your account grow fast and safely.

With ViralHQ, you won’t have to worry about not getting the quality you paid for. With their followers, your account will be in no danger of getting banned. You will be able to grow organically, and you will increase your popularity and reputation.

After you buy TikTok followers ViralHQ can make you viral in no time. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend all your money. If you want to start small, you can buy 100 followers for just $4.1. This will give your account a small boost, and you’ll begin to see little changes in your engagement.

And if you want to go all-in, with $165, you can buy 5.000 TikTok followers. This many new followers will get the algorithm to take a look at your account and show it to more people.

Using ViralHQ is a great way to get more followers on TikTok. They do all they can to help you become a TikTok star. This shows in their customer support as well. The team is always available to answer any questions you might have about their services and your orders.

4. Stormlikes

Another TikTok followers provider on our list is StormLikes. With their help, you can increase your TikTok followers in no time.

They offer already-made followers packages, with the claim that the followers are real people. This means that all the engagement they provide is legitimate and safe.

The order process is also very simple. After you enter the page you’ll have to go to the TikTok followers section. From there you select the number of followers you want to buy. All that’s left to do is provide your TikTok username and email address, and continue to checkout.

Regarding the prices, Stormlikes offers affordable services. Their smallest package starts at $2.99. This will get you 100 followers.

But if you want to buy more TikTok followers, the other packages range between $5.99 and $199.99. Buying their biggest package will get you 10,000 followers.

5. Social-Viral

As Social-Viral says, people won’t look at a TikTok account that doesn’t have a big following. Here is where they come to help you. Using their services will get you more TikTok followers at small prices.

Because they work with real TikTok accounts, the bought followers will engage with your content for a long time. In turn, your account will grow, and you can become a TikTok star.
If you want to buy TikTok followers, Social-Viral offers two types of followers: high-quality followers and premium followers.

The high-quality TikTok followers are cheaper, with prices starting at $1.53. For this price, you will get 50 followers. If you decide they are worth it, you can spend $75 for 5.000 TikTok.

Social-Viral’s premium followers are more expensive, and they don’t offer the 50 followers package. Instead, the smallest you can go is 250 followers for 6 USD. The biggest amount of premium followers offered is 10000 followers for 167 USD.

6. MediaMister

MediaMister offers a wide range of promotional services. Amongst them, one of their top-selling services is TikTok followers.

MediaMister stands out as a marketing company with years of experience. A full commitment to the quality of services and safety of clients makes them one of the best.
In just a few clicks you can increase your TikTok followers. MediaMister offers high-quality services that come from real people. This will ensure your account’s safety. And you can be sure the money wasn’t spent in vain.

Depending on the amount purchased, your TikTok follower will be delivered within a few days. For large amounts, meaning 100000 followers, you will have to wait 33 to 35 days.

What about pricing? MediaMister considers all sorts of budgets. For just 2 USD you can buy 25 TikTok followers.
And if you like the quality of their services, you can buy 100000 followers for 2000 USD. This will for sure get you to the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get TikTok followers?

There are many things you can do to get more followers on TikTok. Some of the more simple things include keeping track of the trending songs, sounds, and hashtags.

A lot of people became popular because of these things. TikTokers like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, or Bella Poarch post daily videos with trending songs and sounds.

Making content that uses trending things will increase your chances to appear on the “for you pages” of other users. Together with good content and video quality, this will grow your followers count in no time.

Of course, if you want things done quicker, you can always buy TikTok followers. If your aim is fame, these services will make it easier to grow your account.

2. Why should you buy TikTok followers?

Buying TikTok followers is an easy way to quickly grow your followers. Besides that, this service is a great tool to grow an organic audience.

Let’s imagine this: you take a break from your daily life scrolling through TikTok. You watch a few videos until one that catches your eye shows up.

You watch it, you like it, and you decide to follow the account. The problem is that this account has 100 followers. You go back to the “for you page” without pressing the follow button.

You keep scrolling, and then a video similar to the other shows up. You watch it, you like it, and you check the account. In contrast to the other one, this one has 100,000 followers. You happily hit the follow button going back to your daily life. But why it’s that? Unless you have one-of-a-kind content that nobody else is doing, people will not follow small profiles. Large numbers of followers, likes, and views act as social proof. And new people coming across your videos will be more likely to interact with them. This happens because they see that others have done that already.

If you buy TikTok followers you increase the numbers and chances of you account being seen. And as we said, big numbers mean a bigger engagement.

3. Are paid TikTok followers safe?

Social media marketing services are usually some of the safest ways to grow your accounts. With their help, you can transform a struggling account into one of the most famous on the platform.

The key thing is to know what to look for. Online there are tons of TikTok services providers. Some of them offer high-quality followers, views, or likes. But some just want to take advantage of your wishes.

These bad providers will sell you followers that come from bots or fake accounts. Because they can do more harm than good, we recommend avoiding these services.

What you need to look for are marketing companies that sell real TikTok followers. The important word here is “real” . If you buy followers that come from real people, your account and videos will be in no danger.

4. Will I get banned if I use paid TikTok services?

TikTok isn’t going to ban you if you use paid growth services. As we said before, it is important to make sure you buy real TikTok services.

It is 100% safe to buy followers. Unless your followers come from bots or fake accounts, TikTok doesn’t have any way of seeing that you paid for this service.
The last thing you want is to buy followers and the next day get your account banned. This is why we made sure to tell you about the real companies where you can buy TikTok followers.

Using any of their services will keep your account safe and risk-free from getting banned.

5. What happens after I buy instant TikTok followers?

As soon as you buy instant TikTok followers, you will start to see little changes in your account. You will slowly notice an increase in likes, views, and comments.

TikTok’s algorithm will pick on the quick growth of followers and it will assume that your account is trending. And you know what happens when something is trending on TikTok. Everybody sees it. Because of this, your videos will reach larger amounts of people. People that until now didn’t know about your content. If the algorithm showed your videos to people with similar interests, that is a sure way to success.

As long as new people see your videos, your account will keep growing. So with just a few paid TikTok followers, you transformed your account into a trendy, money-making machine.

6. Why are real followers on TikTok important?

Real TikTok followers are important because they pose no danger to your account. If you use followers coming from real people, your account will grow safely.

When people think about buying TikTok followers, they think that all companies offer the same thing. What they don’t realize is that some of these companies want to profit out of their wish to grow their followers.
So because they want to cut costs they will use followers that come from bots, or fake accounts. These are the followers that will hurt your channel.
When you buy TikTok followers you have to make sure that they come from marketing companies that work with real people.

Real TikTok followers will keep your account safe and they can also help you grow it organically. When you buy real followers, the algorithm will be more likely to show your account to other people with similar interests. Because of this, you will gain an active and dedicated audience.

7. How much do TikTok followers cost?

Depending on the number of followers you want to buy, the prices will start at a few dollars. The average cost of TikTok followers ranges between $3 to $8 for 100 followers.

Some services offer premium followers who will cost more than the normal ones. For that, you are looking at an additional $2 to $3 to buy TikTok followers.

These are the average prices for an order of 100 followers. Some marketing companies might have a minimum order smaller or bigger than 100. This means the prices will change as well.

The order process for TikTok followers is usually pretty straightforward. More often than not, all you’ll have to do is select the number of followers you want to buy, provide your TikTok username and email address to the site and then proceed to checkout.

There are lots of payment methods used for this kind of purchase. From PayPal to cryptocurrencies, you will find one that best meets your needs.


With more than 1 billion monthly users, TikTok is the platform that sets the trends. Being one of the most used social media platforms, it’s no wonder why so many people want to make a name for themselves on it.

Because of such a big number of users, it can be hard to reach an audience on TikTok. Millions of videos are posted daily but a few have the chance of becoming viral. And if people don’t see your videos, they don’t know you are on the platform.

This is why we compiled a list of marketing companies that can offer some help regarding this problem. From them, you can buy TikTok followers who will help your account grow fast, safely, and organically.

The best of them all is Bulkoid, and for good reason. They offer high-quality services for small prices. Exactly what struggling accounts need. For just $4.2 you can buy 100 TikTok followers. From there you can slowly increase the number according to your needs.

Because they use real TikTok followers, you will be able to grow an active audience that engages with your account. This way you know for sure that you will get engagement for every video you’ll post after purchasing TikTok followers. With their services, you can transform your account into one of the most popular on the platform.