Shipping containers for sale in Dallas: everything you need to know

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The shipping container is one of the most efficient solutions for the transport of goods for various purposes. Using this type of packaging, it is possible to transport the cargo to any distance at minimal cost without overloading the contents when changing the mode of transport. In this article, we’ve tried to tell you everything about their peculiarities. So, if you plan to buy new or used shipping containers for sale Dallas, keep on reading!

The main types of shipping containers

The maritime modules are series 1 metal containers conforming to the regulations of GOST P 53350-2009 (ISO 668:1995), as well as other related domestic and international standards. Under the developed classification, cargo containers for intermodal transportation are divided into several categories.

The main criteria for shipping containers are:

  • appointment;
  • kind of transport;
  • design features;
  • mass (gross and net);
  • sphere of circulation.

The most common modules are 10, 20, 40, and 45 feet long.

Working tips on choosing shipping containers

Now, let’s consider in detail how to choose a shipping container, and what to look for when buying.

Design of shipping containers

The design characteristics of shipping containers can be very different:

  • with or without insulation;
  • ventilated and unventilated;
  • with special floor design;
  • for special purposes (refrigerated, insulated, open, tented, with open sides, etc.).

Product age

As a rule, manufacturers of shipping containers indicate 10-15 years as a guaranteed useful time for the operation of cargo modules. As practice shows, Pelican Containers last much longer even with the least preventive maintenance. Therefore, if we talk about purchasing already used containers, you need to pay attention to their individual CSC information. It’s usually printed on the outer walls of the cargo block.

Condition of a container

When inspecting the module, first of all, you need to pay attention to the condition of the floor. This is the main part of the structure, which assumes the main loads during the transportation of goods and the performance of loading and unloading operations.

Another important parameter for the shipping container’s good condition is the tightness. It is responsible for the safety of the transported cargo. When checking the tightness, see if daylight enters the container when the doors are closed.

Furthermore, the condition of the locking mechanism and doors must be checked during the inspection. Not only the safety of the cargo but also safety during loading and unloading depend on their serviceability. The geometry of the doorway and doors, the presence and condition of rubber gaskets, and the reliability of door locking have to be checked. Yet, when you buy a product by Pelican Containers in Dallas, you haven’t to worry about its quality. This company provides only first-class shipping containers.

Size of shipping containers

In accordance with international standards, the external dimensions of the modules, internal dimensions, and weight are unified. The main dimensional criterion is the length of the modules, which is determined in feet.

When choosing shipping containers for special purposes, be attentive. It must be taken into account that their dimensions may differ from the parameters of standard blocks by only one or two indicators. For example, they may be higher, but the volume is less or the same as that of the standard one.

40-foot cargo modules are designed to transport large quantities of goods and oversized technological equipment. Such shipping containers are empowered with enlarged doorways. In addition, they are often used for building warehouses or changing houses.

20-foot containers are used for a variety of shipments. Their advantage is the possibility of placing modules on vessels not designed specifically for container transport.

In recent years, container modules of 45, 48, and even 53 feet in length have been widely distributed. They are specially designed for the transport of oversized non-woven equipment.

How to choose a shipping forwarder for sea freight?

Choosing a company for the carriage of goods by sea is a responsible task. There are many companies in this segment of the market. So, finding a company that offers freight forwarding services in maritime transport is not a big hassle. In the market of this freight forwarding operate as large firms with a wide range of services and branches in various cities, and small specialized companies with a staff of several people.

Immediately note that you should not choose a forwarder only for the low cost of its services. If the freight forwarder is dumping, there is a high risk of delivery problems, which will ultimately lead to additional costs.

When forwarding sea freight, first of all, a competent organization of the logistics chain guarantees a high-quality performance of the service at agreed prices.

7 points to pay attention to when choosing a shipping company:

  1. Experience with your cargo type.
  2. All necessary services are provided.
  3. Personal account manager.
  4. Office (representation) at the port of departure or arrival of the cargo.
  5. They answer all your questions quickly and are open to communication.
  6. You can visit their office and meet the chief management.
  7. Experience of the company in the market of freight forwarding services.

The right choice of a forwarder allows you to competently organize sea transportation and avoid unforeseen costs and loss of time during the delivery of goods. Yet, before starting the search for a shipping forwarder, find a good container. Luckily, the Pelican Containers company offers a variety of shipping containers. They differ in size and other important characteristics.

Well, remember that a logistics company must meet the high requirements of communication between all participants in the process of foreign trade and respond quickly to dynamic market changes. An intelligent specialist will choose the best route at the best price with the right transit time.


Shipping containers are intended for cargo transportation and storage of material assets. When fully loaded, the total weight of one container reaches several tons. Such a mass is recommended to be installed on a specially prepared base. This article tells you useful facts about shipping containers available for sale in Dallas. It also explains how to choose them and more.