8 Top Lovely Braided Hairstyles For Every Bride


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Sometimes a wedding is the best time to wear braids. This is because braided wedding hair is not only gorgeous, it also stays in place for most of the day and week, without needing any touch up. With any choice of bridal braid hairstyles, you can have it done and be free to worry about other wedding related activities. 

If this is you and you are in search of the right hairstyle for your big day, then don’t look far. We have right here a variety of fantastic braided hairstyles to fit every type of bride with any texture of hair. So, curly, straight, long or short, we have the wedding braid hairstyles for you. 

i. Side Swept Braid

If you would like a unique hairstyle that would balance out your overall bridal look, then you could try the textured side swept braid. Sweep your traditional updo to the side with the classic three plaits or even four. Combining this with a classic hairstyle will up the ante and make your hairdo more unique. 

A side swept multi strand braided bridal hair or even a side twist will give you the effect that you get from an asymmetrical hairdo. You can make it sleek or lose, depending on your style, and add face framing tendrils for that touch of elegance. 

ii. Fishtail Ponytail Braid

The fishtail is arguably one of the best braided hairstyles for weddings, a fishtail pony, even better. This elegant hairdo can be plaited loose for that carefree look, or sleek and polished for a modern and minimalist feel. The fishtail ponytail might seem traditional, but it’s also modern and relaxed in a way that would make any bride look gorgeous. This versatile hairstyle would work with any type of wedding and for most wedding day looks. 

iii. Braided Updo

The great thing about braid hairstyles for weddings is that they add texture to your already great look. They can also be styled down or up updos. You could make a chignon look even more gorgeous by adding a beautiful braid for an elegant and romantic twist. Keep the chignon soft and relaxed as normal but hold it in place with a braid or twist for that bit of extra. 

A braided bun is another option for a bridal updo that can be elevated just by adding a braid. You could consider a normal bun with a braided halo or weaving the braid into the bun for a chic updo. 

iv. Accessorized Braid

Whether you are having your wedding hair down in a braid or in an elegant updo, it might feel a bit too plain without some accessorizing. A simple braid can look positively charming with silky colored ribbon shinning through. After twisting the locks in the style that you desire, you can tie the ends with velvet or silk ribbons for a rustic or bohemian look. 

v. Milkmaid Braids

The braided halo, also commonly called milkmaid braids would give a bride an elegant and ethereal look that would fit a number of wedding looks. You could consider this sweet and timeless choice of bridal updo with braid for a gorgeous look that puts your natural beauty on display. 

vi. Peekaboo Braid

Whatever hairstyle you choose for your big day, you could totally transform its look with some delicate braids added to the mix. Peekaboo braids would be a nice surprise to add to any conventional hairstyle. Whether they’re French braids for your wedding hair or something even more subtle. This hint of texture can change your entire look and enhance your wedding profile. You could do this for a chignon, ultra long ponytail, or even a side sweep. 

vii. Pony braid

The ponytail is a great DIY choice for bridal hair with braids. If you have a hairdresser or not, this is one classy hairstyle that you can do on your own. For easier manipulation you could stay away from the fishtail braid and do the French braid instead. You could choose to braid the whole ponytail or leave most of it loose and braid just the ends instead. Wrap with a hair tie or ribbons and you’re good. A simple and classic hairstyle that can be rocked by any type or style of bride. 

viii. Layered Braid Updo

For a braided chignon or any type of updo, you could play with just about any amount of braids instead of a single one. Turn the classic chignon into a textured and layered updo with layered braids. You could try the wedding hair side braids with peekaboo braids layered one on top of another horizontally into the chignon for a most unique effect. This hairstyle can be sleek and firm, or loose for an effortless effect. 

The right braids can turn a simple or uninteresting hairstyle into the most gorgeous thing in the room. Braids are not only timeless, they will keep your hair in place and have you looking beautiful all day and night long. Browse through the list of bridal braid hairstyles to find the wedding hairstyle that is just for you no matter the look you are going for. 

Author: Alina Gulyanskaya

Alina follows attentively jewelry trends and picks all the best for Wedding Forward readers. In her articles, you will find trendy engagement and wedding rings, and useful advice for choosing the best option for your couple. Also, Alina is fond of black weddings – decor trends, planning tips, and chic ideas.