Cheap Psychic Readings: Best Cheap Psychics Online for Affordable Readings in 2022


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In an article titled ‘Psychic Readings and The Pandemic’, The New York Times delves into why people turned en masse to psychics in a time that was filled with dread and uncertainty. While, the article narrates the workings of a Los Angeles tarot card reader from a skeptical lens, it hits the nail on the head when it comes to the attraction of psychic readings. The writer figured out that psychic readings illuminated the lives of people at a time where there was hardly light or hope to be found. Clients opened up to the psychic, talked about their fears and sought guidance on how to overcome it. The writer then reached to a conclusion that psychic reading’s sudden surge in popularity has to do with the definitive answers it provides to people who are looking for something to anchor them.

Ironically, we could say that the worst of the pandemic has passed but it has led to plenty of destruction in its wake that we are still dealing with. The economic crisis is one such anxiety-inducing phenomenon that is making people turn to psychic readings for answers. However, clients are now in a dilemma whether they should start penny pinching due to the economic crisis or get guidance on how to get through the crisis safely through a psychic reading. This conundrum is easily solved through the discounts, promotions, and introductory offers that cheap online psychic reading sites provide.

We would all like to have guidance and spiritual soothing but on a reasonable price. These 3 sites enable you to access some of the best cheap psychics from whom you can get answers, and most importantly, hope.  These 3 cheap psychic readings sites give you agency over how much money you spend to get premium psychic guidance:

Best Cheap Psychic Readings Sites in 2022

1. Kasamba- Best for Affordable Love Readings

2. Psychic Source- Best for Affordable Career and Financial Readings 

3. California Psychics – Best for Affordable Tarot Card Readings

These 3 sites can be classified as cheap psychic reading sites. Not only do they provide affordable services, they also provide access to the best psychics, meaning you can spend less money without compromising on quality.

#1. Kasamba- Best for Affordable Love Readings


Kasamba is at the very pinnacle of the online psychic reading game due to many factors. Its decades of experience have made it intuitive to customer demands and that has reflected in its growing popularity. Kasamba’s extensive network of psychics is anything but cheap in quality, however, the prices are extremely cheap and easy on the pocket.

The site also has a great mobile app that helps you stay up to date on all the deals and offers and you can save even more money on excellent psychic readings. Rather than having to look for deals, the app keeps sending you notifications on the best deals so you can avail it there and then. It also notifies you when your chosen psychic comes online so you can catch them and get a reading at a reduced rate while the deal lasts.

If you are unlucky in love or maybe just looking for new love, Kasamba has excellent cheap psychics who can help solve your love issues at amazing prices. If you are new to the site it gets even better, you can use the introductory offer and get a love reading done for barely any money. New clients at Kasamba get the first 3 minutes free and the rest of the minutes are 70% off. If you are looking for a psychic reading but the price is holding you back, Kasamba has what you need.

In short, if you have money blues, Kasamba will take care of that and provide you a spiritual experience that will help you find faith in love again.

2. Psychic Source- Best for Affordable Career and Financial Reading

Psychic Source continues to be at the top of its game and secure a seat among the very best when it comes to online psychic readings. This stature of the site comes from the acclaim it enjoys from customers and the excellent services it provides. If you are in need of a cheap psychic reading that does not come with any strings attached, Psychic Source is convenient and welcoming.

Psychic Source’s reputation as the gold standard for psychic reading sites comes through its focus on the basics. The site is barely frivolous; neither does it offer any extremely niche practices that are in trend. However, Psychic Source screens its psychics, focuses on customer service, and provides a stress-free experience to its clients. 

One of the unique features of Psychic Source is that it allows customers to listen to a voice message from the psychic before choosing them, this great feature helps people truly get a feel for the psychic and makes them more comfortable handing out their money after making a rational judgement. In a similar vein, Psychic Source also provides free horoscopes which are an excellent gesture showing that they care for the customer by providing a free service.

Psychic Source’s care for customers also extends to its introductory offers. New customers can get readings done on a mind-blowingly low price of $0.69 per minute on a purchase of a package of 10,20 or 30 minutes. Other than that, the first 3 minutes of your first reading are also completely free.

It is easy to judge whether a psychic reading site was designed to deliberately scourge money from customers or out a genuine care for their psychic reading needs. Psychic Source falls into the latter category as the secure readings are excellent value and fall under the category of cheap psychic readings. We highly recommend going back to the classic tarot card reading. Psychic Source has some excellent cheap tarot card readings to help you figure out multiple things in your life.

3. California Psychics- Best for Affordable Tarot Card Readings

California Psychics is one of the most trustworthy psychic reading sites and it has built on this reputation to earn the trust of thousands of returning customers. This perception of California Psychics is based entirely on its highly specific screening for its psychics. The site’s management even goes as far as to check the criminal backgrounds of people who are looking to be featured on the site. This meticulousness has been rewarded with the trust of customers who continue to choose California Psychics.

The site has amazing features all designed to help customers get the most seamless psychic reading experience. You have a selection of thousands of authentic and reliable psychics who are looking to guide their clients. A type of reading found on California Psychics that is often not found on other psychic reading sites is career advice readings. There are hundreds of psychics on California Psychics who can provide you with the guidance needed to choose the right career or be successful in your present career. This is even more important as the site provides cheap psychic readings to help you accumulate wealth through your career.

California Psychics helps with your career while being easy on the pocket. The site can help you connect with the best cheap psychics. If you are looking to get your first reading from California Psychics, you are in luck as they have some amazing introductory offers. New clients can get a reading of 20 minutes on a price as low as $1 per minute.

In short, California Psychics has everything needed to provide you with a cheap psychic reading that will help you choose the right direction in your career.

Best Cheap Psychic Readings Sites Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I get a psychic reading? 

Getting a psychic reading done is entirely up to you, however, there are numerous benefits of getting them. First of all, you get much needed wisdom from a person who has the vision to see things that might not be clear to you. Secondly, it is incredibly easy to wander without guidance and psychic readings can help anchor you and provide a genuine road map for your life. Thirdly, it actually has great mental health benefits, as it helps you deal with negative emotions.

What do I do if I can’t choose a Psychic?

Choosing a psychic is a fundamental part of a psychic reading, and one that is make or break for the experience. If you are not sure after browsing through psychics, you can take your times and perhaps come back later with a fresher perspective. If you are still confused then you can probably use a feature like Psychic Source’s Find-A-Psychic tool that helps you shortlist psychics according to your needs and emotions.