The Best Answers to 5 Most Ridiculous Interview Questions


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There are interview questions that sound ridiculous or even stupid sometimes when you’re in the process of being in one. So, we’ve made this article to help you understand the motives behind these questions, what they really signify, and how you can potentially answer them.

Oddball questions are there to let interviewers observe how you handle stress and how you perform under it. They also want to have a peek at your thought process. For example, they might want to know if you can think outside of the box and be creative. Moreover, they use such questions to catch you off guard since they want to know your authentic self.

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Moving along, let’s take a look at ridiculous questions and the best answers you can counter them with.

“How would you solve Earth’s problems if you came here from the planet Mars?”

This question was created to see if the candidate had the ability to be innovative and to think outside the box. They were also tested for their problem-solving capabilities. With questions like this, it’s better to be reasonable than logical. You could answer like this:

“I would take what I knew from living on Mars and assess which elements of my knowledge and upbringing Earth lacks and take it from there.”

“What’s your greatest weakness?”

In this case, it’s better to answer directly and seriously but never go too far, no matter how ridiculous the question is. It’s up to you to keep your cool and respond in a professional manner. You can redirect the question like this:

“I’ve learned that everyone has weaknesses, but it’s best not to hyperfocus on them and instead direct attention to your strengths. So, this is what I do in my personal time and with my inner dialogue. I accept my weaknesses, but I develop and grow my strengths. My strength is that I’m hardworking and committed…”

“Who’s your favorite superhero?”

Another silly question. This time around, give an authentic response, and don’t take it too seriously. The interviewer knows how offbeat and random these questions are. Just maintain a professional tone and language, even when you’re simply saying:

“I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to this question since I don’t watch superhero movies.”

“Why should we hire you?”

Contrary to popular belief, there is a very fine line between confidence and sounding too arrogant, so answering this will be vital. Here’s what you can say to sound legit:

“I can guarantee you that after this interview, we’ll all be able to assess if working together is possible or not. Yet, let me tell you what I can bring to add value to this company. First, I…..”

“When you leave this office, you find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $30 million. What would you do?”

This is a trick question. They want to know if you only want to take this job for the money. And they don’t want someone who’s only in it for the money. They would rather hire a candidate that can potentially be fulfilled and content with the role. Companies know that workers that are engaged perform better. So, if their employees like what they’re doing and actually feel motivated at work, then it will show up as that.

So, how can you answer? Here’s an option:

“Firstly, I would give an amount to my parents. Then, I’d reinvest that money into something that I’m passionate about, like (insert hobby), because it’s always been my dream. I would also donate to charity or go on a charitable mission to help others.”

Final Thoughts

Remember to lighten up and not take these questions too seriously, but don’t go too far and reveal much at the same time. Be authentic but maintain professionalism, no matter how wacky the question is. The interviewers want to gauge how you react, what you say, and how you say it. They’re looking for hidden traits in your character that might be important for your job.

Respond creatively, think outside the box at the right times, and keep your personal matters to yourself. This doesn’t include character peculiarities and anecdotes that will strengthen the recruiters’ perception of you as a suitable candidate. That should always be shared.

We hope you do your best in your job hunt. Don’t forget to refer to his article again if you need to. If you get an expert to craft your resume and use our tips, you’ll surely land your dream job soon.