Starting Strong: Attending a Detox Center in Florida

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Detoxification is the intense process of clearing one’s body (or detoxifying) from drugs and/or alcohol. This is often the first step on the long journey of recovery from addiction.

The length of detox will vary from person to person and depends on a variety of factors, mainly including what substance an individual is addicted to and how long they have been using. But, it can also depend on many other factors too.

Completing this process at a detox center in South Florida provides guests with several much-needed advantages.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Due to the varying nature of addictions and the fact that the detox process may wildly differ from guest to guest, the first step of a detox program is the intake assessment.

This assessment, conducted by medical and clinical staff, will consist of blood tests to measure drug amounts in an individual’s system, accounting for an individual’s substance use history, and includes conducting general assessments of each individual’s medical and psychiatric history.

This assessment is important for setting up the detox process as well as for creating a long-term treatment plan. A plan which will always be open to re-calibration.

Is Drug Detox Necessary?

Some may question the necessity of drug detox. They may ask if it’s possible to just enter into residential treatment to speed up the process. A simple rule of thumb to describe the necessity of drug detox is simply observing whether an individual can function without using a certain substance or not.

For those who cannot go extended periods of time without using certain substances and/or experience withdrawal symptoms within a few hours of sobriety, detox is a crucial part of rehab treatment.

For individuals with severe addictions, quitting cold turkey and trying to start with residential treatment would not only be a waste of time (due to the high likelihood that they won’t have the energy or patience for treatment) but it would also be very dangerous.

What Drug and Alcohol Detox Can Offer

The primary reason detox can be so difficult is due to the withdrawal symptoms patients can experience. These include nausea, fatigue, muscle soreness, headaches, and more.

To assist with reducing these symptoms, patients are prescribed any one of a number of medications. Some of these can be over-the-counter medications, while others need to be medically prescribed. Naturally, stronger medications are only used if necessary.

While any detox process is likely to be uncomfortable and dangerous, alcohol detox can sometimes present life-threatening complications. This is why detoxing in a medical facility surrounded by highly-trained experts gives patients the best chance at completing detox and coming out of the other side both healthier and ready to continue with their treatment.

What Happens After Detox?

While detox can be completed in just about any licensed detox center, completing the process in a detox center that sits on a complete campus that offers inpatient care, to outpatient services, and continued aftercare gives patients a tremendous advantage.

Not only will patients already be familiar with the staff and the location, but they will also be able to make the transition to inpatient care much quicker. All in all, this improves their chances of success.