What is the CCNP certification?

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A Cisco career certification, a type of IT professional certification developed by Cisco Systems to demonstrate that a person is suitably qualified and equipped to handle Cisco networking products and systems, is earned by an individual in the IT industry. This individual is known as a Cisco-certified network professional (CCNP). It increases the professional’s employability in any business that uses Cisco networking solutions. Just click for SPOTO CCNP certification preparation.

CCNP Certification

The CCNP certification is a more thorough and sophisticated one. It will significantly advance the career of anyone working in the networking environment and gets targeted at IT professionals with between one and two years of networking experience. Buy the additional resources from SPOTO.

The CCNP certification will demonstrate to employers that you have a solid grasp of WAN (Wide Area Networks) and LAN (Local Area Networks) and how they can interoperate. Additionally, it will show an understanding of sophisticated security issues and fixes, wireless and video solutions, and troubleshooting for both.

Numerous courses addressing the fundamentals of IT networking make up the CCNP certification curriculum. Here are a few of these:

  • Cisco remote access
  • Cisco advanced routing
  • Cisco multilayer switching
  • Converged network optimization
  • Scalable Internet functions.

The certification program trains professionals to troubleshoot, implement, and manage local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) for systems with 100 to 500 nodes.

The vital goal of the certification course gets to get students ready for the CCNP test. The student’s aptitude for troubleshooting, testing, and maintaining various techniques gets assessed by these exams.

Cisco CCNP Certification Exams

Multiple tests must get passed to earn a CCNP certification. They typically last 120 minutes and evaluate various talents. Three tests—300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH, and 300-135 TSHOOT—must be passed in order.

You can prepare for your certification tests in several ways. You may make it easy to obtain – the knowledge you need by having various study resources, such as books from Cisco Press. If you can do it in your current work, getting practical experience can help you practice. To practice – and learn new skills thus, you can employ virtualization technologies or even Cisco hardware. Additionally, it’s crucial to make sure you have adequate time to prepare. You’ll be able to get ready and have time for regular study with at least two to three months of lead time. You can better grasp the exams by taking practice tests.

Prerequisites for Cisco CCNP Certification

It’s crucial to ensure you have met all the requirements before sitting for the Cisco examinations needed to earn the routing and switching certification. Before you take the exams – you must have the Cisco CCNA certification. It entails either taking two distinct exams or one combined exam. It takes 90 minutes to complete.

CCNP Certification Training with Cisco

You might locate resources online to assist you in learning on your own, or you might want to receive professional training and get ready for the certification. If you are unable to attend training in person, you might be able to find a helpful course online that includes an informational video.

Many people decide to construct a lab at home so they may also use it for exam preparation. Taking the examinations in the order works best for you can also be beneficial.