15 Best Desert Safari Dubai Packages (With Amazing Activities)


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Dubai is a big city in the middle of a desert and the desert tends to get really hot during the day. So, if you want to enjoy a desert safari then the best time would be early in the morning, in the evening and extend the previous one into an overnight stay. The air is cool during these intervals and the temperature is bearable.

Not only that, if you come here early in the morning you will be able to see the sunrise from the desert as the sun rises slowly at the break of dawn. If you come in the evening you will get to enjoy the sunset. If you are wondering about the various activities you can do in the desert then these desert safari Dubai packages are for you. Let’s check them out.

Desert Safari Dubai

Here are the Top Desert Safari Dubai Packages:

Morning Desert Safari

Let’s start with a nice package for the morning desert safari where you will have tonnes of activities to partake in. If you choose this package then both pick-up and drop-off from and to your hotel will be offered. Generally, 4×4 cars are offered. Depending on the needs and availability a bigger car may be requested. Once you are in the desert you can start participating in different activities starting with a horse ride or a camel ride.

There’s not much to explain here. You will have the opportunity to get on top of a horse or a camel and enjoy some 30 to 45 minutes of the ride. You can enjoy adventure sports in the morning desert safari. Morning Safari can ride a nice quad bike as you go up and down the dunes or enjoy surfing on the sand on a sand board.

Overnight Desert Safari

This is one of the best packages for overnight desert safari. It offers many different activities for guests. The minimum number of guests required for this package is 4. To enjoy a nice overnight desert safari you need to first visit the desert. The company will arrange for your pick-up from your hotel and drop-off to the desert safari camp and vice-versa.

You will not have to worry about anything. Just have loads of fun. Two of the staple desert safari activities include dune bashing and quad bike riding. And guess what? Both of those activities are included in this package. You can enjoy a thrilling ride in an SUV as you bash through dunes. Later, you can also ride the dunes on a quad bike. If you want you can also opt for a camel ride or a dune buggy ride. A camel ride will be a unique experience. It will be a ride to the desert camp where you will probably have snacks and dinner. You can also ride a dune buggy which is another fun ride. Breakfast and Dinner are provided as it is an overnight package. You will enjoy delicious meals including a barbecue at the desert camp.

Evening Desert Safari

The first package we have for the evening desert safari Dubai is a standard package. It should give you an idea about what to expect in these packages. Like most packages, you will be assigned a vehicle for hotel pickup and drop-off. Enjoy thrilling desert activities like dune bashing and quad bike rides.

You can also enjoy riding a board on the sand dunes. Camel Rides are also offered as a part of the package. You can enjoy cultural programmes like a tanoura show, a belly dance show and a fire show at the desert camp. You can enjoy snacks while enjoying the show. Later, you can eat delicious meals during dinner time including live BBQ.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari – Dune Bashing with Complimentary Camel Ride

Let’s have a look at another basic package for the morning desert safari. Similar to almost all the packages, pick-up and drop-off will be offered by the company along with a professional safari guide. The pick-up will be in a Land Cruiser. Dune Bashing is common across all the desert safari packages.

So, you will see it pop up almost everywhere. It is quite fun. It is a bumpy ride but that’s what makes it so much fun. You can also go for Sandboarding which is another fun activity in which you are basically riding sand dunes on a board. A short camel ride is offered to guests. This is complimentary. Bottled water is also offered as complimentary in this package.

Morning Desert Safari with Dune Bashing (Soft Drinks Available)

Let’s look at another basic package for morning desert safari. This is something you can opt for if you want to enjoy a couple of activities. This package includes taking care of pick-up and drop-off of guests. A 4×4 Land Cruiser is used for this purpose. You will be picked up on time from your hotel or residence. You can enjoy Dune Bashing for half an hour to 45 minutes. It is quite fun and thrilling. For some additional charges, you can enjoy Sandboarding and Sand skiing. It is a fun activity that you can enjoy. Soft Drinks and Water are offered as a part of the package. Having some light refreshments is always welcome.

Morning Desert Safari with Dune Bashing and Quad Bike Ride

The fourth package for the morning desert safari looks something like this. As long as your hotel is located somewhere in central Dubai or near Sharjah Sahara Centre Dubai you will be provided with a ride which will pick you up and drop you to and from the desert safari location.

You can choose to add quad bike riding to your package. It is a thrilling and adventurous activity. You will basically be riding a quad bike on the sand dunes. It is quite fun. Dune bashing is included in the package. It is quite fun as well. You will have plenty of opportunities to click some nice pictures of the desert in this 4-hour desert tour.

Overnight Desert Safari

Basic Overnight Desert Safari with Dune Bashing, Sandboarding & Camel Ride

The next package is also similar to the second one but is cheaper since you don’t have the quad bike ride option. The company will arrange for pick-up and drop-off. You just have to get in the car and enjoy the ride as you slowly enter the desert and experience the environment. Dune Bashing is thrilling.

You will enjoy riding the dunes as the car bashes into these soft dunes. Sandboarding is also fun as you ride the dunes on a board. Camel Ride is perfect to experience traditional desert transport. You will be visiting a desert camp where you will enjoy different shows which will include belly dance, tanoura show and fire show. You will get snacks, dinner and breakfast along with beverages and water. The food here is quite tasty so you will have a great time enjoying the meals. The package includes bedding materials and a tent allocated for you to rest at night.

Overnight Desert Safari with Dune bashing, Camel Ride, Sandboarding & Falcon Show

The fourth package offers similar activities as well. You can check it out if you are planning for an overnight stay at a desert camp. You will get the services for pick-up and drop-off on a 4×4 car. There will be an experienced guide with you who will guide you through the experiences. In the desert, you will experience common activities which include Dune bashing for 20 to 30 minutes and sandboarding. You can also ride a camel to the camp.

Falcon show with photography are also offered. If you are interested in it you can opt for it. Cultural shows at the camp include the Belly dance show, tanoura show and fire show. You can opt for henna painting as well. You will get to enjoy delicious snacks and meals in the evening and at night. It will also be offered a light breakfast in the morning. In addition to that, you will have a comfortable tent to rest in for the night.

Basic Overnight Desert Safari with Dune Bashing and Camel Ride

This is the final package for an overnight desert safari. It has similar activities as the other packages. A 4×4 vehicle will be sent to pick you up and take you to the campsite. The car will be on a sharing basis. You can enjoy dune bashing in an SUV with an experienced driver. You can also partake in sandboarding and enjoy a nice camel ride as well.

The package includes delicious meals. You can enjoy live BBQ and other meals. A light breakfast will be offered in the morning. You will enjoy a belly dance show and a fire blower show. Comfortable mattresses and pillows are offered so that you can rest for the night in a tent on a sharing basis.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari with Dune Bashing, Camel Rides and Sandboarding

Let’s check out the second package we have for the evening desert safari Dubai. You will be picked up from your hotel in a comfortable car on a sharing basis. Try sandboarding. It is a different experience to ride dunes on a board. Dune bashing is a common activity but will be unique if you are going on a desert safari for the first time.

You can also ride a camel to the desert camp. There are shows lined up for you to enjoy. It includes the belly dance show, the tanoura show etc. The dinner and snacks included in the package are amazing. You will get to munch on some delicious snacks like Shawarma and enjoy live BBQ at dinner time.

Evening Desert Safari with VIP service

This is similar to the other packages but offers VIP services as an extra at the camp. The company will offer a nice and comfy ride to your destination and back to your hotel after the safari is over. You can enjoy the fun and thrilling desert activities which include dune bashing, sandboarding and camel riding. Once you arrive at the desert camp you can enjoy beautiful cultural shows like belly dancing and the tanoura show. While other packages include dinner, snacks and beverages here you do get to enjoy all of those but in an air-conditioned area where drinks are served on your table directly.

Evening Desert Safari Package with Private Car for Pick-up and Drop-off

The fourth package for evening desert safari is much more private as you get the pick-up and drop-off car entirely to yourself. Just enjoy a nice comfortable ride to the desert safari in a 4×4 vehicle that is just for you. All the basic fun desert activities are included. So, you can enjoy bashing through the dunes in an SUV, sandboarding on the dunes and riding a camel. The cultural shows are definitely a highlight of the package. You can enjoy a nice buffet dinner along with barbecued meals. The dishes here are quite tasty.


So, these were the best packages to enjoy the Desert safari Dubai. If you are looking for the most fun then booking a package is the best course of action. You will get to enjoy all the main activities and it will be more affordable than trying to book everything yourself. We hope you found some good info about desert safari packages in Dubai and wish you happy travels.