Control Screen Time with These Must-Watch Kid-Friendly TV Shows!

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For modern-day parents today, especially the new ones, it has become harder to control their child’s screen time, particularly since smart tech seems to take over every domain of their daily lives today. Thanks to the feature of parental controls that’s present in most digital gadgets and encouraged by most telecom companies today, including DIRECTV, screen time can both be controlled and moderated efficiently. 

When Is Screen Time Too Much for Your Child?

Parents not just in the U.S. but across the globe as well would completely agree that ‘too much screen time’ is damaging for a child during their early years of development. Unfortunately, one cannot underestimate the appeal of TV, which indeed does keep young children occupied for some time. This is one of the most convenient ways to handle children while parents quickly complete their list of daily chores.

Although TV today is both a source of fun and education for the young viewer, a separate category has been factored in by media houses, who now have distinct programming for this age bracket as well. At the same time, parents cannot be lax over the kind of video content their child gets regularly exposed to. And this is where the main feature of having parental controls on the TV service comes in.

Control Screen Time with Top Kid-Friendly TV Shows That Children Would Simply Enjoy!

Parents today are vigilant more than ever about their child’s digital exposure. While this is considered a tricky sphere; extra shelter and protection of the young from the harsh realities of real life can often do the opposite of the expected good. On the other hand, overexposing kids just to give them a reality check can equally prove to be detrimental to their young minds.

TV service companies are also aware of this balancing act, which modern-day parents regularly have to indulge in. This is also why more and more TV houses are cautious about channel content. Thus providing young children entertaining yet age-appropriate programming that simultaneously educates as well. Below is a compilation of kid-friendly TV shows that shouldn’t be missed:

If I Were an Animal…

This TV show is perfect for young children of pre-school years and above. Airing on Netflix, it gives a glance into the lives of various wild animals from the eyes of two curious kids, Tim and his younger sister Emma. Being a kid-friendly reality TV series, it portrays the lives of different wild animals, mostly in their natural habitats. For instance, viewers get to see penguins heading into the chilly sea with Tim and Emma’s excited commentary running consecutively as well. Whether viewers see the first steps of a baby giraffe or a bunch of hedgehogs looking for a spot in the jungle for the upcoming hibernation season, this is one TV show, which shows relatable content that’s perfectly adequate for young viewers. And can even be enjoyed by older audiences alike!

Little Einsteins

Ideal for kids, mostly aged between 3 and 5, this Disney+ TV series is exactly as its name! Leo, Quincy, Annie, and June are Little Einsteins, who have to work together as a team and solve different challenges every day! Every episode showcases a different adventure, more complicated than before as they explore the world of culture, various genres of music, branches of different sciences, and much more! Aided by their dedicated sidekick Rocket, this show is such a fun watch for the kids. Not to forget the catchy soundtrack is a groovy opening to make ordinary mornings a whole lot terrific!

Super Why

Another adorable TV show that’s ideal for kids aged 3 years and above, Super Why is aired on PBS Kids, Hoopla, and VUDU. ‘Reading is Power!’ is the motto of this loveable TV show and features superhero stories, taken from popular fairy tales. The show features young kids interacting with favorite characters like Red Riding Hood or Princess Pea, making it a delightful experience for viewers everywhere! To watch the show, get your hands on the terrific DIRECTV Entertainment package and catch this cute TV show ‘Super Why’ every morning on your TV screen!

Ready Jet Go!

The mind of a young child is a world of its own! Whether they are human or alien, it is truly fascinating to see the curiosity of a child at play. That’s what the TV show, Ready Jet Go is all about. Ideal for children, aged between 3 and 8, this animated TV series is aired on Prime Video and shows a computer-animated alien boy, Jet Propulsion, and his love of knowledge for all things space, sun, moon and the stars, planets in the solar system, or the galaxies in orbit. Delving into the world of earth sciences with technology, it is meant to inspire little kids about a world that’s far vaster than their young imagination!

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it! The best kid-friendly TV shows that will help to keep the children entertained and engaged at home, while you check off some important tasks on your to-do list. The best part about these shows is almost all of them are educational, so aside from being thoroughly entertaining, young children are bound to learn a thing or two by watching these TV series every day.