The Greek Isles: A Ferry Travel Guide

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Once you have chosen Greece as your destination, planning your vacation to Greece begins with choosing the means of transport. This includes the purchase of the ferry ticket to get to the island, the lodging, the accommodation in Greece, and the transfer to get from the port or airport of arrival to the place. Lastly, it also involves the rental of a vehicle (such as the rental of a car), to reach beaches and places independently while on vacation in Greece. 

So, to make things a little lighter on your end, w6=-=e will provide you with a list of islands to visit to make your ferry trip to Greece the best experience.

Island of Andros

Andros, the island in the Cycladic group to the north, is a hilly island with lush valleys and stunning coastlines. From the port of Rafina, one can book a ticket at Let’s Ferry and get to Andros by ferry in under two hours.

The island has lovely historic villages where visitors can interact with residents and learn about the genuine Greek traditions still practised in Andros. A trip during peak season ensures that you will have the chance to attend summer festivals where you may try local cuisine, dance, and have fun.

Check out the lodging options in Andros Chora as well as the island’s main town and port of Gavrio if you’re seeking for a convenient location to stay. While Anemomiloi Andros is a charming location that is close to museums and other Chora attractions and within walking distance of the historic centre of Andros, Ostria Hotel & Apartments is a comfortable family place in the heart of Gavrio.

Island of Tinos

Another great Cycladic island easily accessible from Athens is Tinos, which departs from the port of Rafina. Depending on your chosen ferry, the trip lasts between two and four hours. One of the nicest islands close to Athens is Tinos, one of the most well-liked travel destinations. Furthermore, it is readily incorporated into an island-hopping itinerary because it is close to Andros and Mykonos.

The island is well-known for the many religious celebrations and cultural activities done throughout the year, such as the Imposing festival, which is held on August 15, the feast day of the Virgin Mary, and draws tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year.

The main focus of the event is Panagia Megalochino, the most significant church in Tinos. Some of the much-liked activities on the island include cycling and hiking, as well as some of the Aegean’s most calming and tranquil beaches.

If you intend to walk or take public transportation while visiting Tinos, getting a hotel in Tinos town is a good idea. The Golden Beach Hotel & Apartments combines the best of the City Center on a beachfront setting and is near Agios Fokas Beach.

Island of Sifnos

Depending on your ship, Sifnos might be close to or distant from Athens. Fast ferries may make the trip to Sifnos in 2.5 hours, while normal ferries might take up to 5 hours.

Sifnos can be an amazing place to visit and is the ideal place to admire the exquisite traditional Cycladic architecture of the whitewashed buildings and chapels in isolated locations close to the sea.

Be sure to stroll around the old Kastro of Sifnos, an old Venetian stronghold going back to the 14th century, as well as some of the most stunning and photogenic monasteries in Greece, among the many activities available on the island.

There are several types of accommodations offered across the island. If keeping yourself entertained while on vacation is a priority, consider staying in Kamari, Agia Marina, or Apollonia. If tranquillity and a little seclusion are what you seek, head to the settlements of Faros or Vathi.

In Apollonia, Nival Boutique Hotel is a better option, while Vathi’s Aerides Boutique Rooms is a very cosy, elegant place to stay with extremely reasonable rates.

Island of Serifos

Getting on the quickest ship can make all the difference because it can take 2.5 to 5 hours to travel from Piraeus to Serifos.

Travel to Serifos, which is frequently regarded as the finest starting place for going on an island-hopping vacation, can be congested and difficult to book during the busiest months of the season; booking in advance is always a smart idea.