Letter to the Editor | The forgotten

Lone Tree, IA resident Jammie Bradshaw reflects on Johnson County.


The Forgotten. It sounds like a title to a movie, something ominous and terrifying. 

Yet this is how many of the people of Johnson County can easily be described, forgotten. When I talk to people every day about Johnson County one thing seems to constantly ring true, if it isn’t Iowa City, they feel like they don’t matter. 

Iowa city, a city full of vastly diverse backgrounds, seems to be all anyone thinks of when they think of Johnson County. 

But what about all the other incredibly amazing places in Johnson County? Places like Lone Tree, a small town that has been around since 1872. Or Sutliffe which has the Sutliffe Bridge, the longest of it kind in 1898, which is still usable today. 

Then there is Oxford, which has a beautiful Veterans Memorial. Of course, one cannot forget Swisher, a town which was once a stop on the Crandic Railroad. Hills Iowa also makes up part of Johnson County and is home to Stutsman Inc. Solon, with the Solon Beef Day parade, is always a beautiful drive and place to see.

 I can’t forget Tiffin either, with the majestic Kent Park and all it has to offer. Coralville is amazing is so many ways including Edgewater, the oldest site of domesticated plants in Iowa. 

Each of these towns home to hundreds and thousands of Iowans. Iowans that feel like they have been forgotten and are no longer heard by the Board of Supervisors. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love Iowa City and all the magic that it brings to Iowa. It truly does offer so many amazing opportunities and is a place unlike any other. However, that doesn’t change the fact the we as a county need to remember everyone in Johnson County. 

Johnson County is a place that speaks of being inclusive and allowing everyone a place to be their best. It’s time that this was more than just words. It’s time to take actions to change the way others think of Johnson County. It’s time that we change the forgotten into the included.

  • Jammie Bradshaw, Lone Tree, IA Resident

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