On the Line | Daily Iowan football staff picks a slate of Week 2 college football games

The DI’s band of football experts picked five of this week’s top matchups. Game selections and records will be released each week.


Ayrton Breckenridge

Iowa defensive lineman Logan Lee lines up for a snap during a football game between Iowa and South Dakota State at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022. The score at halftime was tied, 3-3.

DI Staff

Iowa State @ Iowa:

Austin Hanson, Pregame Editor (5-0): Iowa— Iowa State always finds a way to lose this game.

Chloe Peterson, Sports Editor (4-1): Iowa State — I’ll be surprised if Iowa scores anything other than a safety in this game.

Chris Werner, Assistant Sports Editor (3-2): Iowa State — If anyone picks Iowa, they didn’t watch the Hawkeyes last week.

Isaac Goffin, Football Reporter (4-1): Iowa State — It’s about God damn time.

Michael Merrick, DITV Sports Director (4-1): Iowa — Punting will always be winning.

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (4-1): Iowa — I don’t know how anybody scores on this defense.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (4-1): Iowa — Iowa may not have an offense, but Iowa State is still Iowa State.

Baylor @ BYU:

Hanson: Baylor — This is the future of the Big 12.

Peterson: Baylor —I like Bears, they’re cool.

Werner: BYU — Insert Zach Wilson joke here.

Goffin: Baylor — These Bears actually bear down.

Merrick: Baylor — Bear down.

Bohnenkamp: BYU — This game might be 60-59.

Brummond: Baylor — Provo is lovely, but Bears take care of business.

Kentucky @ Florida:

Hanson: Florida — “Hey I heard you like the wild ones.”

Peterson: Florida — If the Gators can beat the No. 7 team in the country, they can beat anyone.

Werner: Florida — The Gators will show the Wildcats the deuces.

Goffin: Florida — Anthony Richardson will win the Heisman.

Merrick: Florida— Anthony Richardson is a problem! 

Bohnenkamp: Florida — Gators were good at home against Utah.

Brummond: Florida — Gators looked great in the opener.

Duke @ Northwestern:

Hanson: Northwestern — Gotta go with the team that has championship culture.

Peterson: Northwestern — Duke is only good at basketball, in my opinion.

Werner: Northwestern — Duke only plays basketball.

Goffin: Northwestern — I love 11 a.m. Ryan Field kickoffs.

Merrick: Northwestern — Battle of the SAT scores.

Bohnenkamp: Northwestern — Duke won’t do an onside kick.

Brummond: Northwestern — When in doubt, trust Evanston native Chris Werner’s pick.

McNeese State @ Rice:

Hanson: Rice — Heard orange chicken goes good with this pick.

Peterson: Rice —I don’t know nor care to look anything up about this game, but I like eating rice.

Werner: Rice — My favorite food group.

Goffin: Rice — Rice Stadium hosted Super Bowl VIII.

Merrick: Rice — Owls are superior

Bohnenkamp: McNeese State — Going with the FCS team here.

Brummond: Rice — Digging deep into the catalog of games for this one.