Iowa City Police Department increases presence at schools after two unknown men approached Iowa City High students

After the two unknown men approached Iowa City High students on Aug. 26, Iowa City Police Department say the reported individuals have not yet been identified.


Gabby Drees

An Iowa City Police car is seen near the Iowa City Police Department in Iowa City Monday, Nov. 1, 2021.

Emily Nyberg, News Reporter

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Iowa City Police Department is increasing its presence in and around Iowa City High School after two men reportedly approached multiple students on Friday.  

A student was reportedly approached by two unknown individuals described as white males on Lucas St. when walking home after school on Friday. The men were allegedly driving an old red minivan, Iowa City High Principal John Bacon wrote in an email to City High family and staff on Monday. 

“Please know that the safety of our students and staff is our top priority,” Bacon wrote. 

Bacon wrote the individuals allegedly asked if the student wanted to play a game. The student declined and quickly headed home, and the individuals left the area. The student notified their parents, who contacted the Iowa City police.

Individuals matching the description of the men were reported to have attempted to engage with multiple other students the same day.  

Bacon wrote the school will be reviewing safety precautions with students and encouraging them to walk in groups or pairs rather than alone to and from school. 

He is encouraging parents to reinforce the safety message with their students at home on weekends and during non-school hours.