Stormlikes Review – A Big NO NO!!! Try These Alternatives


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Social media marketing is important. Today, if you want to find target customers for your brand or target audiences for your content you will need to promote yourself. Initially, people used to create advertisements for television and radio. That’s because people were always watching TV and the radio. If you want to attract people’s attention you have to target their sources of entertainment.

Today, those sources of entertainment are YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter etc. These platforms have become so big that most brands, businesses, celebrities and VIPs are on them. That’s the reason why many people want to get more credibility on these platforms. It can help them grow their business or get more eyes on their content to become an influencer.

Since social media marketing and promotion have become so popular, multiple companies offer services to make people’s jobs easier. One of the services offered by these companies is the stat-boosting service. You basically buy Instagram followers, comments, views, likes, YouTube subscribers and other stats. This can help boost your credibility which can then help attract social media users to your posts or profile. Many sites offer this service and one of them is Stormlikes. Today, we will be doing the Stormlikes review. If you have wanted to check out a review then you have come to the right place. We will first go through what the site is all about and look at the various features claimed by them. Then, based on the reviews we will discuss whether you should go for this site or not.

What is Stormlikes?

Strormlikes is a site that sells likes, followers, comments etc. for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other platforms. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and likes there matter a lot. People are hyper-focused on likes because it tells you all about the engagement that a

particular profile is getting on its posts. Stormlikes focuses on offering high-quality services for various platforms.

It claims to have the best quality services because it offers likes from real accounts. There are many packages that one can easily purchase from the site. They are not that pricey. So, if anyone is starting out or just wants to try SMM services they can do so easily. The site claims to have some features that have given it an edge over its competitors. Let’s look at those features.

  • The site claims to have affordable services. This is a fact. The price of the services that Stormlikes offers is very low compared to many other sites. You can get a bunch of likes by spending a couple of bucks on its pack
  • The site claims that the quality of its service is decent. When you buy likes from it you don’t have to worry about them being bad. The likes come from real accounts.
  • Stormlikes promises fast delivery of the likes. Once you purchase the likes from it you will get it on your post very quickly. Besides this, it also lets you control the speed of delivery of the likes.
  • Stormlikes bashes other sites saying that they provide bad-quality services. It claims that other sites provide likes, views etc. from ghost accounts. However, they are proud that they have been able to sell stats from real and genuine accounts.

Stormlikes Review

In this section, we will try to look at the validity of all the features that Stormlikes claims to offer. We will discuss if Stormlikes actually follows through on the promises that it makes.

Let’s look at the various claims made by Stormlikes:

  • Low Rates for Services

Stormlikes claims that its services are very affordable. It says that it has disrupted the Instagram likes market by lowering the price more than its competitors. Is this true? Yes, it is kind of true. The price of the likes on this site is quite low. You can fit the service into your budget.

But to be honest, most of the sites that offer social media marketing services, offer it at affordable rates. You are just boosting the stats. It does not cost much to do so. You can find many options that have similar pricing. But here’s the interesting (suspicious) part. They have a ‘premium likes’ section. Great, right? But when you click on it the site redirects to This means that the Instagram likes that Stormlikes sells are not good quality-wise. Otherwise, why would they have a premium likes section but then redirect you to a different site? You should always be on the lookout for suspicious behavior like this.

  • High-Quality Likes

One of the biggest claims of Stormlikes is that it offers high-quality likes. Well, while doing the Stormlikes net review we found that it’s not the case. Even though the company promises that it provides decent likes the quality isn’t that good. Many people who have bought likes from the site have lost them in a few days or weeks. They have gone back to square one.

This means that they have wasted their money because buying them was useless as they were gone. This is harmful not from a monetary point of view but also because it looks bad. If people notice that suddenly your post has lost hundreds of likes then things will look fishy. People might realize that you are buying likes and it can hurt your online credibility instead of boosting it.

  • Fast Delivery

Stormlikes promises its audiences that it offers fast delivery of likes. Once you buy any package you will receive the likes within a few hours to a few days. Is that true? We can’t deny this claim. People did receive likes from the site pretty quickly. Many were impressed by the quick delivery.

But that does not matter since as you saw that people lost the likes they received in a few days. That renders this feature useless. After you receive a boost you need a few days to promote the post or profile. But if you lose the likes you bought then you cannot really do that.

  • Stats From Real Accounts

Stormlikes claims that the likes, followers, views etc. that you buy from it are all real. You get them from genuine accounts. It further claims that other sites use ghost accounts to deliver the stats they offer. Is it true? Well, other sites indeed offer likes from bot accounts. However, Stormlikes does the same. This site is no different from the bad sites that offer poor-quality services from fake accounts.

Instagram regularly cleans up these accounts and you will soon lose the stats you got from them. Thus, you will soon notice a drop in the number of likes, followers, views etc. that you bought. So, it seems that Stormlikes itself uses fake or bot accounts to deliver stats to its customers. As you can see, most of the features of the site are baseless. People have tried using the services but haven’t gotten any satisfactory results.

Some Alternatives to Use Instead of Stormlikes

After reading Stormlikes review we don’t think you would want to use that site for social media marketing services. So, if you are looking for quality Instagram likes then you should try out these alternatives.


Viralyft is the site that you can use if you want to buy any stats for social media platforms. This is a popular site that supports services for most of the major social media platforms. It’s an easy-to-use site where you can start an order in a matter of a few minutes. It sells likes, followers, comments, views etc. for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok etc.

You can find multiple comprehensive packages that you can fit into your strategy. Viralyft promises high quality when it comes to its services. If you are curious about social media marketing services and want to try them Viralyft is a good choice.


  • Viralyft wants to provide the best services to its customers. Thus, it offers quality customer support which is available throughout the day. Take their help to resolve any issues.
  • There is a live-chat feature on the site. You can use it to get real-time help from online customer representatives. You can find this option at the bottom-right corner of the site.
  • The payment method is secured. Viralyft does require its clients to share passwords or any sensitive info. It claims to have services that won’t harm your account.


If you are looking for another good alternative to use then check out This site is popular for offering all kinds of services for social media marketing and promotion. If you are looking for just one site that you can use to buy likes, comments, followers and other stats for a bunch of different social media profiles on different platforms then you can use Socialpros. It has been in the business for some years and has built a good customer base. It claims to offer high-quality services which have attracted many creators, influencers and brands to use its services.


  • Socialpros puts in the effort to ensure that its customers are always getting quality services that can boost their online presence on the social media platforms of their choice.
  • You don’t have to pay a lot of money for buying stats from this site. Many packages have a lower rate. This means you can invest in them without breaking your bank.
  • Customers can have queries and doubts regarding services. If you have any questions, direct them to customer support. Socialpros promises 24×7 customer support.


Another site that you can test if you want a place to buy stats from is Getviral. This is not a new name. You will find this site mentioned everywhere, the reason being that Getviral has been in this field for nearly a decade. It has enough experience and expertise in the field of social media marketing to know what type of services customers are looking for.

Since there are multiple popular social media platforms, Getviral offers services for all of them. It ensures that its clients don’t have to go anywhere else for buying stats for their posts and profiles.


  • Getviral claims that most of its customers are users who return to the site to buy more services or customers that have been referred to the site. This is sort of a testament to the quality of the services since customers won’t be returning if the quality was poor.
  • Besides quality, the site maintains quality customer support. Being in the game for a long time Getviral knows that customers will have questions and queries. They might have doubts or questions regarding their orders. That’s why Getviral offers round-the-clock customer support to its clients.
  • Getviral has services for multiple social media platforms. One can easily make it their one-stop shop for all the stat-boosting services they need for social media marketing and promotion.


Why should you not choose Stormlikes?

Many companies exist in the field of social media marketing promotion. There are a lot of people desperate for attention on social media platforms. They always look for services like these. So, there are companies that take advantage of people by taking their money but not offering the promised services. Stormlikes is one of them. One of the reasons this site is a scam is because many people have complained about the services of the site.

Even though Stormlikes makes big promises which we have mentioned above the company does little to fulfill them. When a company cares very less about its clients then you should not invest in such a company. There are many companies like Stormlikes that are just scamming people. It’s hard to tell just by looking at the site. But some users have opted for the services of the site but never gotten any service. It’s basically pouring money down the drain. You can use that money to invest in tools that work instead of spending it on services that Stormlikes offers. After looking at all the reviews and using its services we can say that Stormlikes is a scam. Its starting packages are cheap. So, even you can try them out. But we strongly advise against it.

Is it Safe to Use Stormlikes?

No, it is not safe to use Stormlikes. This site does not offer quality services. It has lofty promises and claims but they are just that. There isn’t any indication that the company actually delivers on those promises. But the main reason why it is not safe is that you will lose the stats you buy. So, let’s say you did attract some followers by using the services that Stormlikes offers.

But once you start losing all the stats, your followers will take note of that. They will understand that you are inflating your numbers. The whole idea behind buying likes and followers is to make people believe that your content is credible. If you lose those numbers then you are giving open invitations to people to suspect your account. This will seriously harm your credibility.

Final Words

After looking at Stormlikes reviews from a bunch of different sites we can safely assume that this site is not something to invest in. On the surface, everything looks correct. The site has done a good job of looking credible and does deliver the stats you are looking for. But that’s where all the pros end. You should never trust a site that claims to deliver high-quality services but then redirects you to another site claiming to offer ‘premium services’. Not only that, even if you buy those services you will not be satisfied with the quality.

The stats you get will drop off in a few days and you will be back to square one. So, we suggest you stay away from Stormlikes and test the alternatives. We recommend you to do your due diligence by researching each and every site. Do not fall for scams. Wish you all the best!