How to Further Your Nursing Career in Iowa


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When you graduate as a nurse and enter the nursing field, you’re often presented with many opportunities to make a difference every day. A wide range of patients need your help, and you can be rewarded by knowing you’re helping someone during one of the darkest periods of their life.

However, it’s easy to start feeling like every day is the same and that you’re stagnating in your role. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel that way forever. Here are just a few of the many ways you can further your nursing career in Iowa and further afield.

Further Your Education

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, exploring online ABSN programs might be an excellent idea. Such programs allow you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in just 16 months, meaning you can provide direct patient care in a little over a year.

You might also look at specialties that allow you to narrow your focus and work in an area of healthcare that holds your passion the most. For example, you might decide to become a critical care nurse, a medical-surgical nurse, or even a labor and delivery nurse, easing new parents’ anxiety and helping them bring their babies into the world.

Find a Mentor

Some nurses can feel like they’re thrown into the deep end when they start their first nursing job. While they’re armed with essential knowledge and nursing skills, they don’t always feel supported in their professional development and growth.

However, many new nurses find great value in asking experienced senior nurses and medical executives to be their mentors. Mentors are not only there to answer questions and provide guidance, but they can also connect you with the resources you need to thrive in your chosen specialty.

Join An Organization

Many nurses are happy to learn from and socialize with the nurses and other medical professionals at their workplace, but there can be value in joining a professional nursing organization. These organizations enable you to meet people like yourself from throughout the United States and talk through problems like mental health, stress, and daily nursing life. You can also enjoy new nursing connections, helpful advice, and information about continuing education courses. Some organizations even offer nursing healthcare convention discounts.

Discuss Your Ambitions

You might be eager to prove yourself and move up the ranks in your workplace, but unless you make your ambitions and intentions known, you might miss out on any opportunities that might have otherwise come your way. When you start your new job as a nurse, make it known that you’re looking to learn, grow, and reach your full potential. Senior nurses might then be more than happy to take you under their wing and help you grow into the nurse you want to be.

Educate Yourself

Alongside taking advantage of any training courses made available to you, you might also wish to remain up-to-date with industry information available on nursing and medical blogs. The more you can learn about your industry, the more able you might be to help your patients in new and innovative ways.

Furthering your nursing career in Iowa and further afield can be a daunting prospect, especially if you enjoy the comfort zone of your current role. However, with so many ways to reach your full potential, you might realize it’s in your best interest to explore your options for future growth and development.