15 Best Small 2 Person Tents (For Camping & Backpacking)


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One of my favorite activities to do is to go on camping and hiking trips with my family and friends. It’s the perfect activity for me. It offers an escape from the daily mundane and routine life in the city and gives me a chance to get closer to nature. But the outdoors is harsh. We are not the cavemen we used to be. We have become more sophisticated in various aspects of life but have lost much of our resistance. So, bringing quality supplies is the key to enjoying the outdoors. I often bring small 2 person tents with me during these trips. It makes for a nice cozy little place for me and my partner.

Finding a nice tent and other quality camping items is important. You just need a few good items of decent quality to enjoy in the best way possible. Today, we will be looking at camping tents. In my opinion, a good tent can make or break your trip. You don’t want something that takes a lot of time to assemble and disassemble. Also, carrying a big tent can add extra weight to your luggage and can make it uncomfortable to move around.

So, a tent that is of perfect size, made of quality materials and easy to set up should be your goal. We scoured the net for some of the best options and have put them comprehensively on a list for you. All these options are good. It is just a matter of preference and needs. So, let’s get into it.

Here are the best camping tents (Small two person tents):

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

Coleman tents are some of the best tents out there. If you want something durable and nice then you should go for a Coleman tent. One of the affordable options out there is the Sundome. It can easily fit 2 to 3 people.

It is a bit bigger than the other options which do add a couple of pounds. But it’s still not much. If you are looking for good Coleman tents then you should check out this one.

  • It is very easy to set up and it takes a lot less time to do it.
  • Given the name of the brand and the quality you get, the tent is kind of affordable. It costs around $80.
  • The fabric is polyester and the poles used are made up of fiberglass.
  • There are a couple of large windows to keep the tent cool if needed and provide a nice view.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent

This next tent is by Mountainsmith. If you are looking for small 2 person tents for outdoor activities then you can try it out. It is a dome-shaped tent that weighs around 5.53 pounds. It is quite sturdy thanks to the material used to make it. The tent is super comfortable to spend time in. It is quite comfortable for two people to sit or sleep. So, bring it the next time you are going hiking with a friend, family member or your partner.

  • The interior usable space of the tent is around 35 square feet. That’s enough to fit two adults comfortably.
  • The material used is tough and durable. The poles are made up of aluminum. This makes them lightweight and sturdy.
  • You can easily set up the tent. You will find the guide on the stuff sack. That way it will be hard to lose the guide without losing the tent itself.

Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent

If you want to enjoy your outdoor trip then you need a comfortable tent. This next option is good for camping, hiking and backpacking. If you are regularly doing those activities then you need a sturdy tent by your side. Clostnature seems to have the perfect solution for it. This is a good tent for people that like dome tents. We like the design and the color of the tent. It is not too flashy and seems to fit in a natural setting. This is good for people who want a small tent that can fit 2.

  • The material used for the tent is polyester. That’s the standard material for tents. It makes them durable and resistant to natural elements.
  • The tent is heavier than the couple of options we have seen above. It weighs around five pounds. But that is still not that heavy.
  • Being a bit bigger than the other options this one is a bit expensive. It costs around $71 on Amazon.
  • It is very easy to assemble and disassemble the tent. You can open the nylon flaps on either side revealing the mesh windows. It keeps you safe from insects while providing a nice view.

MARMOT Crane Creek 2-Person Backpacking

Marmot brings you this nice tent that is perfect for backpacking, hiking etc. It is a nice lightweight tent that is easy to carry and set up. Marmot is a bit more expensive than the other options we have but sometimes you have to pay for better quality. It is big enough for 2 people. So, you can snuggle in with your kid or your partner.

  • The poles provided for propping up the tent are made up of aluminum. This makes them flexible, lightweight and durable.
  • It has dual doors that make entering and exiting the ten easy for both persons. Also, there is a vestibule that acts as extra storage space.
  • The tent costs around $109 and weighs around 5.3 pounds.

Moon Lence Professional Camping Tent

If you are looking for something cheaper then you can check out the camping tent by Moon Lence. It is a $39 tent that is suitable for two people. Moon Lence is small and lightweight and provides a comfortable outdoor living option. It is made up of quality materials and has a bunch of cool features.

  • The rain fly is made up of 190T polyester and the bottom sheet is a 210T sheet coated with PU 2000. This makes it waterproof and windproof.
  • The aluminum poles and stakes that hold the tent stable do their job quite well making it the perfect option for outdoor trips.
  • If you are looking for something easy to set up then this is a good choice. A single person can set up the tent in around 10 min.

Camping Tent 2 Person unp

Up next, we have a cheaper option. If you are looking for a nice tent without having to pay a lot of money then check out this camping tent by Unp. It is super portable and is built of decent materials that make it durable. If you are looking for affordable camping tents then check this one out on Amazon.

  • The tent is very lightweight. It weighs around 4.8 pounds. Thus, it is easy to travel without having to worry about the extra weight.
  • It is very comfortable for two people. You can fit in a full air mattress inside the tent if you want to make it more comfortable.
  • The tent fabric is made up of polyester which is a standard material at this price point. The poles are made of fiberglass.

Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Naturehike has been in this field for over a decade and understands the needs of the customers. If you are looking for a nice tent then check out the Cloud-Up 2-person tent. It looks nice and seems comfortable enough for a couple of adults. There are other cheaper options made up of other materials.

  • This tent, unlike many of the other tents which are made up of polyester, is made up of 20D Nylon. It makes it much more tough and durable.
  • It is super lightweight, weighing around 3.7 pounds. This makes it easy to carry during mountaineering and hiking trips.
  • It is an expensive choice. The cost is around $169 currently. We have $28 tents on this list as well. It is all about the quality you are looking for and the usage.

Pop-up Tent Abco

Up next, is a portable tent from AbcoSport. This is a nice camping tent suitable for a couple of people. If you are looking for tents for camping then this one is not bad. It is a sturdy tent that you can use whenever you are planning a camping or hiking trip. AbcoSport is a company that wants to give its clients the best. Oftentimes that means you have to think outside the box and understand the lifestyles of people. That way they can make products that suit your activities. This is their product for people looking for small 2 person tents

  • The tent is very strong. The fabric is made up of nylon mesh. It makes it quite durable. You need it to be durable because you will be using it outside and leaving it to the natural elements.
  • It is easy to pop in and pop out of the tent. There are two entries. When you set up the tent there are doors on either side. so, anyone can pop out from their side.
  • There are mesh windows on the front and the back of the tent. This increases breathability. If you want privacy then just put the nylon flap back on.

Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Backpacking Tent

Up next, we have one of the camping tents by Yodo. This green lightweight tent is perfect for anyone looking for small 2 person tents that they can use for camping. Just bring it with you on your next trip and you will have a nice and comfortable option for you and your partner. This is made from decent materials that not only make it safe but comfortable as well. If you regularly go on trips that include hiking, camping and backpacking then you will find this tent quite useful. It isn’t super pricey. So, if you are looking for small cheap tents then this is a good choice.

  • This is a lightweight tent that weighs around 3 pounds. This makes it quite easy to carry from place to place.
  • The top part is made up of 190T polyester. It has a PU coating as well. The flooring is made up of oxford. That too has a PU coating.
  • The door is sort of mesh-like. This ensures breathability, good view, and protection against insects like mosquitoes.
  • It has two-way zippers which makes it quite easy to access the tent from inside or outside.

Night Cat Backpacking Tent

If you are looking for a small tent that is good for 1 to 2 people then check out the backpacking tent by Night Cat. It is perfect for people who love the outdoors and are regularly venturing out for hiking, mountaineering and backpacking. It is a dome tent. So, if you are looking for dome tents then this is a good choice. We prefer the green color since it matches the outside and does not stand out too much. It only weighs a couple of kilos so you can easily carry it.


  • This is a decent tent to carry around thanks to its compact design. The flexible fabric and the foldable poles make it easy to roll it into a compact bundle.
  • The tent is very easy to set up. You can easily assemble and disassemble it. The company will provide you with a guide.
  • It is completely waterproof and will also keep you safe from the wind. It has decent PED material for the top and oxford material for the bottom sheet. Both have PU 3000 coating.
  • You can easily fit in with your kid. It might be a bit too tight for two adults.


So, these were some of the good options for small 2 person tents. We found all these options to be quite satisfactory. It does vary based on the price but there are some good cheap small tents if you don’t plan on going out regularly. The companies do provide all the descriptions on the product page but we suggest reading the reviews as well because that way you can get a much better idea since a person is sharing their first-hand account of using the product. You should also consider where you will be using the tent before purchasing them.

All of these tents are good but depending on how often you will use them and where you will use them, will determine the quality you need to go for. Also, there are different shapes. There’s the common A-shaped tent and then there are the dome tents.

Dome tents will offer a flatter top space while in an A-shaped the vertical space is more ‘slope-y’. We hope you found some good options from this list. Go through the reviews before buying one. Oftentimes you will find a YouTube video reviewing the model you are checking out. We wish you a nice and fun trip.