15 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers (Real & Active)


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YouTube is one of the biggest platforms on the internet today. The popular video-sharing platform was introduced to the world in 2005. More than 15 years later, it is home to billions of people who are actively watching and uploading tonnes of content. 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every passing. A reason behind this is the rise of YouTube as a money-making platform. Many have turned into millionaires through uploading videos on YouTube.

Anyone can reach that milestone with good content and a strong following. Subscribers play the most important role in YouTube and here are some of the best sites to buy youtube subscribers that will help you grow fast.

Here is the list of best sites to buy YouTube subscribers:

#1. Viralyft

Whenever we talk about social media promotions, Viralyft is a name that would always pop up. This is due to the reputation they have created for themselves in a short time. The way they have shot themselves to fame can be replicated for you by their team as well. Viralyft works with a long list of platforms including YouTube. With great features and prices, Viralyft is one of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers along with likes, dislikes, shares, and much more.

Viralyft sells global followers from all over the world. You can’t target a specific country but it acts in favor as your reach grows in multiple countries. A customer-centric feature of them is their refill guarantee so that you don’t lose even a single subscriber you have paid for. You also get a 24/7 support from their customer service with any and all issues you face.

#2. SocialPros

SocialPros only deals with real YouTube subscribers as they know the consequences of using bots and fake accounts. It not only wastes your money but puts your account at risk as well. As the subcribers are real, they stay active but can also disappear for various reasons. But they provides a full 1-year warranty over all of its products.

If your subscribers do disappear, the company will automatically fill in for them with new subs. The biggest plan available here for purchase is of 1K subscribers, priced at $59.99. With an investment of $4.95, you can get 50 subscribers instantly delivered.

#3. GetViral

GetViral is the epitome of credibility when we are talking about social media promotions. GetViral has completed more than 50K orders of different kinds. Out of the clients that ordered these, more than 85% came back for more.

This pretty much explains why GetViral is considered among the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, support is a bonus that stays 24/7 with you for any queries and issues.

#4. SocialRush

SocialRush is one of the most all-around professional social media agencies today. They have experience of over 10 years in this very field. This itself makes SocialRush one of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers from.

If you want to buy YouTube subscribers from here, you’ll find a good variety of plans available. You have to pay a sum of $8.99 for every 100 subscribers you buy. The maximum amount one can buy in a single purchase is 5K subscribers.

#5. FollowersPackages

Buying YouTube subscribers is easy and simple. One simple Google search can bring up loads of names that sell these services. The problem is, not all of them offer the quality that you deserve. They don’t have the services that are worthy of the amount you spend and can’t bring the results that you want for your YouTube.

Unlike them, FollowersPackages not only gives you the best service for your money but also returns more in the long term. You can buy subscribers in large quantities here at affordable rates.

#6. ViewsExpert

It is one of the most trusted portals today in the social media industry. They will help you buy cheap YouTube subscribers at some of the best prices in the whole market.

ViewsExpert gets you authentic subscribers, as the people who subscribe to you are all real people. They takes special care of their customers which is another reason for them being so popular. Be it their encrypted payment gateways or 24/7 customer support, everything is designed to help the consumers.

#7. SocialPackages

Social Packages get you premium subscribers with great features that help you in long term. One of the most useful such features is their refill guarantee.

If for any reason, your bought subscribers begin to disappear you can have the company replenish the count.

#8. FastLikes.io

FastLikes is a social media marketing agency that is slowly but definitely becoming a favorite of many. They have maintained a consistency in their quality which is taking their fanbase to a larger number steadily. If you want to buy real YouTube subscribers without spending a lot of money for nothing, Fast Likes is the place you need to check out.

Buying subscribers from here is simple, straightforward, and easy. If you have ever shopped online, it is no different than that except for being faster.

#9. Famoid

We were highly impressed with their diversity as well as the kind of results that they have shown to their clients.

They can easily help you connect to real people of YouTube that have a genuine interest in the content that you are creating, easily making them one of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers.

#10. QQTube

The company ensures a range of services along with high quality YouTube subscribers. For instance, they will give you 24/7 customer support as well as active engagement through all their users feel stop their delivery time is also very small and takes a maximum two days. At the same time, sites media ensures that your YouTube growth is gradual.

#11. YouTubeMarket

YouTubeMarket ensures that you get a well-rounded growth on YouTube. To make sure that you get the best services possible, they employ the large experience they have acquired over the years to create a unique marketing strategy for your account. They are a highly credible site which is known for its extremely authentic services and reliable plans of action. Their strong influence can be gathered by the fact that they have helped numerous known influencers and icons increase their social standing on various virtual platforms.

#12. SubPals

The best part about this platform is not only their experience, but also the fact that they work with a great team of social media experts. These include software engineers as well as search engine optimization experts who can understand the workings behind any digital media platform.

Therefore, it is their aim to deliver and create the most secure service for any YouTube account. They have a range of YouTube services which include YouTube subscribers, likes, live stream views, watch time, and Views.

#13. RealSusbcribers

They provide some of the most cost-efficient prices and packages, via should be able to will be able to afford them irrespective of your financial constraints. They can help you create great networking within YouTube so that your account can be promoted by word of mouth.

They can create extensive communities within YouTube for your growth and increased performance.

#14. BuyYouTubeSubscribers

If you want to understand the process of growth through their plans, then we recommend that you start slowly with largely distributed plans. Moreover, this will ensure that YouTube guidelines are met with at all times.

Therefore, if you need to solve any questions or queries you can easily get in touch with them. Their site overall has a great user interface which makes them easy to access and extremely navigable.

#15. YTPals

They have helped over thousands of customers who have been extremely impressed with their services. They come with a range of features that have easily made them a fan favorite today. For instance, they have a great networking system that allows them to leverage your account with the help of influencers and known icons of YouTube. They can organically spread the word about your account, thus helping you gain recognition within an established audience space.


How do I grow my YouTube channel?

There are a lot of strategies and tips you’ll come across for a better YouTube performance. Not all of them work for everyone or work real slow if do. The fastest and the most guaranteed way you can grow on YouTube is to buy YouTube subscribers.

Can I buy YouTube subscribers?

Despite what many believe and fear, buying YouTube subscribers is not only legal but a really common tactic. From new YouTubers to budding stars, every kind has used it for their betterment. It doesn’t go against YouTube’s rules itself and nothing about it can put you in trouble with the law.

How to buy YouTube subscribers safely?

The quality of the source you choose is essential to keep your YouTube account, personal information, and money safe. There are a lot of popular websites and companies which have been active in the industry for years. They are reliable, trustworthy, and worth putting your money into.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Subscribers?

The most obvious benefit is in the form of the subscriber count. You need more than 1K subscribers to be able to monetize your channel at present. If you buy legit YouTube subscribers not only do you fulfill the prerequisites but also boost your growth. The bought subscribers push your videos and channels into the front and bring exposure through recommendations.

Will It Harm My YouTube Channel?

Buying subscribers is not only legal but completely safe for your channel. That is as long as you are buying them from a trusted source that sells real YouTube subscribers instead of bots. Using bots to increase subscribers is against YouTube’s policy and can get your account suspended. Hence, it is important to carefully choose where you buy from.

For Initial Boost Buy YouTube Subscribers

YouTube has grown into something more than just a source of entertainment. It is constantly bringing up new faces to celebrity status, turning them into global superstars. If you have good content to offer, this is not far away from reality for you.

All you need is a good headstart and support. You also need a specific number of subscribers to get monetized. Buying YouTube subscribers can give you all three of it.