Top 5 EdTech projects in the USA

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Fast-growing technological advancements shape our children’s future, and technology will inevitably take over the education industry. It’s no mystery why the world’s greatest education market is in the US, with numerous Edtech projects launching nationwide. 

Here’s our pick for five successful Edtech projects in the USA. 

   1. A Cloud Guru

A cloud guru by a Pluralsight company is one of the leading online cloud learning projects in the US for all engineers. It provides its fellow users with computer courses based on cloud-focused coding with unlimited access to 400+ courses and about 1,800+ hands-on labs in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linux, etc. Along with accelerated cloud success and mastery in skills, the ease of use with fresh content makes it an extremely engaging online method. 

   2. Go Guardian 

Go guardian is one of those few learning apps built for K-12 learning that provides a safe, protected learning experience by controlling distractive content on a user’s digital device. Go guardian not only filters the user’s device but also monitors mental health risks. Their high compatibility rate helps seamless connectivity of any device anywhere, maximising the learning potential and productivity of 1:1 school technology programs. 

   3. Screencastify

Screencastify is more of an online video-sharing solution that benefits a diverse audience, including teachers, students, collaborators, and business professionals. Through this project, teachers and students can have a more interesting study session by utilising features like easy recording, editing, and sharing. It’s a great Edtech initiative to save time and energy, making visual communication a piece of cake. 

   4. Teachers Pay Teachers 

Teachers pay teachers, aka TpT, is famous for being the Etsy of education. It’s an Edtech project that acts like a marketplace for teachers to buy and sell their educational material worldwide. About 5 million educational resources are available on this website, merging the wisdom of numerous competent teachers. With a broad range of such resources in every area of pre-K-12 education, TpT offers you units, curriculums, assessments, educational solutions, special education, videos, project-based learning, and much more, aiding teachers around the world in improving educational standards in developing countries. 

   5. Upskills Tutor

Saving the best for last UpskillsTutor is an all rounding Edtech project that facilitates both teachers and students in terms of receiving and imparting education. It allows you to choose from over 90,000 professional tutors worldwide according to your need for any subject you want to learn. It doesn’t only provide fast assistance but also has an incredibly secure payment and hiring system. Another great thing about UpSkillsTutor is that it provides you with academic courses and courses for learning music, art, languages, etc. It’s a great initiative for remote learning from the comfort of your home without worrying about privacy or security risks. 

Now that you know what each of these Edtech projects offers you, you can utilise them according to your preferences and experience the hype.