Top 10 Largest Deals Signed By A Running Back In NFL History

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As part of the offensive backfield, the running back’s job is to receive handoffs and rush the ball. They need to be quick and agile in order to successfully play their role.

With so many of the famous running backs turning into free agents, the advantageous NFL player props bets have become a fan favorite. Finding out which running backs have the largest contract is usually a good indication of their skill level.

So here are the 10 largest deals signed by running backs.

Adrian Peterson

Considered one of the highest-paid running backs in NFL history. Peterson signed a 7-year contract in 2011 for $96 million to the Minnesota Vikings.

Since 2016 he has been a free agent playing for other teams, including the New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals. During his time with the Vikings, he received 7 Pro Bowls and was MVP and Offensive Player of the Year in 2016.

He set the rookie record for the most rushing yards in a single game with 296.

Ezekiel Elliott

Playing for the Dallas Cowboys since 2016, in 2017 he got a 6-year extension for $90 million. He has received 3 Pro Bowls and was the rushing yards leader in 2016 and 2018.

Elliot is the second rookie in the Dallas Cowboys to rush over 100 yards in a season. The first being Tony Dorsett in 1977.

Alvin Kamara

In 2020, Kamara signed a 5-year extension worth $75 million to the New Orleans Saints, who he had been with since 2017. The year he signed with them he was awarded Rookie of the Year.

He has been Pro Bowler all 5 seasons since the start of his career as of 2022. Kamara is the second player to score 6 rushing touchdowns in a single game, the only other person is Ernie Nevers who did so in 1929.

Christian McCaffrey

Originally signed to the Carolina Panthers in 2017, he received a 4-year contract extension for $64 million in 2020.

He is one of three players to record 1,000 rushing and 1,000 receiving yards in the same season. He achieved this in 2019 and he was honored with his first pro bowl that year as well.

Dalvin Cook

Signing to the Minnesota Vikings in 2017, Cook receive 3 Pro Bowls from 2019-2021. During this run in 2020, Cook signed a 5-year extension with the Vikings for $63 million. As of 2022, Dalvin co-owns the indoor football team FCF Zappers.

Todd Gurley

A free agent who was first drafted in 2015 to St Louis / Los Angeles Rams. He received a 4-year contract worth $60 million in 2018, the next year he was released due to underperforming from a knee injury. Since his release, he played for the Atlanta Falcons in 2020.

In total, he has been honored with 3 All-Pros and 3 Pro Bowls. Gurley was also the rushing touchdown leader in 2017 and 2018.

Le’Veon Bell

Another free agent who has played for multiple teams since his release from the New York Jets in the 2020 season. Just 1 year prior in 2019, Bell signed a 4-year contract for $52.5 million.

He is known for his unconventional running style which is more elusive than fast. Bell was voted to the NFL Top 100 between 2015 and 2016, despite missing numerous games due to injuries and drug-related suspensions.

Derrick Henry

Gaining the nickname King Henry for his imposing size and impressive stamina, Henry has been playing for the Tennessee Titans since 2016. In 2020 he was awarded the NFL Offensive Player of the Year, that same year he was given a 4-year extension of $50 million.

In 2019 and 2020, Bell was the leader in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. He is also tied for the longest run in NFL history with 99 yards. This achievement has also been achieved by Tony Dorsett in 1982.

Devonta Freeman

After being released from the Atlanta Falcons in 2020, Freeman has become a free agent working with teams like the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills. He was released 3 years after he signed a 5-year contract for $41.25 million.

During his career, he has been awarded 2 Pro Bowls and a Second-Team All-Pro. Since his departure in 2020, he has been seen practicing with other teams or playing with them in the off-season.

David Johnson

The final free agent on our list. Johnson was drafted into the Arizona Cardinals in 2015. He signed a 3-year extension with them in 2019 worth $39 million. The next year he was traded to the Houston Texans.

With his new team, he scored the first touchdown of that season.
In 2016, Johnson was honored with a Pro Bowl, First-Team All-Pro, and Second-Team All-Pro.


As you can see, running backs play a pivotal role in the strategy that a team plays, meaning they are willing for good running backs to sign large and long-term contracts

No matter what type of running back they are, you can be assured they will play a key part in their team’s victory.