Getting married in Las Vegas!

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Swearing your eternal love spontaneously in the presence of Elvis, a romantic kiss and you are solemnly declared Mr. and Mrs. How do you imagine the wedding in Las Vegas? Then you should know why NZ players love gambling.

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere, and of course Elvis and Priscilla Presley – they all married in Las Vegas, making the United States’ Sin City a cult spot for impromptu weddings. Countless newlyweds still commute to Las Vegas to tie the knot there. Would you like to avoid all the fanfare of a classic wedding get married in a special place and just spontaneously say “yes” as a couple? Then Las Vegas is your place. However, things are no longer quite as spontaneous as they used to be. You should know these things beforehand so that the wedding in Las Vegas does not go broke.

That Speaks for Getting Married in Las Vegas

Of course, regardless of the judgment of your family and friends, there is something special about getting married in Las Vegas. These four good reasons definitely speak for the wedding in Las Vegas: 

  • Cult: Getting married in Las Vegas is iconic. Even if the wedding there is not as rare today as it was a few years ago, it is definitely still something special!
  • Intimacy: You will probably not be able to invite all your relatives, friends and acquaintances to Las Vegas. The glittering city in the desert is particularly ideal if you want to get married as a couple
  • Save costs: The classic dream wedding quickly goes into the budget. Weddings in Las Vegas, on the other hand, are manageable in terms of costs, mostly because there are far fewer guests present
  • Spontaneity: You decide at short notice that you want to get married and waiting is not an option at all? Las Vegas makes it possible – well, at least almost

Getting Married Spontaneously: Not So Spontaneously in Las Vegas Anymore!

You get those butterflies in your stomach and you are sure: we want to get married! Now! But: Saying “yes” doesn’t work that spontaneously in Las Vegas anymore. The procedure looks like this today: 

In order to be able to step in front of Elvis at all, you need a Marriage License. These are available online and offline from the Marriage Bureau, but must be presented in person at the office. Along with proof that you are both over 18. The passport is sufficient for this. If you are not yet of legal age, you need confirmation from your parents. The Marriage License costs 77 US dollars (about 68 euros). 

You can visit a marriage agency from 8 A.M. to midnight every day of the week, even during the holiday season. You don’t need an appointment. But you should plan the waiting time – getting married in Las Vegas is still very popular. If you have the license, you can start immediately and you can say yes. 

Our tip: think about where you want to get married in Las Vegas beforehand and make an appointment. Especially if you don’t just want to say “yes” quickly, but want a whole wedding package with Elvis and a ride in the traditional pink Cadillac.

These six locations are particularly popular for getting married in Las Vegas:

Little White Chapel

The classic Las Vegas wedding. All sorts of celebrities have gotten married here – so your marriage is guaranteed to be under a cult star.

Chapel of Flowers

The Flower Chapel is one of the oldest Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas. The romantic chapel on the Strip is also one of the most popular wedding locations.

Bellagio Fountain

The dancing fountain in front of the Bellagio brings the wedding music with it, because romantic classics are played here around the clock.

Las Vegas signs

Do you want to get married in the open air? Why not right in front of the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign? This also brings the first good backdrop for the first wedding photos.

Mandalay Bay

In the famous Mandalay Bay you get married under water. The hotel’s aquarium can be rented for weddings and get married face to face with fish and sharks.

Spring Preserve Gardens

Surrounded by lush plants you get married in the Spring Preserve Gardens in the Botanical Gardens. Here you have the location for the celebration with you and space for many guests.


Once you have fulfilled all the formalities and selected the location, you only need one or two more: witnesses. They are mandatory when getting married in Las Vegas. If you come alone, you can borrow witnesses from the chapel or spontaneously commit new friends to the party. The main thing is that someone confirms that you really say “yes”!

Is Las Vegas Wedding Legal?

Wacker holds the belief that if you get married in Las Vegas, you’re only married in Las Vegas. That is not right! Anyone getting married in Las Vegas is officially married. However, you must have the marriage recognized in your country. At home, the marriage becomes final by presenting a certified copy of the marriage certificate from the USA and an apostille. An apostille confirms that the marriage certificate is genuine. 

You can obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate from the Clark County Government Center. You then send it on to the Nevada Secretary of State, who in turn takes care of the apostille. If you have all the documents together, you can go to the registry office in Germany, register your marriage and apply for the certificate. Depending on the registry office, you may have to submit German translations of all documents.

The Perfect Las Vegas Wedding Invitation

If you also want to get married spontaneously in Las Vegas, but don’t want to do without friends and family, the invitation cards for the wedding are an important to-do. Design your individual invitation cards to match your Las Vegas wedding.