How to make your page on TikTok thrive and gain an audience as quickly as possible?

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There are several tricks in the promotion of a TikTok account that are still not known to everyone today: if you are one of these people, and at the same time you want to quickly find your audience in TikTok, be sure to read this article to the end.

If you are wondering how to find your target audience in TikTok, we would like to advise you to rely on trends: these are videos that are filmed many times by different people, but at the same time have the same essence. For example, to show how your day is going by the clock or to dance a funny dance to cheerful music – all these are trends followed by people from different age groups and different interest groups. All of this is not only fun, but also a way to understand who might be interested in your content. Try to shoot several trending videos that will be aimed at different ages, and evaluate which of them has had the greatest success. After that, you will be able to form an approximate idea of what your audience looks like and for whom you will shoot videos in the future.

But this is not the only way – you can also view subscribers at your rivals’ pages who are shooting videos in a similar genre or trying to develop a similar business. If you notice that some of these subscribers are very active in Tiktok, you can try to subscribe to them – and expect a mutual subscription back. This method will not give you the opportunity to collect thousands of followers, but it will help you get started. And after that, you should switch to the search for paid services to promote your profile; unfortunately, today you will not achieve significant results without them.

There is a possibility to buy TikTok followers – but to make things right you have to learn several important details first. The fact is that any algorithm focuses primarily on the number of active followers – it is important to them how many people regularly support your account and contribute to your profile development. In TikTok, the main metrics are the number of views and the number of subscribers – likes (or hearts) have faded into the background due to the fact that people are tired of this sign of approval on Instagram.

Therefore, if you want to show that your account is valid and interesting to many people (so that TikTok more often recommends your videos to other people who can potentially become your subscribers), we strongly recommend that you buy real TikTok followers. But make sure that these are real people – otherwise you will spend money on useless bots that will only reduce the ratio of active and inactive followers and can make your profile end up in a shadow ban altogether.

Among other things, a good tool for promotion can be shooting “answers” to the TikToks of other, more popular bloggers on this platform. This may draw the attention of their audience to you, who, if your content is interesting enough, may want to subscribe to you or at least watch a few more of your clips. Use any way to attract attention to yourself and do not be afraid to be annoying – it is impossible for a beginner to appear to the audience “too many” times.

We also want to remind you that the basis of any success is, first of all, constant interaction with the audience, openness to its criticism and suggestions. You may not believe it yet, but the people who watch you can have a strong positive impact on your content and you definitely shouldn’t resist it. If you don’t have any ideas for further clips, ask the audience for help, if you want to attract people from other platforms to your TikTok, use cross–posting and chat with your audience on Facebook and Instagram (if you have one). Offer people collaborations and organize contests, if possible; do everything so that you continue to intrigue them and make your content seem relevant and interesting to them.

In general, we have told you about all the effective ways that can help you gain the trust of the audience and attract their attention. If you decide to buy paid services for promotion, pay attention to the quality and origin of these services, and never strive to buy as much as possible. Try to organize promotion commensurate with your Instagram page and make it look as natural as possible and not cause unnecessary suspicion from your existing audience. So you will save yourself from unnecessary questions and the destruction of reputation.