Casino Suite or No Download – How Do I Choose?

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Desktop players have two ways to enjoy online casinos: download software and no download play (a.k.a. instant play). A download casino suite requires you to download and install software on your desktop computer to play. Meanwhile, instant play casinos don’t make you download anything and provide games directly through your web browser.

Both options have their merits, but which is best? We will go through the pros and cons of download casino suites and instant play to help you decide. We’ll also discuss whether download and no-download casinos are safe.

Are virtual casino games rigged?

Some online casino players are suspicious of the results because they can’t physically see cards dealt or roulette wheels spinning. This group fears rigged virtual casino games when they lose badly. We’ll save you and others the trouble of pondering this thought—no, online casinos don’t rig games.

The online gaming industry features licensing jurisdictions (e.g., Curacao) and heavy regulation. Most jurisdictions make licensees prove fair gaming through third-party testing labs, such as eCOGRA or iTech. These entities check a casino’s games to ensure fair odds and advertised RTP figures.

Rogue casino sites have occasionally run faulty games over the years. These incidents are rare, though, and not indicative of the industry. You can expect legit games at casino suites and instant-play casinos.

Download Casinos – Advantages

Download casino suites have unique benefits compared to no download casinos real money play. They come with a casino’s full array of games and features. By comparison, instant play doesn’t always have the full game selection.

Casino suites also allow for the highest-quality graphics. They directly house the games rather than relying on a web browser. The result is that each game shines visually through the desktop client.

You don’t need to depend much on internet speed with download clients either. The software package is on your hard drive, so it only needs limited help from the internet. In contrast, no download casinos live and die by your online connection.

Here’s a recap of the download casino advantages covered above and others:

  • Full game selection
  • Large display thanks to computer screen
  • High-quality game graphics and animations
  • Less reliant on internet speed
  • Fast game speed

Download Casinos – Disadvantages

Despite having plenty of solid qualities, casino suites aren’t entirely perfect. Availability is a big issue with download clients. Most online casinos forego suites and only offer instant play.

You may find the download aspect inconvenient as well. Casino suites usually only take several minutes to download and install. Nevertheless, this process takes away several minutes from your gaming session.

Here’s a complete look at the drawbacks of download casinos:

  • Limited availability
  • Download and installation take time
  • Not usually compatible with Macs
  • Download required to test out a casino

Instant Play CasinosAdvantages

Convenience is the ultimate advantage with no download casinos. You don’t need to obtain and install a software package with these gaming sites. Instead, you sign up, play games, and make deposits through your web browser.

Instant play doesn’t confine you to a specific operating system. It allows you to play through Windows, Mac OS, or Linux easily. By comparison, download software is usually only available for Windows PCs.

No download casinos don’t take up any space on your hard drive either. Everything runs through a browser and, thus, frees up space on your desktop or laptop computer.

The complete list of instant play advantages includes the following:

  • The vast majority of online casinos offer instant play
  • Available on any operating system
  • The fastest way to get started with online casino games
  • Test out games through a browser with no download involved
  • Can use same casino account through multiple computers/devices

Instant Play Casinos – Disadvantages

No download casinos are all the rage these days, but they have certain downsides. Some online casinos don’t release their entire game selection through instant play. Instead, they only offer the whole game suite through a download package.

Instant play may not feature optimal graphics and sound effects in some cases. It always comes close to the download version, but it can be slightly off depending upon the casino.

Here’s a broader look at no download casino drawbacks:

  • May not include the full game selection
  • Graphics and sound quality might be lacking
  • Requires frequent browser updates

Wrap Up

As can be seen, download and no-download casinos have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Your online casino preference will be subjective to your specific tastes.

Are you looking for the best graphics and most games? If so, a casino suite is an excellent choice. Download software typically comes with every available game and brings out the best graphics-wise.

Your decision could ultimately come down to availability. Instant play is much more prevalent because most online casinos only offer a no-download version. Therefore, you won’t have the option to download a casino suite at many gaming sites.

In summary, downloadable and instant-play casinos have good and undesirable qualities. You can use this page to help guide you to the best personal choice. In many cases, no download casinos are the only option due to the limited availability of casino suites.

Final Word

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