3 Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Followers and Connections (Real and Active)


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Followers and connections speak volumes for the credibility of your LinkedIn profile. Buying page followers, company followers, and connections is an option, but does it work? If so, which are the best sites to buy LinkedIn followers and connections in terms of both quality and value for money?

Building a successful LinkedIn company page or personal profile isn’t easy. Up against millions of other businesses and professionals from around the world, it takes something special to stand out. This is where social signals can support a broader LinkedIn growth strategy. Across all social media profiles in general, social proof carries major weight and influence.

On LinkedIn, the number of connections and followers you have sends an important message about your authority and appeal. One option is to buy connections and followers for your LinkedIn profile, but where to head for 100% authentic social signals that genuinely work?

Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Followers and Connections

Boiled down to what matters most, there are three social media growth companies that come highly recommended for products and services like these:

1. Media Mister

Arguably the best place to buy LinkedIn followers and connections, Media Mister offers a rock-solid guarantee of total authenticity. Their products are sourced from real LinkedIn accounts, and all sales are backed by a full refund guarantee.

They even include a 60-day initial retention warranty, covering buyers against dropped followers/or connections during this time. Region-targeted products are available at affordable prices from key markets, including the USA, the UK, and elsewhere.

You can pick up anything from 100 to 1,000 followers per order, and the prices quoted at Media Mister start from just $15.

All product deliveries begin within 24 hours of order placement, and a drip-feed system is used to ensure everything looks legit. In business since 2012, Media Mister also has the kind of pedigree and experience that go beyond most comparable social media growth companies.

2. GetAFollower

It’s a similar story over at GetAFollower, where you can buy LinkedIn followers and connections in pretty much any quantity needed. The specialty at GetAFollower is geographic-targeted followers and connections, making it easier to appeal to audiences in specific regions worldwide.

The quality of the customer support provided by GetAFollower is also outstanding, which is available via live chat during normal office hours. There’s a full satisfaction guarantee included with every order, along with the option of requesting bespoke orders directly.

Importantly, GetAFollower’s terms and conditions clearly state that every follower and connection is a real person with an active and authentic account. They repeatedly talk of a ‘zero-spam’ policy and make countless assurances of authenticity.

Judging by the feedback GetAFollower has stacked up to date, they’re doing a pretty decent job delivering on their word.

3. Buy Real Media

Simple yet effective – the business model of Buy Real Media in a nutshell. The full range of services Buy Real Media offers is huge, covering all major social networks and countless niche platforms. You can buy LinkedIn followers and connections, along with other promotional products like recommendations, employees, group members, comments, likes, and so on.

Product pricing is particularly attractive, with cost-effective options starting from as little as $5. Buy Real Media promises a prompt rollout with every order placed – typically starting less than an hour after the transaction is confirmed. Speaking of which, they support a huge range of popular payment methods – everything from credit and debit cards to PayPal to Bitcoin.

The Buy Real Media website is also packed with resources to help buyers get the most out of their purchases. Tutorials, guides, blog posts, and FAQs – are all great for getting to know how social signals work.

Purely for their no-nonsense approach to LinkedIn growth, Buy Real Media comes highly recommended.

Why Should I Buy LinkedIn Followers and Connections?

It’s impossible to overemphasize the influence of social signals on platforms like LinkedIn. When someone sees a post, a profile, or a business page, the first thing they look at is the numbers. How many followers you have, how many connections you have, how many employees you have, how many people have engaged with your content, and so on.

Based on these numbers alone, an opinion will immediately be formed regarding you and/or your business as a whole. Followers and connections are particularly influential where credibility and authority are concerned. Hence, you need a viable number of followers and connections in order for your LinkedIn profile to be taken seriously.

How to Buy LinkedIn Followers and Connections: Things to Look for in a Website

Each of the three sites outlined above was evaluated based on seven essential quality and performance checks. Before placing an order for social signals of any kind, be sure to look for the following in your preferred service provider:

Followers and Connections from Real People

It is imperative to ensure that every follower and connection you buy is a real person. Otherwise, you could load your account with the kind of spam that could see you suspended from LinkedIn. Fake followers and connections pose a major risk to your account and must therefore be avoided at all costs.

Retention Guarantee

A retention guarantee ensures that any initial losses are covered for a set period of time. With Media Mister, for example, any of the products you buy that drop during the first 60 days will be replaced immediately, and 100% free of charge

Customer Support

Quality customer support is a must when shopping for products and services like these. You need a team of professionals you can count on to address your questions and concerns – particularly if you’re new to the whole social signals thing.

Secure Payments

It’s never a good idea to entrust your personal information (or payment data) to a site that doesn’t take security seriously. The highest-level encryption should be used to safeguard all transactions, and the seller’s privacy policy should be set out in clear and simple terms.

Money Back Guarantee

This is essentially the ultimate insurance policy against unfavorable outcomes. With a money-back guarantee, you know your money is safe – irrespective of what happens. It’s also an important display of confidence on the part of the seller.

Natural Delivery

Delivery times when buying social signals should be carefully controlled to make things look organic. It needs to look like the followers and connections you bought are being added to your profile in the normal way, at an appropriate speed. Instant delivery can trigger LinkedIn’s spam filters and could result in suspension.

Multiple Payment Methods

Last up; flexibility is always a bonus where payment methods are concerned. In the case of the companies listed above, accepted payment methods include major debit and credit cards, online wallets, PayPal, and a variety of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

How Many LinkedIn Followers and Connections Should I Buy?

The number of followers and connections to buy should be proportionate to the rest of your profile. For example, if you have just a handful of followers yet thousands of connections, things look suspicious. Likewise, if you have plenty of followers and connections yet nobody is engaging with you, it doesn’t look natural.

Buying followers and connections are something that should be integrated into your broader promotional strategy. Consider how your profile/page looks right now before working out how many you should buy to boost its appeal.

If in doubt, contact your chosen seller directly for their advice on the right numbers to order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is Buying LinkedIn Followers and Connections Safe?

Yes – buying 100% authentic LinkedIn followers and connections is safe. If the followers and connections you buy are real people with active and authentic accounts, they are indistinguishable from the real thing.

2) Do I Need to Share My Password for Buying LinkedIn Engagements?

No – you should never be asked to share any of your passwords or sensitive private information. Real followers and connections are added manually in the normal way, so access to your LinkedIn account is not necessary.

3) When Can I Expect Delivery?

Depending on your chosen seller, you can expect to see the first of your new followers and connections as quickly as 1 hour after placing your order. The rest will then be added gradually to make the process look organic.

4) Do these LinkedIn Followers and Connections from Real Accounts?

Each of the three sellers above claims to offer nothing but 100% authentic social signals from real accounts. They also cover every sale with a full money-back guarantee, suggesting their followers and connections are legit.


Buying social signals could play a major role in your promotional strategy on LinkedIn. If you want your business page or profile to stand out for the right reasons, it needs to send the right message at a glance.

This is where the numbers can (and often do) make all the difference. Followers and connections, in particular, carry a great deal of weight on LinkedIn.

Tracking down the best sites to buy LinkedIn followers and connections means focusing primarily on authenticity. If the social signals you buy are real, they’re as safe and effective as the real thing. If not, they stand to do your credibility and your performance on LinkedIn more harm than good.