About Gold, Tanzanite and Diamonds And Their Health Benefits


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Ornaments are the best friend of every human. Especially girls when it comes to jewelry. If we talk about the country India, women are mad towards buying gold and diamonds. People use the jewelry and ornaments on various occasions, be it an office party, a wedding, a date or a casual day. We never leave behind our favorite pendant or the ring we love the most. However, there are times when people buy jewelry as a passion for collections.

Jewelries can be fashionable or expensive. The fashion jewelry we mostly use as a daily wear to match with our outfit, whereas, the expensive jewelry preferred to be worn during any occasions. Although sometimes women choose expenses instead of fashion one. Not only women, men also adore jewelry. Nowadays when we look at actors like Johnny Depp, we can know the enthusiasm for jewelry in men. If dresses can get intermixed why not the jewelries. Jewelries are bought sometimes for luck and other good things.

It is said that every precious stone has some features and values in your life. Some have medicinal values too. Gold is said to be an antioxidant in some injuries, which is why whenever we are hurt while wearing fashion jewelry in our ears, it is said to wear gold earring for faster recovery. In this article we will look at some precious jewelries on the list. You might get one of your favorites from the list only.

1. Gold

Yellow gold jewelry is not the most popular one in line. Yellow is nowadays available in different colors. The process of making consists of mixing 24 carat gold with metals. It gives gold

durability and helps in changing its palette. White gold is made by mixing white metals like palladium and silver. On the other hand the jewelries are plated with rhodium to make a hard surface and give a better shine. White gold is the choice for every bride and wedding nowadays. Sometimes, copper is also added to give a soft pink color effect which is called rose gold color. There are gold chains, earrings and bangles which are popular in India. Sometimes with the addition of metals like patinas or oxides with the alloy area.

Health Benefits

1. Gold metal is very good for the heart as it keeps the blood flow normal in your body and makes sure that oxygen flow is regular in your body. That is why in earlier times pregnant women were asked to wear gold jewelry around their belly to enhance blood circulation and other fluids in both mother and child.

2. Gold soothes the infected area on your body. Also relieved you from wounds or infection.

3. Gold provides skin a soothing effect which helps in regeneration of cells. You will see there are various skin care and beauty products. Gold is mixed to prevent skin from diseases such as eczema, fungal infections, rashes, wounds etc.

2. Tanzanite

Tanzanite is the market name of the precious stone. Thus the name was given by Tiffany and company. They belong to the mineral called Ziosite which is Blue in color. First of all the name was kept as blue Zoisite but later it was named as Tanzanite to attract the customer and increase their revenue. The name is as beautiful as the stone.

Tanzanite has been given because of its source place that is Tanzania. It is available in very less amounts and thus is known as the gemstone of the generation.

Health Benefits

1. There is a magic hidden inside the core of Tanzanite stone. The high energy and vibration of the Tanzanite stone helps in meditation and heals your soul. It is really divine to wear some Tanzanite jewelry like Tanzanite pendants or bracelets or earrings. It calms your nerves and clears out every possible doubt and tension. it opens up your mind and heart to any cognitive problems.

2. Tanzanite is an excellent stone to enhance your immunity. This stone helps in enhancing the growth of skin, hair, cells and health very smoothly. If you have a prolonged illness then you can have a Tanzanite stone in your home.

3. Diamond

Dimond is the passion for every woman. There is no one who does not have Diamond jewelry at home. This precious stone has many advantages such as it helps in recovering from any disease and other astrological help. If you look at the old scriptures you will know the value of diamonds. It is said that wearing any exotic and rare Diamond jewelry like black diamond rings or pendants will help to create a major change in a person’s life. Therefore every gemstone is known for its value and solution for every health problem. And it is more important to keep all your items in jewelry boxes store.

Health Benefits

1. Venus qualities are enhanced by the Diamond gemstone. Diamond helps in calming and strengthening your mind. It helps in enhancing the mind power and creates a neutral environment in the thoughts of every person. That is why it is said to have a close contact with Diamond jewelry. It cuts you off from every bad and scary thought and will make you happy.

2. Wearing Diamond jewelry makes us look pretty. Apart from this, Diamond gives a series of health benefits. Diamonds help in curing digestive issues, asthma, urinary tract infections, throat problems and other skin issues.


In the above article we came across various gemstones. As we read, gemstones are very beneficial for our health. It may cost a little higher but investing in gemstones or metals will help you in various other ways. Everyone is asked to have it for their safety.