Photos: Anti-gun violence protestors march through Iowa City

Gabby Drees, Photo Editor

Protestors marched downtown to the University of Iowa Pentacrest in a demonstration against gun violence in Iowa City on Monday.

Organized by students from the Iowa City Community School District, protestors marched from College Green Park to the Pentacrest while onlookers cheered on alongside the protestors’ chants.

Protestors urged for tighter gun laws, active shooter drills, and closing of the ‘Boyfriend Loophole,’ which would make people who were convicted of domestic abuse against someone they’ve been in a serious dating relationship unable to own a gun. Current legislation only bans people who have been convicted of domestic abuse against their partner they’ve lived with, been married to, or had a child with.

Around 20 people attended the protest, with several Iowa City politicians present, such as Iowa City city councillor and Democratic nominee for Iowa Senate District 45 Janice Weiner, Johnson County supervisor Jon Green, and Democratic nominee for Iowa House District 89 Elinor Levin.

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