Photos: 2022 Iowa primary elections legislative watch parties

Janice Weiner, Elinor Levin, and Adam Zabner earned nominations for the Democratic Party on Tuesday in Iowa Senate District 45, Iowa House District 89, and Iowa House District 90, respectively.

Weiner, current Iowa City city councilor, earned 6,294 votes, or 86% of the total votes, against John Raley, Iowa City insurance agent, who received 1,016 votes, or the remaining 14%.

Levin earned 1,692 votes in her race, or 63% of the vote, against Tony Currin, who received 987 votes, or the reamining 37%.

Adam Zabner earned 1,999 votes, or 43% of the vote, against candidates Andrew Dunn, who received 1,716 votes, or 37% of the vote, and Christine Wolfe, who received 972 votes, or 21% of the vote.

Weiner, Levin, and Zabner will appear as the Democratic Party candidates on Iowa’s general election ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.

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