What to Consider Before You Invest in Crypto


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Did you know that cryptocurrency is experiencing one of its worst crashes in history? The volatility of the crypto market is attracting investors who love a good challenge.

Investing in crypto comes with a huge learning curve. There is plenty of crypto wisdom to absorb before you become a pro.

Are you curious about what a cryptocurrency investment portfolio can offer you? Read our guide to understand what to consider before you invest in crypto!

Get To Know Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is responsible for the latest cryptocurrency innovations. Cryptocurrency is the most popular use case of blockchain tech, but blockchains can create other exciting projects as well.

Investors are not limited to simply purchasing crypto. Getting to know blockchain tech can help you diversify your investment options. Blockchain projects include tech startups, games, and Metaverse experiences.

Once you understand how data nodes are verified via smart contracts, you can begin investing in blockchain projects.

Getting a secure grasp on layer one solutions is crucial. Secondary products are built on top of these chains. Products with consumer-facing user interfaces are trending projects to invest in.

Evolve Into a Smart Contract Expert

Smart contracts refer to computer-generated nodes of data. Blockchain technology relies on smart contracts to create a verifiable network of transactions.

Every crypto transaction is publicly displayed on a digital ledger. The transparency of blockchain tech is what inspired some investors to purchase digital assets.

Becoming a smart contract expert can help keep your crypto safe. As a beginner, you will most likely purchase crypto from a centralized exchange.

Centralized exchanges are hosted on the internet and are prone to security breaches. Knowing how to locate your crypto via the digital ledger smart contract system is crucial when investing in crypto.

Understand the Volatility of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new market. New markets are subject to high amounts of volatility. Being comfortable with the fluctuation of prices is essential while investing in cryptocurrency.

Consider this before making your first cryptocurrency purchase. Keep in mind that high risks can also achieve high rewards. Discover your priorities as an investor and always stick to your budget.

Speaking of budgets, it is imperative that you set an attainable budget for your crypto investments. Never invest more than you are prepared to lose.

There is a wide array of cryptocurrencies, coins, tokens, and digital assets to invest in. Avoid being swept away by trends. Focus on cultivating an investment portfolio full of crypto projects that you believe in.

Discover Your Favorite Cryptocurrencies

Coin diversity can be overwhelming for beginner crypto enthusiasts to grasp. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become digestible in mainstream media.

Bitcoin, however, is not your only crypto investment option. In fact, Bitcoin might be one of the least profitable cryptocurrencies on the market.

Since the coin has been around for over a decade, its growth potential is rather low. On the other hand, new cryptocurrencies are being released almost every day!

Information hubs like Byte Federal make it easy to discover new cryptocurrencies and their use cases. Avoid investing in popular cryptocurrencies without doing your own research.

Verified crypto media outlets can help you find hidden gems before they peak in profit potential. Once you find a coin that feels right, begin putting together your investment plan.

Become Familiar With Crypto Investments

Cryptocurrency investments can take many forms. Becoming familiar with crypto investments is the best way to protect your digital assets.

Before you begin investing in cryptocurrency, make sure that you are familiar with centralized exchanges. Centralized exchanges host a variety of coins. Bitcoin will typically be at the top of the list.

Using the centralized exchange’s interface, you can create a watchlist. Creating a watchlist will help you become aware of price fluctuation and trends.

If you believe in the ethos of the coin, you can set up automated buys anytime the coin dips to your target price.

Learn About Stablecoins Pegged to USD

Stablecoins refer to crypto that is pegged to a national currency. The JPY and USD are common stablecoin counterparts. Coins pegged to the centralized economy are a great place for beginner investors to start.

Learning about this investment resource can widen tour opportunities. Stablecoin protocols are easier to maintain since they follow traditional investment procedures and trends.

Tracking the growth of a stablecoin is as easy as following a stock index. Stablecoins offer new crypto investors an easy transition into the world of crypto.

Investigate Centralized Crypto Exchanges

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are often thought of as the safest option. All online financial exchanges, however, are at risk.

Storing your crypto online is always a risk. Centralized exchanges cannot guarantee that your crypto will be safe when it’s stored on their servers.

The best thing you can do is investigate a centralized crypto exchange before you buy or store crypto on their platform. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • How many users are storing their crypto here?
  • When was the last security breach for this exchange?
  • Do security breaches happen often?
  • How does the exchange handle security issues?
  • Were people able to easily reclaim their crypto?
  • How easy is it to remove your crypto from the exchange?

Answering these questions is a great place to start. You might not like all of the answers that you find, but you will be able to find the right exchange for you.

Source Reliable Cryptocurrency Networks

Networking is a crypto investor’s biggest asset. Reliable networking connections are an essential source of hidden gems.

Veteran crypto investors can help you become aware of scams and potential deals. Be careful with who you connect with. Potential scammers are also ready to take advantage of your lack of experience.

Never exchange personal information with someone you meet on the internet either. If you join virtual networking events, it will be easier to verify someone’s identity.

Sourcing reliable crypto networks will take time. Once you have found your crypto family, they will become an invaluable resource full of wisdom.

Obtain a Digital Wallet for Your Crypto

A digital wallet is where you house your crypto when it is not at the exchange. It will act as a vehicle for your crypto. Obtaining a digital wallet for your crypto is easy.

Crypto wallets can be free to download. Each wallet will act as a browser extension when you use various exchanges. Your wallet will have a unique code that can be used to receive crypto.

When you are ready to receive cryptocurrency from a friend or exchange, give your wallet’s address to the sender.

Don’t worry, your wallet’s address cannot be used to hack into your crypto. People who have your crypto address can only send you crypto, not take it away!

Get Acquainted With Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, refers to the digital currency revolution that is currently taking place. DeFi is creating a culture that both new and seasoned investors can enjoy.

Unlike centralized financial structures, DeFi is not run by a single entity. The aim of cryptocurrency is to give power back to the people via peer-to-peer transactions.

The DeFi movement helps to make this transition of power as seamless as possible. Getting acquainted with DeFi can help you stay ahead of the trends.

Buy Crypto on a Decentralized Exchange

Unlike centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges have an abundance of unique investment options.

DeFi exchanges also host lesser-known coins and tokens. You won’t find the same coins on both exchanges.

Some coins, like Ethereum, will be shared. Popular altcoins like Ethereum are used to pay fees associated with both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

Trading 101: Aim to Sell Crypto for a Profit

Good crypto investments are all about scalable profit margins. Unless you are an angel investor, you will want to aim to sell your crypto investments for a good profit.

Profiting from cryptocurrency will require patience and diamond hands. Holding on to profitable crypto investments will require strength as well.

It can be difficult to time the best selling points. With experience, you will learn how to hold on to coins until the right moment.

Follow the Latest Cryptocurrency Trends

Staying on top of the news is an important skill for cryptocurrency investors to learn. Crypto trends change almost every day.

Being aware of the crypto market will help you decide when it’s the best time to invest or sell your crypto. Always research and verify a crypto new source.

You can find reliable crypto coverage on news platforms like Byte Federal. Do not become prey to trends that are hyping up a specific coin.

Advertisements like this flood the market then the coin ultimately becomes worthless. Do your due diligence and invest in well-researched projects.

Uncover Useful Decentralized Applications

Decentralized applications, or dApps, are an abundant source of investment opportunity. Centralized applications created a swarm of developers.

Decentralized applications are drawing in similar crowds. Uncovering useful dApps for your investment portfolio will take time.

dApps can help you stay ahead of market trends. A dApp can take the form of a game, investing widget, and more!

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Like a Pro

Investing in cryptocurrency requires firsthand knowledge of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized finance.

Being a pro-investor means that you are comfortable learning from your mistakes. Since crypto is a volatile market, plenty of mistakes will be made.

The most important thing is that you learn from those mistakes and apply those lessons to your next investment project.

Make smart investment decisions that are backed by research and never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Invest in a Cold Storage Hardware Wallet

Unlike digital crypto wallets, cold storage hardware wallets are kept offline. Using your wallet’s unique address, you can transfer your crypto to the physical world!

Keeping your crypto offline is the safest way to protect your digital assets. Crypto that is offline is unable to be hacked into.

Speaking of hacking, you will receive a series of codes that will help you access the contents of your cold storage hardware wallet. Do not share these codes with anyone!

Locate a Bitcoin ATM in the Physical World

Cryptocurrency’s popularity has created a means to access Bitcoin in the physical world. Bitcoin ATMs are popping up across the globe! Countries like El Salvador are busy installing them.

El Salvador was one of the first countries to legalize Bitcoin as a national currency. Other places like Miami and Amsterdam are also hoping to become crypto hubs in the near future as well.

Bitcoin ATMs are an easy way to integrate crypto into your life. Unlike exchanges, you can easily access your Bitcoin in person.

Locating a Bitcoin ATM in the physical world could help you understand the significant role that cryptocurrency will play in the near future. Be prepared to introduce more of your peers into the world of crypto.

Are You Ready to Invest in Crypto?

Now you know all about what it takes to invest in crypto. Are you ready to begin investing like a pro? Remember, do your due diligence when researching coins and tokens to invest in.

Verifiable crypto media sources can help you make wise investment decisions. Keep this in mind the next time the bear season approaches. Good luck!

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