Top 5 Youngest NFL Players At The Moment

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The NFL has always used an incredibly high standard of athletic achievement when it comes to drafting new players during the off season. Individuals need to have an excellent baseline for power, core strength, and teamwork.

Some of the youngest players that have already shown signs of these characteristics have been listed below. They certainly have the potential to become future superstar players. These players have already set records and become valuable additions to their respective franchises.

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Chase Young – 23

Firstly, Chase Young is one of the Washington Commanders’ secret weapons. At 23 years old, Young was selected second overall during the 2020 draft. He was named the NFC’s Defensive Rookie of the Year at the end of his first season as a professional defensive end.

Having made his debut with the Commanders on a good note, Young became injured during the last season, which limited his performance significantly. However, there have been numerous rumors that the defensive player is on track to appear in the next NFL season with the Commanders.

Young is an incredibly high achiever who will continue to impress crowds, other teams, and his own teammates in the future.

Kyle Pitts – 21

Next is the highest drafted tight end in NFL history. Kyle Pitts was in high demand at the start of his career, and he is being used by coach Arthur Smith to transform the Atlanta Falcons’ defense. Pitts’ performance as a college player saw 770 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns in eight games!

The young player earned himself the John Mackey award, and proved himself as an excellent tight end from the start. Pitts completed his first NFL season with 1,026 yards and 68 catches, and he is sure to increase these already impressive numbers as his career progresses.

Despite being the final rookie to make the list, Pitts has already proved himself as a useful addition to the Falcons’ franchise. From setting new records, to award-winning performances, Pitts has certainly started his career off on the right foot.

Jonathon Taylor – 23

Another young player within the NFL is Jonathon Taylor, who finished last season as the number one running back in the Indianapolis Colts. This was seen by Taylor completing his rookie season with 12 touchdowns and 78 rushing yards.

The young player is bound to continue making headlines as his career continues. He has already been selected to the 2021 Pro Bowl thanks to his performance during the last NFL season. Taylor set many franchise single-season records for rushing yards, and will certainly set more records during future seasons.

Taylor has an immense capacity for success, and is an excellent team player on and off the field. He is certain to be involved in some contractual negotiations with different franchises in the future, as the young running back is already being recognized for his contributions to the Colts franchise.

Trevor Lawrence – 22

Within the Jacksonville Jaguars, Trevor Lawrence finished last season with 3,641 yards as a quarterback. At just 22-years old, this athlete is certain to achieve big things during his career in the NFL.

His run in Clemson made him the Jaguars’ number one draft in the 2021 season, and many have named this young quarterback one of the best prospects in the NFL. Not only that, but Lawrence has a 40-yard rush of 4.7 seconds, which is up there with some of the experienced pro players already!

Lawrence is an excellent addition to the Jaguars. This can be seen by the fact that he led his college team, the Tigers, to the College Football Playoffs each year that he was there for.

Justin Herbert – 24

Finally, Justin Herbert has already proven himself to be a valuable addition to the Los Angeles Chargers. He started 15 games during his rookie season, and was named the 2020 Rookie of the Year.

Herbert also set many rookie records during this season, and is sure to reach even more records during his career. The young quarterback has already shown an impressive capacity for touchdowns and rushing yards.

Herbert was also named to the 2021 Pro Bowl, and has an average passing rate of 97.9%. Make sure to look out for number 10 in the Chargers because he is bound to set new records and reach even more career highs as the NFL progresses.


The NFL has seen a wide array of talented players during the recent years, and these individuals have already shown their potential ever since they were drafted. From setting records and reaching new career highs to proving themselves as valuable team players from day one, the young athletes have many achievements between them.

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