10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views (Non-Drop YouTube Views)


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Looking to get more YouTube views? It is a daunting process to grow a YouTube channel. However, you’ll appreciate the process once you get to the top. Views, likes, and shares mean everything for a new YouTube channel. You need to get people to watch, like, and subscribe to your channel. However, doing just that with a new channel is no easy task. You need a few views and likes to get your videos ranking. People will ignore a video with no views thinking the content is not great. Why not buy YouTube views and give your channel a great start?

It’s legal and okay to buy real YouTube views and subscribers. Think of it as a way of boosting your channel and showing it to the world. How do you think the famous YouTubers started? Most had to buy their first subscribers to get known to the world. Once your channel becomes visible, you will get your target audience subscribing, watching, and liking your videos.

This leads to our next question. Where do you buy non drop YouTube views? This is where we come in and help you with an exclusive list of the 10 best sites to buy YouTube views.

We’ve researched and ranked the 10 best sites to buy YouTube views for you.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views

Bulkoid – Best site to buy YouTube views

People can buy YouTube views from Bulkoid at a low price. It is by far the best site when you’re on a budget but still want quality. The site is quite reliable with a wide range of services. Apart from buying views, you can buy subscribers, likes, and shares. They are an experienced site that also promotes various social media platforms.

This is a well-rounded site to get views in bulk and give your channel a huge boost. Views are everything and Bulkoid is specialized in giving its customers great value for money. If you want to grow your YouTube account within a short period and at a low budget, then consider Bulkoid today.

ViralHq – High Quality YouTube views

Assures that real people view, comment, and like the videos you post on your channel. Purchasing page views from ViralHq is a simple process. Once you’ve entered your channel’s details, you’ll be prompted to make a payment. They also feature 24-hour customer assistance if you encounter issues with your orders.

ViralHq it’s one of the best sites to buy non drop YouTube views today. The site is proven and a great choice when you want to go viral fast. Views are authentic without bots and fakes. You can grow your channel and reach a wider audience within the shortest time possible. If you want to keep your YouTube safe and make a big impression, then this is your ideal site.

FastPromo.net – Best Alternative to Bulkoid

FastPromo is by far the safest and best site to buy YouTube views if you want to improve your YouTube channel. It’s a legit site with exciting features and reviews from real users who have grown their channels. The site boasts some of the most flexible packages, meaning you’ll choose the one that meets your budget needs.

Overall, the site is specialized in fast delivery, quality YouTube views, and good packages. The support system is also available 24/7 and ready to respond to your concerns. If you’re looking to buy real YouTube views that will boost your channel, look no further. We recommend the site due to its reputation and great online reviews.


Social Packages will assist you to gain YouTube views. It’s a suitable site but tends to focus more on Instagram than YouTube. They still offer great services but may not be the YouTube specialists for you. If you want faster growth on Facebook and Instagram, then the site can help.

Despite being good for other media channels, Social Packages still offer excellent packages and great customer service.


Virallyft will get you fast delivery and help boost your YouTube channel to get more views. The site has trustable reviews which allow you to buy with confidence.

When you buy YouTube views from Viralyft, you can select from multiple cost-effective promotional packages to meet your needs. Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and paid advertising are methods they employ to attract more views to your YouTube videos. Note that this may not be an ideal site if you are looking for top-notch quality but will meet your average needs.


Famups promises one of the fastest deliveries in the industry. This are a great site when you’re looking for multiple packages for various social media sites. They promote Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. They have good customer service and can give you real YouTube views.

Apart from higher package pricing, the site can help you get views and grow your channel. It stands out because of its friendly site design that allows customers to navigate with ease. It also has live customer support to help when you’re stuck.


When it comes to getting more views on YouTube, Fastlikes is responsive and integrated to help you boost your channel. The site claims that all the opinions expressed are genuine and represent real people’s opinions on their services.  You get YouTube views through an automated service. That means it saves your time and allows you to grow your channel easily.

Fastlikes helps you increase the number of people who see your videos by providing necessary resources at the proper time which increases your channel’s visibility. Despite its excellent reviews, the site does have higher prices on the lower packages. It may not suit you if you are on a budget, but still, it is a good option for getting views.


If you’re looking for an affordable site without much emphasis on quality, StormViews is suitable. It is where you can buy both real and non-drop YouTube views for your channel.  When that happens, your content has the potential to turn the oncoming traffic into a loyal following. Here, you can get many high-quality YouTube views affordably.

Additionally, the platform offers round-the-clock support to assist you with any issues you may encounter.


ViewsExpert provides real YouTube views to help YouTubers move to the top of the search results and become more noticeable. While 500 hours of video are being added to YouTube every minute, ViewsExpert has found a technique to ensure your video receives the attention it deserves.

The platform is efficient and speedy to help you grow your channel fast. In addition, you get more real video views to keep your channel active and beat competitors. There are no risks involved in utilizing ViewsExpert on sponsored videos so you can go ahead and try them out. Note that prices keep changing and you may not get the best deal on a bad day.


If you are looking for a new way to become famous on YouTube, Famoid is a site that will help to get more views. Besides YouTube services, you also get Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram services from the same site. Famoid is fast and reliable thanks to the team that is always available 24/7 to respond to your concerns.

This site claims to offer instant delivery which is under five minutes after your payment. However, sometimes, it may take 7-14 days as the site claims to get views from real subscribers.  Although the services may be good, the prices are somewhat high, and may not favor those with a fixed budget.


Why Buy YouTube Views?

Over a billion people use YouTube every day, which is only expected to grow. Making content is now a legitimate source of income for many people globally. Both brands and bloggers are also seeing the potential to grow with YouTube productions. Organic marketing may take a long time to meet YouTube’s standards for producing money.  This is a key challenge most users have faced in the past leading to slow growth.

At this point, the benefits of paying for YouTube views emerge. It is possible to buy YouTube views and subscribers to expedite the process. In addition, it will assist them in becoming more well-known and attract more worldwide attention.

In the world of social media, you’ll find users and influencers. Your video’s popularity and how many people have seen it are two of the most significant aspects people look for. A high search ranking means that a video that gets a lot of attention is more likely to show up first when someone searches for a word related to the video

Is Buying YouTube Views Safe?

When buying YouTube views, there may be a huge impact on your audience depending on your source of the views. It is important to only buy targeted views from a legit source. This will ensure that all your views are coming from real users and not fake users. Note that the market has plenty of views sellers who may crash your channel with uninterested views. This means that your killer content may not have the impact you expected meaning you’ll have lost time and investments from buying the views.

Most fake views go against YouTube guidelines and once they are discovered, your channel may be suspended or banned for life. This means that you’ll lose all the content you had on your channel. Worse still, you may be demonetized.

A sound way to ensure that your channel remains stable is to buy instant YouTube views from reputable view providers. We recommend our top three from the list if you are looking for value in your investments. Targeted views always improve your channel engagement since all the viewers are real people.

How Do You Make Money from YouTube?

After setting up your YouTube channel, you may be wondering if it is possible to earn real money from it. It is possible to become a YouTube partner and earn money from the site, but only if you meet certain requirements. AdSense accounts are required, as is adherence to all YouTube guidelines. The minimum number of subscribers a user must have is 1000 real subscribers. At least 4000 hours have been spent watching your videos in the last year. YouTube, on the other hand, requires that your content be viewed by many people to meet its fundamental standards.

YouTube partners gain access to the Creator Support Team in addition to their money. You can try to achieve these goals on your own, or you can buy non-drop or real YouTube views and subscribers from the best places. Increase your income by working with other online influencers. YouTube views may increase as well because of this method of outreach.


Well, that’s it from us! We hope you now know the best sites to buy YouTube views. If you have a new YouTube channel and are struggling to get views, then it’s time you buy YouTube views. The process is simple, easy, and works. However, the biggest challenge for most YouTubers is getting a trusted site to buy views. The 10 sites above are tested and proven to work. They are safe and keep customer data safe.

In addition, they have some of the best deliveries and can get you known to the world in a short period. Pick one today and boost your YouTube. The views the sites offer are authentic and from genuine accounts. Everyone needs some help when getting started. You’re not going to purchase YouTube views forever. Once your channel gets enough views and starts to rank, you will start getting your target audience to watch you.

Take advantage of these great sites today and get the much-needed views today. You can be sure of making a great impression online pretty fast and becoming a famous YouTuber within a short period.