10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes


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YouTube can be fun and exciting when you have a huge subscriber base. It’s rewarding in terms of money and can be a full-time job. However, the process of getting to the top is not easy. It can be disheartening when you don’t have any subscribers. You need people to enjoy your content, like it, and share. However, getting started is a big challenge. Sometimes, you just need to buy YouTube likes to get started.

You can steadily grow your YouTube channel when you start getting views. Your videos will start to rank higher with views. The challenge is getting the first few people to watch your videos and give you those likes. However, there is a way to navigate those first moments. You simply need to buy instant YouTube likes. This is a service where real people get to watch your videos and share giving your channel a great foundation.

Buying a YouTube like is more like an investment in your channel. The good news is that it’s legal and completely safe. You can buy instant YouTube likes to give your channel a boost. So, where can you buy real YouTube likes? We’ve researched the best and top genuine sites where you can buy YouTube likes safely. Keep reading below.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes

FastPromo – Best Site to Buy YouTube Likes

FastPromo is an exceptional site if you want to buy real YouTube likes and grow your channel. The site is fast and very professional. You get offers to benefit your social media platforms. It’s a site that provides customers with a personal touch and improves engagements. If you want to create a unique personality for your channel, then FastPromo is ideal. They personalise everything to give your channel more likes.

You can be sure your channel will get to your audience in the right way. In addition, they use real people to watch and like your videos. Afterwards, you will see great results in a day or two. In addition, they offer a money-back guarantee and excellent customer service. By far, this is the safest site on the market and one to consider using.

ViralHQ – Real YouTube Likes

ViralHq just as the name suggests will get your channel going viral. It is a very simple and intuitive platform but one that will do wonders for your channel. Do you want likes instantly? Then consider using ViralHq. The site is safe, reliable, and efficient. They keep client data safe and you can be sure your channel is safe. They boast a huge YouTube community that can get you going viral fast.

Sign up is pretty simple and you can be done in 5 minutes. Once you pay and provide your YouTube link, you just need to relax and watch as your likes increase. They are a safe site and one that has 24/7 customer service. You can never go wrong with ViralHq. It’s the best site to purchase YouTube likes and one that is extremely reliable.


Bulkoid is the best and by far the leading site to buy YouTube likes. It is a top site that focuses on growing people’s social media channels. They are the best when you need instant YouTube likes. It boasts a great YouTube community online. You can be sure your videos will be watched and likes by real people. Furthermore, the site has some excellent reviews online. It boasts a rating of 4.9 stars making it a trusted site for growing your channel.

Signing up is easy and they keep your data safe and secure. The delivery time is also fast, and you can get famous pretty fast. You can be sure of improving your online reputation and gaining visibility fast. Overall, this is one of the best sites to buy real YouTube likes today and enjoy excellent impressions online.


UseViral is another platform to get YouTube likes instantly. The site boasts average promotional packages ideal for start-ups. If you’re short on budget, UseViral has amazing offers. The site has very simple steps to sign up and place an order. You can choose from different packages and get what suits your needs. It is a reliable site that will also share your YouTube videos on various social media channels and increase your likes instantly.

The cheapest packages start from as low as 250 likes. However, you can buy up to 30K likes. The site also has excellent customer service and a quick delivery time. While quality might not be the best, the prices are great.


SidesMedia features real in-house users that will give you real likes in the shortest time possible. It’s a well-rounded site that supports multiple social media accounts. There are not many reviews online, but it is a great choice. It’s also flexible and affordable if you are starting out. You can buy YouTube likes from as low as 250 and move up depending on your budget. The flexible packages make it ideal for people who want to boost their channels with more likes.

The site is understanding and knows the needs of clients. You can get your channel growing in a short period. They also have pleasant customer service that will help you in case of any problems.


Stormviews is another excellent site to purchase real YouTube likes. Get your YouTube videos ranked by having thousands of likes and shares. The site will give your videos the much-needed boost with fast likes and shares. You can be sure of some very fast turnarounds. If you’re looking to get likes very fast, then this is your ideal site to buy instant YouTube likes.

It’s a top site with a good reputation but not many reviews. You can give it a try.


If you are looking for YouTube likes with fast delivery, Viralyft is a site to consider. Apart from the likes, the site offers YouTube dislikes, YouTube comments, YouTube shares, and YouTube views.  They offer high-quality likes and premium quality likes. The high-quality likes are less costly than the premium. You can buy likes from $7 upwards depending on your needs.

If you are patient, you can get the likes within 24-72 hours. This may not be convenient for anyone looking for instant likes on their channels. Once you have the likes, you are guaranteed consistent engagements, no spam accounts, and trustworthy services.

Social Packages

Social Packages is another friendly, versatile, and reliable site to buy YouTube likes. It comes highly recommended by previous customers who have seen their videos grow with more likes. They feature a simple order placing process which saves your time. You can have your order and get instant delivery in a day or two which most users find slow. The site is also affordable and understands most customers not looking for the highest quality. You’ll find some of the most affordable packages. You can buy YouTube likes at the lowest prices on this site.

What’s more, you’re assured of the highest quality likes without getting your channel any violations. It’s also a safe platform that keeps customer data safe. They also have 24/7 customer service to attend to all your needs. You can be sure of getting viral at a very affordable price.


The site has been in operation for years making it one of the credible platforms to consider. It has built a solid reputation for helping people get impressive results on YouTube. You can buy real YouTube likes and give your channel the much-needed boost. The site has a huge community of YouTubers to help you achieve your goals. It will get real accounts to like and share your video.

It’s by far the most reliable site with guaranteed results. They also have live customer support to answer your questions 24/7. Get a worldwide audience using this platform and get to grow your channel in a very short time. However, there are not many reviews online about it.


ViewExpert is another site to buy YouTube likes today and enjoy the online presence. The site is efficient and will ensure you get likes, views, and shares. You can grow your channel in a very short period and become famous on YouTube. It is a reliable site known to deliver subscribers, likes, and views. In addition, they claim to be discreet in their services.

They keep every customer’s data safe and will never share it with third parties. There is 24/7 customer support to answer any of your queries.


Is it safe to buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers?

Yes, it’s safe and okay to buy real YouTube likes and views from the right sources. Buying YouTube likes is more like an investment in your site. For some people, it might appear illegal and unethical to buy YouTube likes. However, it’s 100% okay to buy real YouTube likes as long as you make sure you buy from trusted companies that will not share your data. When you buy YouTube likes, you’re simply paying for people to watch and like your videos.

It’s a great investment that will get your video a big boost online. More likes and subscribers will get your channel ranked higher and the audience you’re targeting will soon start watching your videos. There are a few companies that sell fake and bot YouTube likes. These are the companies you need to avoid. Luckily for you, we’ve shared some of the top sites where you can buy YouTube likes. The sites above deliver authentic YouTube likes.

If you had any second thoughts about buying YouTube likes, then think again. It’s legal and you can be sure of making an impression online fast. Purchase YouTube likes today and start growing your channel.

How Much Do YouTube Likes Cost?

The actual price to buy YouTube likes varies depending on the site you’re buying from. Luckily for you, most of these sites offer affordable prices. They have various packages to suit different customers. You can analyse the different sites and choose one that offers suitable packages. Most YouTube likes packages start from as low as 50 to 5000.

You’ll be getting real value for your money when buying YouTube views. You might not realise this now but in the long term, you’ll reap the fruits. Once you grow a channel, you’ll get to monetize it soon. This is where the real benefits come in. These sites will offer you real YouTube likes that will get your channel growing.

Furthermore, the prices are very low, costing a few dollars. Some of the cheapest packages might cost you as low as 2 dollars. There is no reason not to boost your channel as the price is never an issue.

Can YouTube Likes Disappear?

Yes, YouTube likes can disappear over time if they are fake and done by bots. This happens when you buy services from fake companies that use bots to provide likes. Once YouTube realises this, they can remove the likes over time. However, this should never be an issue when you have a real account liking and sharing your content.

YouTube likes from reputable sites above are of the highest quality and will never drop over time. The only instance when likes can disappear is when users delete accounts. However, since most sites above have a large community of YouTubers, you can be sure of the likes staying for years.

Another instance where likes can disappear is when YouTube realises the user is inactive for a long period. Therefore, it’s important to buy real YouTube likes from trusted sites.


Looking to buy YouTube likes? If yes, then you’re making a wise decision. Buying YouTube likes is a great investment that will give your channel much-needed online visibility. Get a huge subscriber base and audience fast by buying YouTube likes. We live in a modern society where everyone is a step ahead of technology. Getting people to come to your channel when you have zero likes is never easy. However, you can now buy YouTube likes and get people watching your channel fast.

Buying YouTube likes is a great way to make an impression online fast. Before your real audience starts coming, you need a way to build your channel. The sites above are reliable and offer customers real YouTube likes. They are user-friendly sites with excellent features. Look at their various packages and choose a site that suits your needs. You can then place an order and see your channel grow.

It’s okay and legal to buy real YouTube likes. Your quality content should not sit idle when you can get it to a million people out there. Make use of these amazing sites today.